ARTICLES | January 21st, 2008
Legend:Legacy of the Dragon Free MMO goes live!

Waygate Publishing Limited, a London-based company specialising in the operation of Eastern European online games for the Western market, today announced the official launch of its free, browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Legend: Legacy of the Dragons. Unique within the browser game sector, the game features detailed visuals and a fully-animated combat system, while maintaining low system requirements. Legend is the very first Russian MMORPG to be translated and published in the English-speaking world, having already proved highly successful in Russia.

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons positions the player as one of two rival races, the Magmars and the Humans, in an endless war for the world of Faeo. Among other things, Legend’s fully realised combat system and casual requirements have helped it to enjoy incredible success in Russia, and that’s why we’ve worked so hard to translate and launch the game from the UK, stated Sergei Senin, Managing Director of Waygate Publishing. Legend supports many gameplay features common to the genre leaders like World of Warcraft, but unique for a browser game that can be played almost anywhere with an internet connection.

Unique Combat System Legend’s combat is unique within the browser game sector by being fully animated, with detailed and customisable character models. Its interface is intuitive and approachable, yet hides great depth.

PvE, PvP & Huge Group Battles In addition to fighting AI enemies, players may combat other players almost anywhere, while vast faction battles allow players to fight side by side, or even lead an army.

Lavish Visuals All of the environments in the game are hand-drawn, 2D landscapes, making Faeo a far more personal and distinctive world than its rivals.

Variety of Professions Players choose to become sorcerers, healers, and many in between.

Over 250 Quests Incorporating over 450,000 words of dialogue and plotting.

Minimal System Requirements Legend can be played on almost any PC with an internet connection, with no download required, making it an ideal casual, online community.

Absolutely Free Revenue is generated from in-game sales, meaning players can invest as much, or as little as they like.

Sergei Senin again, We’ve been extremely pleased with the feedback we received during the extensive open beta period, and we’re confident and excited to finally be launching the game officially. For more information, visit the official site.

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