ARTICLES | March 7th, 2017
88 Heroes Preview

Welcome to the 88th version of this review. The time is eight minutes past eight in the morning and I am typing my 88th character in this article. Hilarious right? Exactly like this game. Published by Rising Star Games and developed by the Bitmap Bureau, here is 88 Heroes, the retro action comedy adventure with all your un-favorite characters.

Yep you heard right. The year is 1988 and Dr H8 has taken earth under ransom for 88 octillion dollars in 88 minutes or 88 thermo-nuclear warheads will annihilate all existence. No worries, the earth’s leaders have tried to call all super heroes, fat chance… sadly enough all are busy. I guess Superman had his Zumba lessons or Batman had to go to the doctor for his sour throat. Hey, I made a funny joke… anyhow. Earth’s only chance of survival is to call the 88th most useless and pointless heroes.

The game mechanics are quite simple and the gameplay is getting from one point to another without dying and not exceeding the 88 seconds timeout. There are 88 levels all playable with your 88 unique and pointless heroes. You get spawned into the level, which is Dr H8,’s lair seeing our pathetic heroes trying to win one for Earth. He will make jokes and make fun of our heroes as they struggle to get past the exit. The comic puns are fun as hell, and you have not heard about the heroes yet. As said, you have 88 heroes, unique and one more pointless than the other with all heroes referring to real life heroes in gaming and movies. Example one of them is Milton, a middle-aged samurai armadillo who can only jump and as soon as you press the square/circle button to activate his power, he just eats a pizza (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spoof?).

I would guess it would be pointless pointing them all here, but we might have some memorable mentions. First, we have Rick Roll who never gives you up and throws love bombs (Rick Astley), Stroppy Chuck which is a spoof of Flappy Bird; and a classic from the cult movie The Army of Darkness, As Williams himself with the glorious Boomstick. What is pointless in that? Well whenever you shoot with the gun, you have a mile of recoil, so it could send you right to your doom. As you can see the comic relief in the characters as well as Dr H8’s lair minions bothering him for a cup of tea is enough to make you laugh aloud.

Levels are hard not that they are difficult to pass though sometimes you get killed right at the end, it’s because once your 88th character dies, you must only continue the game with that last hero you have been given. The character are given at random, so if your last hero is example Milton, that is the last character you have and you have to reach level 88 with just Milton or just start a new game. To be honest it just adds to the fun of the game. As modes one has the 88 Mode which you have 88 heroes and 88 levels to complete and not exceeding 88 seconds for each level, The Magnificent 8 and Solo. For the preview we could only have training and 88 Mode, but looking forward for the full game.

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