REVIEWS | May 9th, 2017
Prey review

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, Prey is here to haunt your dreams and killing the idea in ever going into space with its vision of a haunted future of science and alien invasions. Developed on CryEngine the action-adventure, survival, horror shooter is here to scare your pants trying to find life around you but ending up in finding dead bodies and death in every corner. The game offers a unique experience and high level design which will make it worth your while. The game is out for Pc, Xbox One and PS4; and here’s our review which was played on the PS4.

The game is not your usual linear shooter and Prey thou being a survival FPS it takes the players into a level of mystery, exploration and crafting as well. Without giving any spoilers away, the game is set in 2032 where you are Morgan Yu who is a scientist in at Transtar training facility where things go wrong and you start to question reality itself. Let’s start with the graphics, the game looks quite good and impressively giving that feel of emptiness that space would give along with the excellent texture work and mapping which makes it look awesome. Edge-like and smooth, the details of the interiors make the game look like has been designed in a modern way but with the careful detailed stuff here and there from the past. One might say it’s a clean design which is mixed with mysterious circumstances. The game’s setting is in space and in the year 2032 which to be honest is not as much far away as you think; thinking of which, should I get worried? Thou the graphics look awesome, the game’s real focus is in level design and giving the experience of shock, feeling of death at every corner and suspense; which for real gamers it’s immediately noticeable the level of detail in the levels and how the developers play with your mind.

Now, another thing which matches this is the effects and how Arkane Studios have used them and astounded me when I progressed deeper into the game making you physically hold your breath while walking into a door or even looking through a window. The effects of the enemies called Mimics while they twist and blend like they are a dream made up of smoke and dark matter will spook you out; like moving while you are not looking or all of a sudden they materialize behind your back; This would be the best thing I have seen in a while. The design and how the enemies move and interact with your is pretty amazing. Especially Mimics where these come in more than one, will either make you crazy or again, scare the crap out of you. You can see them slide along the place like the movie scary kid’s hair in the Grudge and suddenly spook you out from behind or hit you as soon as you turn around. Mimics can also shift into any object around you and leave you thinking if that stool you just saw was there a second ago. It’s quite difficult to kill them as they crawl along the place and the more they are the crazier it gets.

The game in general is uniformly excellent and really shows up the artistic leanings which mixed with the ambience and feel that the developers have created with graphics, awesome level design, sound effects and music; makes the game one of a kind. The booming sound effects of enemies is scary and I mean in the sci-fi horror way which will make you say “wooooow” while being pounded to death and not knowing who the hell hit you. The incidental audio like a falling box or something scratching is enough to give you a good incentive to explore the room or area. Entering rooms and having those ambient technology sounds and faint music will instantly give you goosebumps with anxiety of what hiding behind the door or when enemies notice you.

What we liked
-Amazing level design and story experience
-Sounds and music added another layer to the game immersion
-Superb setting and fascinating enemies
-Open-world setup

The soundtrack is featured by Mick Gordon who also have us the music for Doom, Wolfenstein The New Order and others was awesomely integrated with the game’s atmosphere with movie excellence. Thou when enemies attack or get alerted, sometimes the music would seem overly powerful ending up in knowing beforehand which might annoy players especially when the music starts for the action before the actual enemy appears. The game offers a number of weapons each with their own specific features and finding them is not an easy task.

As said the game is not your ordinary shooter. You have to survive into an open-world which motivates exploration, crafting and reading to get to know the world around, gather information or even finding hidden locks and combinations to open doors. In the game there are a lot of things you can pick-up which you can recycle in special machinery which will reward you with material boxes that you can use for crafting.

What could have been improved
-Sound effect of shotgun
-Music change more coordinated with enemies appearance

In Conclusion

The music and sound effects really added another layer to the game. Personally I have really enjoyed the game especially for the well-designed levels and a little exploration with some touch of RPG in getting and picking up everything you find to recycle and craft something. The game is a spooky sci-fi horror game which is not for everyone especially if you think that Prey is just another shooter. The game is full of surprises and for the players who truly enjoy a thriller, the game is one of a king.

Prey was reviewed by and rated at 85 /10
"Quite Great"
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