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Foremly known as Lucidlan.com which was founded in 2004, the new name Videogamepeople.com was changed for the simple reason that it is a community of gamers who just love to play video games and give their honest opinion on the games the market pops. Yep, if your game sucks, we will say it. We try our best to keep the fun in video games.

We have organized a number of LAN parties in Malta by the name of VunderLAN including the largest LAN party in Malta ever made. Currently we do organize and host the Video Game Section in the annual Malta Comic-Con.

Check out our social pages below or from the link on the site's header to see the photos of our past events.

If you would like to have an article that you wrote in our site, feel free to contact us anytime and we will do our best to get your article posted on our email address submit@videogamepeople.com.

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If you wish to advertise with us, it's simple and effective for your product or services. We offer a variety of customization to suite your needs. Just drop us an email on info@videogamepeople.com to discuss what you have in mind.

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Getting in touch with us is pretty easy and if you have an idea, feedback or if you or your business wish to support us in an way... please feel free to contact us on info@videogamepeople.com. We don't mind having a chat with anyone :)



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