ARTICLES | December 1st, 2005
Razer Arms The KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution

From the very beginning, KODE5 has sought to spread the message of competitive gaming to the world. Since the KODE5 Global Launch at CeBIT 2006, global supporters Foxconn and Corsair Memory were the first to step up and join our cause. Today, KODE5 is proud to announce that Razer, maker of high-end computer gaming peripherals, has joined the KODE5 Global Gaming Revolution as a Global Supporter.

As a Global Supporter, Razer will be supplying their cutting-edge gaming peripherals for use at KODE5 events in over 20+ countries worldwide. In cooperation with KODE5, gamers around the world will be able to experience first hand the difference Razer gaming peripherals make. Razer?s claim to fame came with the development of the world?s first gaming mouse – the Razer Boomslang.

Winner of numerous industry awards, the Boomslang was the weapon of choice for many gamers, and established Razer as a world leader in high-performance gaming peripherals. Since then, Razer has constantly improved both their designs and technology, and over time has developed numerous other gaming mice, including the Razer Viper? 1000 dpi optical mouse, the 1600 dpi Razer Diamondback? optical mouse. Its latest gaming mouse the Razer Copperhead?, boasts laser technology that delivers 2000 dpi tracking precision, on-board memory, and a full-speed USB bus.

Not content with only developing mice, Razer has since launched an entire lineup of performance gaming peripherals, including Razer eXactMat? and Razer Mantis? gaming surfaces, the Razer Tarantula? gaming keyboard, the Razer Armadillo? cable management system, and the all-new Razer Barracuda? Integrated Audio system.

Razer, who has been active since 1999 in the sponsoring of major computer gaming tournaments, is proud to be one of the main global sponsors of KODE5, said Robert ?Razerguy? Krakoff, President, Razer Group. ?The mouse, mousepad, keyboard, headphones and audio card are the most important weapons in a gamer?s arsenal and with Razer providing the official suite of gaming peripherals and prizes for all KODE5 tournaments worldwide, it is an endorsement of Razer as the world?s leading designer of high performance gaming peripherals. We are confident that Razer?s sponsorship will allow gamers to achieve their optimum performance during the games!?

?Foxconn is excited to be working with such a veteran of the gaming industry,? says Foxconn Global Marketing Manager Christin Wang. ?By working with all of the KODE5 supporters, we can show to the world how Foxconn products synergize with the best gaming products on the planet to produce an incredible gaming experience.?

?Known for their commitment to the gaming community, Corsair is glad to be in good company with Razer joining KODE5,? notes Scott Thirlwell, Corsair APAC Sales Director. ?Corsair looks forward to increased cooperation with Razer at KODE5 events worldwide.?

?Choosing the right supporters for KODE5 is essential in bringing the absolute best gaming experience to gamers around the world,? notes KODE5 Revolutionary-in-Command Lester Lau. ?Supporting the Global Gaming Revolution is another fine example of Razer actively supporting the gaming community in a big way. We are proud to have them aboard.?

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