REVIEWS | November 9th, 2017
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus review

Enthusiastic about killing Nazis in the most bad-ass way? Say no more said Bethesda as these guys have released Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus giving a sequel to its predecessor, The New Order. The Wolfenstein series is known to have an absurd story line with high action and a bit of comedy on the side and The New Colossus delivers this experience with the continuation of our Hero BJ Blazkowicz dealing with his own mortality as he tries to heal his wound from The New Order.

The story is solid and scientifically absurd which takes us in 1961 where in the real world, World War II ended but in Wolfenstein’s reality the tides have turned and the Nazis have taken the world in their fist of terror. The game goes from wild, to cold blooded cruelty, to comedy at time which keeps you going. The Third Reich is highly advanced and it takes all you got to push it back. In my opinion it was a genius move from Bethesda since if the game was serious all the time it would have been boring as hell, they have made the right amount of comedy and bad-assary in the story, bosses, absurd robot from Nazi hell and in the strength of its characters; makes the game awesome.

So, we left BJ Blazkowicz half dead from the New Order and after being patched up after The New Order and still in coma to being woken as the stolen U-Boat in it is being attacked. The game already starts off by showing how bad ass BJ is with the first part fighting and killing Nazis in a wheel chair. Here starts your journey to get America’s freedom back. This time the evil counterpart of the story is General Engel who steals the show with her savageness and sadism whenever she appears and always being unpredictable and with 0% of mercy making her the greatest and most terrifying game villain I have ever seen in video games. She always gives me the creeps when she talks to Blazkowicz in a close up.

The game’s concept is to take back America and giving joy in murdering Nazis in the most satisfying and gruesome way. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is a fast but yet smooth first-person shooter and yet it delivers an Oscar rewarding for the performance of enemies in their death scenes. Enemies react depending on how they are killed and what body part you have shot them making their death quite a show to see and admire the effort the developers and artists they made being slicing their legs in an axe melee attack and stabbing them in the chest or raining havoc with a laser weapon vaporizing your foes. Creativity in killing Nazis is rewarded with a score system when killing with flame or making headshots.

So, what is the ratio of killing to Nazis? There are a lot of Nazis to kill and depending on the difficulty you have selected it would be best to try to sneak and silently dispose of them, especially the officers first as they have the ability to call for reinforcements. Don’t worry if you say it’s too difficult and you have to restart the whole game as you can change the difficulty on the fly. The game although in some cases it suggests to silently kill your Nazis, this isn’t a stealth game; it basically helps you to steady the barrage of Nazis trying to burst your brains. In game you will find a bunch of armour and ammo running around or spawned after killing foes to help you in your quest which most of these can be easily picked up by walking through them, thou not all so you would still need to press the square button to pick them up.

To kill a lot of Nazis you need some sweet weapons and Wolfenstein does support with awesome and extensive weaponry for you to mix and match, apart from your normal assortment of weapons, Wolfenstein lets you customize the weapons as each weapon will have three upgrade components. The game also allows you to dual-wield weapons which you can also mix and max with a machine gun in one hand and a silent gun in the other. Thou it’s great to maximize your fire power, you will sacrifice the accuracy; so make sure to use it when you are near a boss or a heavy unit as it will be useless in long range. Also since the game doesn’t slow down time when changing from one weapon to another during dual-wield, it might get you in trouble or even death so, yes that would have been an improvement to slow down the gameplay while switching or freeze the shot.

In Conclusion

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is a badass shooter which focuses only on single player. I wouldn’t imagine playing the game in multiplayer mode, it would be messy and it would not work. The characters are awesome and the comedy element in the game is fantastic. The action is great and Captain America would drop his jaw to Blazkowicz as he mows down Nazis in this epic first person shooter. If you want an action packed shooter, do not look further.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus was reviewed by and rated at 9.5 /10
"Almost perfect"
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