REVIEWS | December 15th, 2015
Rainbow Six: Siege Review

Published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Montreal here comes the next game in the series of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six after the release of Vegas 2 way back in 2008. Focuses 100% on tactics and the motto of the game, especially in the multiplayer is that there is no I in team. I have learned the hard way as I was killed several times and there is no way you can move forward in the online part of the game without working as a team. Sound tactics will keep you alive and make you win the round.

So, how hard is this game? Those who are new to the Rainbow Six series and who are for the auto aim and easy gameplay. prepare for a shock as the game is very realistic, and I played it in normal mode… I don’t want to know what I would expect from the hard mode. Looking at the difficulty you will get the normal, hard and realistic where the enemy has an almost perfect accuracy and deals more damage while Aim assist is disabled. You will die a lot, hopefully the loading times are very favourable and fast. I have played through all the ten situations (singleplayer mode) until I was confident enough for the multiplayer. Multiplayer is also divided in normal and ranked. Once you reach level twenty, you will be allowed to play in ranked matches. When I have mastered my skills I went to terrorist hunt and thou with normal mode there isn’t much of a speciality for the AI, going to hard or realistic will make the enemy use all the surrounding and literally make you pray the round ends.

I have spent around 30 minutes going round the map trying to find a way how to enter a building where a hostage is being held. The game is unpredictable and there are a big number of ways on how to approach or execute your mission. You cannot go commando style, that certain. You have to think, take your time and take action while evaluating everything. It’s not like you are going to massacre, but by using the tools you have available, it will be less painful to pass the mission. The replay-ability of missions is another thing with Siege as I cannot count the times I have replayed missions which I have passed to see on how it would have ended if I took another route or gone completely stealth.

During game time, you will earn Renown points. These points are the in-game currency for you to purchase gear, new attachments, and unlock new operators. During the singleplayer mode you can earn these points when passing the situations and the harder you play, you will earn more points. In-game tutorial videos will also give you points. Each video gives you 200 points and a bonus of 200 if you watch them all. Thou the singleplayer mode and tutorials are great, they don’t offer much in training in a multiplayer mode as they lack having AI Team mates, so going to multiplayer can be a little bit of a learning curve in the means of team work. In multiplayer you need to note that if you either get angry or feel you are fighting a losing battle, you cannot just quit the game as by quitting you will be penalised with points deduction.

Walls and covers won’t protect you much as there are a good number of destructible environment around you. If you are playing in defence you wouldn’t know if your attacker is coming through the door or blasting his way through a wall making his own door. Thou you can shoot a hole in the wall so that you can shoot to the incoming enemies or to have an advantage lookout point. You can shoot through walls, floor, glass, roof and other things around you. There is no way of predicting your enemy or if you think you can cover up an area and just shoot whoever passes from there.

In defence you will never know from where your enemy is coming from or what he will do to penetrate the building, so you have to take precautions. When defending you will get a 30 second heads-up to prepare for the round and barricade key areas around the map. This means you can bust holes in walls to give you look-out and shooting advantage, reinforce doorways and windows, barbwire and poison bombs.

The game graphics although stunning, isn’t the best around through this year, but looks don’t make you good. The game and graphics are fantastic especially the destructibility of the area and with regards to gameplay and we loved it for its gameplay experience and hated how many times I had to restart a mission due to its crude realism. Thou graphics are important in a game, one has to remember that Rainbow Six games are all about tactics and in a game where tactics is crucial and there is no rush in the game, sound matters. Yes, in Siege sound matters a lot as you can listen to what your opponent is doing through walls, hear footsteps or specific sounds of specific equipment. In this game the sense of hearing is one crucial weapon to identify a hiding opponent or discover the position before running into a trap. The type of armour you are carrying will make the difference. If you are carrying light armour, it will make you faster and silent; and killed with one shot while heavy armour will give you protection against firearms, you will be easily spotted with the sound it makes. In a nutshell you need to use your enemy’s sounds for your advantage. The sounds in the game are greatly crafted to give you more the sense of reality. The music and sound effects are impressive and give the player a great experience.

The multiplayer mode features 10 players with 5 attackers and 5 defenders called operators, each with their unique capabilities. Operators are divided into factions and class. For the SAS Operators you will find the Sledge and Thatcher for the Offence while Mute and Smoke are for Defence. There are around 20 classes with two attackers and two defence in each faction. For factions, you get to choose your operators from SAS, GSG 9, Spetsnaz, GIGN and FBI. Here comes it comes interesting and focusing your skills in mastering these classes as a team to win the round. Thou multiplayer is well built, the multiplayer success is about what people will do about it. It’s all about the audience. As I have told you before, the game is about team playing and tactics. If you have a member of your team who will go Rambo style on the enemy and doesn’t cooperate, then himself and the team are surely dead and will also affect your perspective of the game’s experience. Our experience was fantastic, the experience is great and enjoyable. The match finder was adequate in quickly finding a game for us to play.

In Conclusion

Rainbow Six Siege is a fantastic tactical but specific game. If you are not into tactics and team playing, this game is not suitable for you. The destructibility is great and the sounds around the game really do matter. I really enjoyed the single player situations and the replay ability on them was great as there are a number of ways how to approach the mission. The multiplayer is well built and we had great fun and some shame moments when we were given the boot from the other team, but all in all the game was great.

Rainbow Six: Siege was reviewed by and rated at 8.5 /10
"Quite Great"
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