REVIEWS | December 13th, 2016
Watch Dogs 2 review

In my opinion Ubisoft have learned from the predecessor where we got a bit tired of the edgy protagonist of Aiden and this time we have a new protagonist called Marcus whose first mission is a final test to make it into the Ded-Sec group. The character is likable, funny and this time, the lead character is black. Marcus joins his upbeat friends and really does well to make the game fun and not like his predecessor Aiden, he knows how to laugh and take jokes.
The story is about revolution against this calamity which is using cTOS 2 system which basically is a surveillance system to protect the city and monitor any criminal activity as a way to control people. Marcus will end up punished for a crime he didn’t commit and categorized as suspect and an enemy to the state. The system of cTOS 2 is secretly bringing harm to the innocent citizens of the city of San Francisco while Marcus and his DedSec friends main mission is to bring down cTOS 2 and its company Blume.

The main missions that you will do are mostly of extracting or sabotaging data from heavily guarded data centres to the technology giants like Nudle which is strangle similar to Google. Although simple AI guards and patrols the areas be aware as if reinforcements are called, you will end up dead for sure. To help you out, you can use toys and gadgets like the RC Drone which you can craft with the 3D printer at the DedSec Headquarters which can also be used to print guns, grenades and other weapons. These hacker tools called smarts will be giving you the power to control drones, security systems, interface with the cTOS to remotely influence anything connected to the system including doors, traffic lights, explosive pipes, machines and other. There are many ways to get into an area which is heavily guarded and these tools will make your life easier.

The game is not a short one as Ubisoft have made a good work in inserting a massive list of side missions which can be fun as one of the missions is to hack into one of the Ubisoft’s office and leak a trailer of an unreleased game which most of the people are saying it’s a real sneak peek to the next Assassin’s Creed game. Other missions involve hacking billboards, ATM machines, Drone racing and taking selfies.

This is quite a unique title where graphics look and feel amazing with the 1080p resolution for the PlayStation 4 as it handles the open-world pretty well. The architecture detail of the city of San Francisco is astonishing and well detailed. You can clearly see all the details in the buildings and surroundings while draw distance is not far enough and you can clearly see everything before you.

After playing the game especially running around with vehicles you immediately notice the huge amount of destructibility of the surrounding and vehicles damage which will make an impressive chaos especially during chase instances. Looking at the vehicles and even marine vehicles, the game looks detailed and the water effect looks impressive. The game engine with reference to the predecessor is very much improved and runs smoothly, thou sometimes you can see some minor glitches and framerate issues of course depending on how much debris or stuff happening on the screen.

The game although it’s not a 1:1 representation of San Francisco will make you feel comfortable and well amazed. The area, vegetation, colour palettes, surroundings and the city is so much detailed making it the perfect spot for mayhem and general public distortions. Talking about the public, the NPCs AI is well built and the reactions are realistic.
Regarding sound effects was pretty impressed on how Ubisoft managed to combine reverb echo and some inclusion to make the perfect sound feel, one must also indicate that for example the shotgun sound effect was a bit thinning. The ambient and effect sound of the surroundings is lively and pretty filled to the specific location you are into thou a bit repeating. The overall on sound is good to great level. The music has been chosen wisely and the flow from dubstep to piano music or dramatic music really blended well. The music selection is mixed with a good number of artists like Erik B. and Rakim, N.E.R.D. and Boys Noize which pretty gone exactly to the point which the game is about and the effect is superb. The voice acting really make a good impression especially for the fact that the DedSec group has a good perspective on the younger generation. The voice acting and the actual acting of the NPCs mixes well with the music and ambient sounds to give the real feel of the game, so thumbs up for that.

Watch Dogs 2 enjoys the return of multiplayer and like it’s predecessor it integrates seamlessly to the game. Can you meet and interact with random players as they explore the world which you can complete missions with that will make you and your friends gain followers. The more followers you have the more popular you get. You can communicate with the other players using gesture emoji. The game also offers some competitive multiplayer mode which are Online Invasion and Bounty Hunter. The Online Invasion is the one vs. one which we have seen from the first game. The invading player must escape from the clutches of the other player before he gets infected by a computer virus. The Bounty Hunter is newly added to the series where if a player creates too much havoc in the city (in online mode), it will initiate the bounty hunter mode. Police with the help of a maximum of three other players will try to hunt and kill him. You can also manually issue a bounty on yourself using the in-game smartphone.


Ubisoft have made a better Watch Dogs by listening to the criticism of the first game and have well improved into character’s persona as Marcus plays a great role with the superb supporting cast. The Open world of San Francisco is fantastic and there is a lot happening, not forgetting the high level of detail and playability. So if you want to take a blow to the establishment, I would suggest the game as it is great and I really enjoyed playing it.

Watch Dogs 2 was reviewed by and rated at 8.5 /10
"Quite Great"
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