REVIEWS | April 5th, 2018
Far Cry 5 review

Far Cry 5 is here and with the last Far Cry in the series back in 2016 Ubisoft decided to take a break and refresh the series to be able to be better and offer a better experience to the gamers. There has been a lot of hype and pressure on the series to remain vibrant and exciting. Ubisoft have already taken a break in one of their successful brand Assassin’s Creed and with Origins they made a hell of a job as the game was fantastic. Far Cry 5 is here, and without further delay here is our statement of whether it was worth the wait for Ubisoft to release a better and polished game or not.

Far Cry 5 brings us to the country side of America in the fictional Hope County of Montana filled with wild life, gigantic national parks with forest and a charismatic psychotic preacher called Joseph Seed and his dictatorial cult of The Project at Eden’s Gate who hold power of the area. Out story follows the life of a Junior Deputy who is un-named but Ubisoft somehow lets you play around with its identity by choosing the gender and some details like hair and cloths. Well, your job is to stop this maniac and his family of psychopaths but you and your small task force get trapped in Hope County. You will have to work yourself out from nothing, built a resistance and liberate this are from Eden’s Gate. Of course it’s not easy and Ubisoft have made it clear since the start of the game where you will start of your journey running away in an unknown area of the map, in the dark, no weapons and you have to make your way to safety. I like what they did in this part as you are left alone with maniacs running after you and you need to sneak and make your way to safety.

Ubisoft have always created these great open world games fully detailed with a lot of things to do. With Assassin’s Creed they made a superb job in making ancient Egypt so alive with detail and things to do, I must say this time they deserve a standing ovation. The game’s open senses go wild and with all the things you can do in the game, it will take me quite a long time to put them in this review but let’s go through some.

The map is amazingly huge and to go around it you need vehicles and air support. The fame features a good selection of cars, muscle cars, pickups, vans, quad-bike and boats as well as hang gliders and quad copters while introducing flying vehicles like planes, amphibious planes and helicopters to either help you travel apart from the fast-travel feature or attack with hired people. Talking about hired people, along the road you might either save or come across characters which you can hire during any moment in the game to help you or assist you in attacking a certain area. These hired expertise can be either an animal which can range from a cougar, bear or man’s favourite companion the dog; or specialized persons like a sniper or close combat. These really come in handy as some missions is impossible to take over by yourself.

The game is divided into three like bosses which you can go back and forth. There is no path that you need to complete playing the game. I can go from one end to the other end of the map. Exploration is one of the things I admire in the game and Ubisoft really made it fun and highly detailed. On my PS4 after HDR kicks in, the maps takes a new life and the detailed country side pulls you in to discover and progress. The FPS was quite steady and there were no lack in speed or performance from the game’s engine. I really enjoyed flying around and exploring the immersive county. The game progress run as reputation. The game has its own primary missions, but apart from side missions that the story characters might give you, you have a number of game features like fishing, hunting and building up the resistance power. You can do this by going through the map and taking control of areas or by taking down pillars of the cult. In the story missions, you can be easily distracted by the side missions or challenges but in a good way as there is so much to do and explore.

The ability to choose your own character means only one thing. In Far Cry 5 there is no actual multiplayer but you can choose to play the game in co-op mode with your friends. This feature is absolutely amazing and playing along with your best mate is great. This is one feature that I really looked forward in a Far Cry game, imagine what chaos two people can cause in the game. Looking at this, you are also able to customize cars and weapons where micro-transactions are involved. Note, micro-transactions are not intrusive and will not affect your gameplay or experience in the game.

After you finish the game there is the Arcade mode which you can use to create and play your custom levels. The editing tools have a lot of features and apart from selecting the mode and location, you can place anything onto anywhere. It’s not just a small tool to keep you playing, it’s an actual level designer which you need to put some time to master. There are some other modes in Arcade which will surely keep you going well after you finish the story. I think that Ubisoft will do some updates which will feature more game modes to the feature.

Our Verdict

Ubisoft have really put up themselves with this game with amazing sound, music and graphics while setting up the best Far Cry game they could ever create. There were some sound glitches and some clipping issues but nothing to be a show-stopper. The game is a cult classic in the modern world. I would really recommend the game as there’s never a dull moment in the game.

Far Cry 5 was reviewed by and rated at 9.5 /10
"Almost perfect"
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