REVIEWS | November 1st, 2017
Assassin’s Creed Origins review

Published and developed by Ubisoft, the Assassin’s Creed series is back after a two year rest with Assassin’s Creed Origins. With this time going back to the origins of the Creed right into Egypt. So, after these two years of no Assassin’s does Origins make justice to the series and is it any good? We can simply say it is amazing and I must say it’s the best Assassin’s Creed game I have ever played! But let’s see together on what makes Origins so amazing.

In this version we play as the last Meday, protector of Egypt who bears the name of Bayek in around 49 BCE. You will get the experience of travelling through fears sand storm, strolling into the beautifully re-created cities like Alexandria and all the secrets and beauty that Egypt holds. The game does its job well in making your gameplay full of wonder and exploring the beautiful surrounding being at sea, in the desert or in the cities. If you would like to explore the desert take note of the heat as the game introduced varying effects depending on the desert’s temperature. Take your sunscreen to protect your skin, lol. If you are an explorer, and with this game we encourage you, the experience is perfected with the lack of loading screens apart from some cut scenes and when you fast travel. In all Assassin’s Creed there is a lot of climbing and parkour but Origins makes this seamless with active climbing all your need to do is move your analogue stick and Bayek will do the rest.

The map is huge and we can confirm it! Having more than 200,000,000 square metres the map offers mixed sceneries and a hell lot of walking. The setting is amazing and the level of detail is even more. I tend to go to the highest places and enjoy the scenery. Talking about scenery there is a great little function which enables the ‘Photo Mode’ to literally capture that particular moment with not just a screenshot but you can change around the camera. Apart from that people taking photos in the area will be shown as little squares in the map which you can see other people’s photos.

Ubisoft have made gameplay changes making Origins into an action role playing game which mixes your senses of discovery with the a quit addictive levelling system which is divided into three branches. Master Warrior focuses on melee combat, Master Hunter focuses on ranged combat and stealth and Master Seer focuses on tools and manipulating of the environment; like fast forwarding time and such. These set of skills can be upgraded when you gain ability point which are given to you after reaching a level. Adding to this, the game features a crafting system which is based on the materials that you gather from the hunting animals around the map which can be used to improve your equipment like the chest shield, arm shield and the Hidden blade. The game’s loot system works perfect and with the amount of weapons which you can switch during combat will help you switch between weapons which have different effect like critical hit, range, speed and other which will help you better in certain boss fights.

The game progress has moved away from the mission structure of its predecessors and instead uses quests that you can pick up in the open world at your leisure making Origins the best Assassin’s Creed game in the series. Quests are classified by the level which I ended up with a number of main mission stories which I couldn’t do since they requested a higher level. You can either go for it but it will be more difficult to pass or you can do side missions you have around the map to get the necessary XP to be able to pass through those high requirement quests. A bit irritating at first but on the other hand it helps you to get more motivated to do the side missions.

Talking about this my personal best is infiltrating highly secured places which are higher in level of what I am, making it harder and well more rewarding. To help you in this task, you fellow eagle companion Senu. Previous games have introduced the eagle vision but in Origins you get to fly Senu around. Senu will be able to tag your enemies by seeing the area to infiltrate or attack from high up and will also be handy in finding treasure or if you are trying to spot captive or the target you are looking to assassinate.

The combat system has gone through a complete overhaul with its hitbox system you need to study well your approach depending on the weapons your will have being a mace it will be heavier and will expose you after hitting your enemy. There is significant changes here and will make the fighting moments more challenging but highly improved. It’s not just go rampaging your enemy with blows as the AI is somehow improved and will surely block most of your hits, so you need to be crafty to block or parry. The game also offers the option to focus on the enemy by using the R3 which will focus the view on the enemy and can help you improve that. It’s a good feature thou I didn’t find it easy to manoeuvre when you have a number of enemies around you, it’s quite difficult to focus on the right one. You will also get the Adrenaline Gauge which builds up energy during combat that you can unleash this devastating finishing moves on your enemies making you faster, stronger and more resistant to damage. The game feature a lot of weapons which range from swords, bows, heavy and long weapons, bombs and shields.

Travelling in the game, well Egypt is quite huge and travelling is made easy by using boats, chariots, horses, camels and the fast travel. Using animals to travel after tagging your destination, with a press of a button you can put your camel on automatic and will take you to your destination and allowing you to experience the surroundings. Being a great feature when you are in open spaces, the camel can get a big buggy when you are in certain places and ending up either not knowing where to go or passing through anything, so the game needed a bit more polishing there.

In Conclusion

Assassin’s Creed Origins is amazing and with all honesty and unbiased view, we can say it’s a must buy. The game offers more mission combinations than any other Assassin’s Creed in the series. The RPG elements make the game much more interesting. The story is rich in culture and variety of sceneries having genuine characters and background stories. Well done to Ubisoft, the wait for this game was worth the while.

Assassin's Creed Origins was reviewed by and rated at 9.5 /10
"Almost perfect"
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