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DOOM review

Way back in 2004 we had the release of Doom 3 with the BFG edition in 2012 but going back to the original Doom from 1993, it was the days that iD Software scared the hell out of us at that time with the horrific sounds and looks of the demons coming at you from everywhere. Now it’s to the publishing power of Bethesda along with the expertise of such game genre of iD Software to bring back the gore and shooting through hordes of invading demons from hell game genre that has spawned a gaming subculture. Although the game is the fourth instalment, the title just says DOOM, meaning we are bringing the classic death metal, demons, gore and skulls, with the touch of the classic Doom. This is the reboot of a superb gaming classic of the 90s with great justice to its maker and style being single player or multi player.

Thou there were some mixed opinions on how the single player mode would be, it’s actually freaken good and you will immediately be put in action with no time to say ‘Where am I?’. You start in a room where you will get the first gun which has unlimited ammo, kill a demon or two, the next room your armour and the next one your shotgun. From there on there is no rest for the wicked as you will storm through a barrage of different enemies which are quite intelligent at a point; to haunt your dreams for quite some time. A journey full of blood, demons and bullets.

To the story of the game, well there isn’t much to say. There are no human enemies and possible no one else alive, with all the demons you wish. Doom is not about story line, but here’s a nutshell about how the hell am I surrounded with Demons. You begin your battle on a Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) research facility on the planet Mars under the guidance of the director Samuel Hayden, suffering from brain cancer has managed to transfer his consciousness into an android shell. It turned out that Hell itself is a great source for renewable power which is branded Argent Energy. This has solved the energy crisis on Earth. Hmmm I never would have imagined that Hell can do good on Earth, anyway; Unfortunately to mankind on the planet Mars this facility was also being served as a portal directly to hell where Hayden’s intentions were to capture and perform research on these demons. From there on, Hell wanted revenge and passed all kinds of demons through the portal to annihilate mankind.

The gameplay seems simple as most of First-Person Shooter (FPS) games, but there it so particularly designed and you can immediately tell on how fun the game-play is. It’s not just about shooting and when the demons are almost dead they will be flashing which indicates you can affect a glory kill/ finisher which will award you with health, ammo and gas for your chainsaw. Oh yeah… the famous and all mighty gory chainsaw. Talking ammo, there are a number of weapons to choose from, unlock and rain havoc on your enemies with a variety of around 25 weapons with upgrades and add-ons. A lot of you might question if the BFG9000 is in the game, well hell yeah! It seems I am saying hell a lot, and this is for a reason. Doom is so intense and action filled that it’s quite impossible not to be embraced by its momentum.

The game is based on fast action and strategy on which weapon to use as you might be limited on ammo like for example, you mustn’t waste a BFG on a low level demon where there is a humongous creature that is waiting for you in the corner. The key of the game is the speed where the game feature a superb frame rate which gave me a bit of dizziness after 2 hours of gameplay but man, the game is freakishly great with the controls well designed which will allow you to run, shoot, execute and jump around. A feature has been added to the jump where you can vault edges is pretty seamless. The game looks damn good with all the details you can name. It looks amazing with the 60 FPS and the lighting and explosions being even better with the sound effects which in my opinion are the core of the game. I had fun playing through the 13 missions in the single player mode and with the difficulty levels you can replay the game and challenge yourselves, thou there is the hardest level which is Ultra Nightmare and it also states in the game that if you die, there is no restart level and you have to go back to the beginning of the campaign, so it’s damn insane.

As mentioned before, the game features a multi-player mode which also allows you to play as some of the demons themselves. Playing as a demon is not by default, you have to pick up a demon rune which spawn randomly on the map. The fast-paced arena-style combat makes the mode unique where you can play in the classic mode while enjoying some new modes. These modes compromise in the usual Team Death-match and Domination while adding Warpath, Freeze Tag and Clan Arena which can be enjoyed on a variety of 9 maps and the servers are well balanced making it easy to find a match.

The developers have gone into some effort and introduced Snap-Map which is basically a level editor for Doom. It’s fun and quite easy to use and master which will allow you to go to the limitless gameplay. You can either go open by building all the map from scratch or modifying pre-existing maps; and hold on, you can even edit the game logic to create new and insane game modes. This will really come in handy to keep the game in the community with sharing of the maps with your friends. The editor does not require any expertise to master, oh contraire; it’s very simple and fun building the map like Legos with a lot of customizations to offer.

In Conclusion

This is the sequel to the great Doom where it basically created the genre. The graphics are awesome especially with the constant 60 frames per second. The gameplay is good paced and it doesn’t focus much on the story. The game is fun to play, with the addition of the multiplayer and a pretty awesome level editor to compliment and to keep alive the game. There might be some mixed opinions on the game and it’s a tribute to the fast paced retro shooter which might not be suitable to some of the players. For us, this is a joy of videogame where you shoot demons back to hell, and we love it.

DOOM (2016) was reviewed by and rated at 9 /10
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