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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 review

Developed and published by CI Games, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is set to really stimulate and get those sniping skills of players put at a test as the game is fantastically realistic and hard experience. Being the third release in the series, CI Games has done a great AAA Production effort with a have done a very good job in making a very challenging sniping experience and it’s selling point being a good element of open-world.

As you start off the game you are already put in the Eastern Europe mood with Russian folk music. You will start the campaign by choosing the difficulty between normal, hard or challenge mode. Would only suggest the challenge mode for experienced and sniper passionate as the skill-tree is reduced with no life regeneration and one shot kill. If you are really bad-ass then this your mode.

You start off with the prologue in the rocky mountains of Colorado with young Jonathan Jon North with your sniper trying to outwit his brother before leaving for Afghanistan. Twenty three months you that is Jon North and your brother Robert are in the arm together and in the Russian Ukrainian borders to destroy an abandoned stock of the Soviet era bio-weapons before being stolen by terrorists where unfortunately Robert is being captured by this Vasilisk who is the leader of this unidentified group of special forces soldiers. You return back to Georgia two years later to help the destabilization of the local Georgian Separatist with the agenda of also finding your brother. Having its predecessor being criticized for being linear, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 offers a very good open world and competing in nowadays rage on open world games. The map is big enough to give you the feeling of the Ukraine wilderness for you to explore. The game will automatically populate fast-travel points so that if you find yourself dull in the constant driving from one place to another, you can beam yourself to the travel-point.

With regards to mission the game has a variety of options that makes these kind of missions non repetitive like for example having to cover an agent in the field or stealing a vehicle to be able to infiltrate the specials forces. Apart for a variety of mission types, not even a mission felt the same and the game has a very good amount of stealth, action and a bit of platforming so that experience was fresh and practically without boredom. To be honest the only boredom I found is when I get stuck in a certain mission which has taken more than 15 minutes to find the perfect spot and missing your target at the last moment was frustrating. I think the only thing that I might say on the game-play is that since it’s mainly focused on sniping and for players who are looking for a good sniper experience, for normal players it will be a bit frustrating. On the other hand for patient and tactical players it’s the bomb. The story mode has around 26 missions in the campaign which was great and frustrating till the end as it was hard as hell but to be honest I played on the hard mode so it was a bit of my fault on that side. Anyway, the game surprised me on the side missions which the game doesn’t force you to complete but where amusing and made me even more to complete them to be the ultimate sniper. The basic action of the game kept me playing for hours especially for the controls being easy to master.

Although aesthetically the game looked pretty good, it needed some more polishing as at times the vegetation especially didn’t look so appealing with some minor issues of framerate and texture not looking sharp. Apart from that the dynamic weather effect and lighting was pretty good which in some missions helped me find that perfect spot to approach the area. As said I played on the hard mode so killing a target a very long distance or killing two with one shot was very rewarding even when making a perfect headshot you get the bullet cam. It was reward because after lining the shot, making the adjustments on the scope to keep the wind and distance in perspective, holding your breath to the last millisecond and making the perfect shot. To be honest, the bullet cam was something which I really liked especially when sharing the video to a perfect kill with friends to brag about.

The game has also different assault weapons which you can use appropriately as the missions are not only snipping and occasionally you get to tackle enemies directly with your assault rifle. The enemy AIs are not perfect but do occasionally have convincing moments which made the assault fair and not magically finding my hiding spot. Something extra which came in handy in some cases was the scout mode which basically makes use of the tracking skills that can help you identify nearby troops, find explosives or mines but beware of wild animals which will make your sniping life very difficult, especially when you are attacked by a wolf. Weapons can be modified and customizations are unlocked throughout the game. Having safe houses around the maps makes is easy to change your loadout and modify your weapons. The game features a broad selection of sniper and assault rifles with pistols and grenades. The game also features some nifty gadgets like quad copters to tag enemies and explore the area, grenades, gas grenades and knives to have a varied reach of decent weapons which the sound and feel of the weapons was powerful and strong.

In Conclusion

Sniper 3 Ghost Warrior was a great sniper experience and I really enjoyed playing it. The variety in the missions was fresh with very good sound effects. I have to say as regards to exploration the game also offered free-running, parkouring, climbing ledges, and rappelling. Unlike its predecessors the game was not linear and taking more an open-world approach; thou was hoping maybe for better and polished graphics, less loading times and multiplayer.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was reviewed by and rated at 7 /10
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