REVIEWS | May 11th, 2016
Battleborn review

Published by 2K Games and developed by Gearbox Software here comes an experimental First-Person shooter called Battleborn. Experimental? Yes since it includes mobile, customisation and with some comic aspect as well on some funny characters who will make your gaming fun and competitive at the same time. The game also features some nifty drawn-like cut scenes with exaggerated action that are both great and fun to watch.

Gearbox Software are known for experimenting with great FPS game design which are welcomed and this time they have made a great game mashing up the FPS genre with the style of a fantasy RPG game. Its part team-based and co-op blaster with a touch of Multi-player Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that makes the point of the game focus being more on the multiplayer aspect.

The game takes you by the rush and its core combat mechanics are well built and designed to perfection to give you the right experience. The very good selection of playable characters with their customisation of skills and abilities will make it even more interesting. The special attacks or abilities of each character all have their cooldown timers and as you level up along the way and picking up upgrades in the map you will be improving your skills and upgrade accordingly. Each battle is short and the game does not go for long game sessions. You start off the mission weak and as you play along you be a titan with strong resistance to damage or devastating power with supercharged shots, juggernaut charges, brutal aerial attacks and other satisfying combat power ups you collect in the map.

What we liked
A good mix of genre and cast of playable characters
Great mission design
Humour and fun to play

What could have been improved?
A wider multiplayer and not so congested
More story mode content

In the multiplayer mode, the game is more-or-less just MOBA structured with minions, mobile sentries, and turrets to defend or attack the opposing team. Gameplay is fun and after starting with a handful of heroes who are unlocked by completing the single player missions, or by winning matches with specific characters. There are 25 to collect and you will have ample time to master their skills. The multiplayer mode is built well, with well-matched teams and incursion mode can be a rollercoaster of action and fun. The multi-player mode also include cosmetics like skins and taunts to mix up a bit of fun and nastiness. Mutations are the new options of the upgrades where you can enhance the abilities and new builds of turrets and other machines to increase defence or offence. Multiplayer as said is fun but sometimes is a bit chaotic and it makes it quite difficult to understand what is going on. I hope this will be addressed soon as it could be a bit of a show stopper in a multi-player game.

The most thing that fascinated me to the point to recommend the game is its humor of it. Its comic relief and style made me laugh so hard; which never hesitates to go for a cheap gag. The puns that the characters say; is pure comic, dialogue is well placed and makes the single-player mode as well as the multi-player mode memorable.

In conclusion

What could have been another generic shooter, Battleborn shows off a great game with comedy, action, visually different with drawn-like explosion effect. The game is like a sci-fi shooter which was out in the 80s era in design, music choice and art direction. The single player is fun thou it would have been great to have more and the multi-player mode excels in the game. The variation of characters makes the game more interesting and complicated. All in all, the game was fantastic and loved the cutscenes.

Battleborn was reviewed by and rated at 8.5 /10
"Quite Great"
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