REVIEWS | December 1st, 2005
Sapphire Toxic Radeon X1900 XTX Review

Sapphire after many improvements is today ATI?s No.1 partner for the VGA market. Talking about partners, Thermaltake has teamed with Sapphire in creating the Liquid-cooled system for the Toxic.

The Sapphire Toxic X1900XTX presents a very good Architecture and both core clock and memory speeds are factory over-clocked to 675MHz and 800MHz respectively. We have tested this Card?s performance on Prey, Call of Duty 2, Quake 4, and Counterstrike Source.

LucidLAN in conjunction with Compleet IS Services Ltd is offering a gift with every Sapphire VGA card or Sapphire Mainboard purchased from Compleet IS. On the 'Readmore' you will find a coupon that you need to present for the free gift when purchasing a Sapphire Toxic X1900XTX.

The liquid cooling unit is based with a copper radiator, pump and a small refillable tank. The unit has been designed by Thermaltake and has a slot so that when installed the unit will be more stable. The Thermaltake pipes are 34cm long, so you have more space to install the cooling unit in other slots. This is particularly useful in order not to lose any precious PCI or PCI-E1x slots.

The fan is very silent and keeps the tempreture to an average of 43?C. The tank is filled by factory but it can be refilled easily. The cooling unit weighs 450g and measures 10cm by 23cm wide, 2cm depth.

The card comes bundled with the breakout component, composite and s-video cables, 2 DVI dongles, and the power adapter. PowerDVD6, PowerDirector 4 and Sapphire's Select program for games takes up the software pack. A case badge is also included in the package as shown below.

Enough about the cooling, and let's talk about the card itself. The card weighs 700g (that's heavy) and it fitted exactly in my midi case. The Rig which the card was tested on was GateMaster?s play PC i.e.

AMD 64Bit 3000+ Socket 939
1Gb DDR 400Mhz Samsung
Gigabyte K8Triton Motherboard
SATA Seagate Barracuda HDD

The card was tested with the following games given the following FPS rates.

Call Of Duty: 70FPS @ 1280×1024
Battlefield 2: 140FPS @ 1280×1024
Doom 3: 91FPS @ 1280×1024
FEAR: 80FPS @ 1280×1024
HalfLife 2: 110FPS @ 1280×1024
Quake 4: 120FPS @ 1280×1024

Sapphire Toxic Fact Sheet

Toxic Liquid Cooling System
Pure Copper Water Block For superior heat conductivity
Pure Copper Radiator Block For great heat dissipation
Speed Adjustable Transperent LED fan (18/26dBa at 2000/2500 rpm)
512Mb GDDR3 OnBoard Memory
PCI Express X16
Dual Duel DVI-I
Video-in and Video-out
2 Sapphire Select Unlock Keys

While recommending this card to all gamers, if you may need any help or information contact the resellers of this card from their official website in our link.

was reviewed by and rated at 7 /10
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