REVIEWS | March 2nd, 2016
Far Cry Primal review

Nothing says primal like fighting your own existence in the stone age. Ubisoft have taken a bold moveĀ  into pushing the limits of mankind and the franchise of Far Cry and put you into the harsh and brutal era of the Stone Age; gladly to say they managed to surprise me and get the tribal drums rolling for excitement and blood boiling action. To make things clear but in a nutshell the game is impressive and stunning in its nature making it an exciting experience both visually and gameplay.

So let’s start off to what the story of Primal is. The game is what you would expect in the franchise games of Far Cry, but it put you more than 12,000 years back. Saying this, you should say goodbye to guns, helicopters, gadgets and other technology and mechanical devices we know. To each game there is a story and Primal’s story takes us to the very beginning of mankind in the savage world of Oros. You play the park of Takkar, our hero who along with his hunting party and Dalso are in search of their Wenja tribe cousins. You will fight against the rival tribes of the cannibalistic Udam and the fire worshipers of Izlia. Basically that’s it. Your main mission is to find and reconcile with your Wenja brothers. Thou for some the story may be a bit dry and not having much, I agree with you but on the other hand… it’s the Stone Age, what did you expect, romance, thriller, mystery? Thou you have a number of casts in the game which mind you are fantastic and authenticity is at it’s best here, but it let me feel as these characters are underused.

The game which is played in first person has an impressive and accurate character design while putting the play in a super experience. The game is simply addictive. The setting is of highly detailed grassy plains, redwood forests, waterfall and life. You will instantly love the scenery and how Ubisoft really pulled out their hand and made one of the best open-world experience enriched with life and sense of realism. The game puts you in control of animals as Takkar’s special ability is the taming of animals and creature. You can tame an animal in being at your side and use him to battle. There are a lot of animals you can tame being a number of wolves, leopard, Sabre Tooth tiger and badgers. Seriously badgers? Don’t laugh as they bite like hell. Anyway these animals are scattered all over designated parts of the map, which may I say it’s huge. You can either kill the animals to get resources, tame, use them in battle or ride them to speed up your travel.

Imagine yourself attacking and encampment riding a Sabre Tooth Tiger and ordering it to fight along you. Let me tell you it will be a terrifying scene. You can tame a lot of animals around the place which can be called on at your leisure, so imagine the possibilities. Crushing enemy camps is something you get from a Far Cry game, but Primal does it’s best in showcasing close combat. You can always scout the perimeter, tag enemies and sneaking your way in by stealth killing, or you can rush right in with a huge bear and bulldoze your way in and with the assistance of your killing machine, you will manage to obliterate the area with the cunning use of your weapons and the ability to fast switch between weapons to make a brutal but impressive attack.

So why kill for resources? Well it’s the Stone Age and you cannot go to a store and buy weapons. You will have to scavenge the are for wood, herbs, stone and other material. This material will let you craft weapons, make fire, small insect bombs and craft ammo. The ammo is upgradable and do so as it comes in handy during camp attacks. There are different type of weapons being long range or short range and the game controls makes it easier to change from one another. You will use this often during gameplay.

The map is huge and ridiculously packed with things to do. Of course we have the Wenja story missions, rescue, defend and escort tasks, animal hunts, cave exploration, cave escapes, bonfires which basically let Wenja take control of areas, encampments to attack and reclaim, and a million collectables to find along the map. The game surely doesn’t lack in things to do around Oros. The game does retain the Far Cry’s franchise supernatural experience.


The game look surprisingly authentic and will surely give you a great experience making it one of the best Far Cry games of all times. Taking you to the primal years of mankind with no guns or gadgets makes it more brutal and it’s why it’s good. Visually the game looks stunning and the world has a lot to do apart from being huge. The sound effects, character design and voices are equally impressive. The story-line lacks a bit and needed some finess, but it’s nothing compared to the brilliant gameplay experience I personally got from the game.

Far Cry Primal was reviewed by and rated at 8.5 /10
"Quite Great"
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