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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing review

Developed and published by NeocoreGames, here is the release of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing on the PlayStation 4, which originally debuted in 2013 for PC, Mac and Xbox-360 and then ported to the Xbox-One; well it is the Helsing time to hunt on the PlayStation 4. From a game, which has launched about 4 years ago with an action role-playing mode including single and multiplayer, how would this fit now? Well, to be honest I really enjoyed the game so let us go through the game.

The game is based on Bram Stoker’s novel of Dracula the vampire master with a bit of twist of the 19th century European monsters, magic and steam-punked technology. We are taken to the fictional kingdom of Borgova; a city filled with folklore, monsters and evil creature which someone manifested themselves from science. The protagonist in our journey is the son of Abraham Van Helsing, who is here to continue on the footsteps of his father along with his ghost sidekick and companion Katarina, together to exterminate the monsters from the city of Borgova.

The game itself as environments and sceneries looks great and give a gothic/ steam-punked touch to make the game experience look authentic with the touch of comic-relief and banters between Van Helsing and Katarina that is especially funny. The gameplay is about hack and slash with some magic, bad-ass and weird weapons and looting galore which if you like action role-playing games is the cherry on top. You start by choosing the character’s class being Hunter, Thaumaturge or Aracane Mechanic. The hunter is you classic monster hunter who is armed with bladed and firearms to maximise damage while wielding minimal occult magic powers. The Thaumaturge masters the occult wielding powerful and offensive spells to inflict damage and even use manipulative tricks. The Arcane Mechanic is a mix of the other two classes with focus on weapons and science to arm himself with hybrid occult and scientific weapons to blast monsters into the underworld.

The RPG essence of the game is well built with dozens of skill upgrades from Melee and Ranged. Katarina will also get skill points when she levels up and opening new perspectives and features. The game also makes use of looting which there is a huge amount. Thou there is no essential need for gold, it comes really handy when you die and you need to continue where you left. Graphics will surely blow you away with the great atmosphere the game makes you experience with the attention to detail to the maps is quite nice. The music that accompanies you and Katarina in your journey is fantastic and really puts the experience at the most with graphic details of the game. The only thing was the sound effects, which in my opinion could have been done better especially when blowing your enemies with the gun you will constantly hear the same splattering sound.

This of course doesn’t really affect the gameplay it does affect the immersiveness during combat which sometimes feels dull not with the action packing but with the sound effects. The game’s combat is quite simple to master as apart from wielding you primary weapon you can switch to your secondary in no time, like for the Hunter you can switch between melee and ranged. The game’s campaign is quite long with plenty of different locations and solid enemy variety ranging from robotic soldiers, evil creatures, wolves and other variety; no excluding giant spiders which come in huge volumes to make a massive battleground.

The game has a feature of multiplayer which basically is a co-op mode to play with your friends when having those looting moments, after getting connected and found someone to co-op with the game worked pretty solid and with the different classes you can easily storm through your enemies. The mode is simple but yet I enjoyed slashing around Borgova with friends.

In Conclusion

The game was a good port to the PS4 with amazing sceneries and variety in locations and monsters. Some effort should been done in the sound effects department but it does not break the gameplay. The co-op mode was fun to play along with friends and was quite solid. Loved the bantling and the introduction of a companion ghost which can have the skills upgraded. A big amount of looting and soundtrack accompanying the game make it a very good Van Helsing experience.

was reviewed by and rated at 7.5 /10
"Quite Good"
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