ARTICLES | February 8th, 2017
Ghost Recon Wildlands beta impressions

So last weekend we got to play in the closed beta of Ghost Recon Wildlands from Ubisoft and here is what we thought about it… we loved it! This open world tactics shooter will give you the wow effect. The game is set in Bolivia which for the beta we played just a small part of it and to be honest it was big and it’s just a part of the real map which is said to be huge. The game can be played in both solo or co-op with up to three players. So, you will be part of this elite US operatives who are posted in a secret mission again a notorious South American drug lord. The game is┬álike a mash up of Far Cry, The Division and the other Tom Clany’s games which make it awesome and in my opinion Ubisoft have made a great game.

First things first, from the beta; aesthetically the game looks fantastic as your shoot and travel in the jungle area with trees, weather effect and the surroundings look amazing! Like if you are driving a car in the rain, it will get dirty with mud and if you drive into a river it will kind of clean itself up. Small things which in an open world game will give that great experience. Sounds and lighting effects are amazing. You will be asked to customise your character in the beginning with tons of custom objects you can change like hair, facial hair, tattoos, clothing and other stuff.

Hey handsome!

The game features a big number of vehicles including 4×4, cars, sport cars, trucks, vans, tractors and helicopters. Talking about helicopters, Ubisoft have made it very easy to use and you will master it after a few minutes. Controls are great and in our opinion this game will make the best Tom Clancy/ Ghost Recon game. The open world effect is simply amazing along with the hugeness of the map.

The covering system is another thing I love with fluid covering system. All you need to do to cover is just crouch and move near an object. The player will immediately take a covering position without snipping to the object or press anything. It will also lean if you aim down. Shooting, moving around and covering is smooth as hell.

Here’s a solo walkthough video

The game took four years to develop and I can safely say it will live up to it’s expectation. Weather effects, graphics, looks and play-ability is simply amazing, so we look forward to get to play and review the full game.

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