ARTICLES | October 11th, 2007
Razer Presents The Boot Camp For Noobs!

Razer has recently released Boot Camp for the n00b which has received rave reviews and testimonials from all over the gaming community from gamers who have downloaded the free guide.

We would like to invite you to let your visitors know about this free guide and that they would benefit from the compiled knowledge, strategies and experience of professional gamers.

While the guide has been specifically formulated for new gamers in the arena, many experienced gamers have given their 2 thumbs up for the 60 over pages of information within.

Here is a brief outline of the guide’s contents.

* All about gaming mice
* Game genre types
* Perfecting your game play
* Going Pro in eSports
* Recruiting an effective team
* Effective methods of gaining sponsorship
* How to recruit the best team members
* and more..

To Download The Boot Camp For Noobs Visit:

And here are just some of the comments that have been streaming in since we’ve launched it on our site.

..This is a great gaming guide for noobs. I play counterstrike for like 5 years now and since 2005. I do this at competitive level and started with the same training to reach this level. This guide will really help noobs to increase their skills if they follow the advises given in the guide… – Nico (GodssoN) Klden

…An excellent guide to everything from peripherals to tactics and strategy. Thanks… – Nick Cottrell

…I’ll for sure share this guide with at least one of my gaming friends. ‘Gaming is a psychological battle between human players’. I really loved that sentence. So much that I wrote it down in my ‘Quotes txt file’. It’s a file where I write all my favorite quotes that I see here and there. I’m a guy that really like psychological stuff between humans and a few years ago I kind of asked myself why I was playing games and that quote answered my question. I play first person shooters because there isn’t much things that are more challenging for the mind. I couldn’t have said it any better than the way you did in this sentence…- Alexandre Gaudreau

…It’s very informative. After I read this guide I tested the DeathAdder… and I had to admit, it had been the better choice. because we are using the same way (in reference to the featured pro gamer) of holding the mouse while playing. Many hints are good and are worth to be tested… – Setesch

…I Thought the guide was great. I had tips for beginners and for people interested in going professional. I have realized that gaming is like poker. Knowing the game is only half of it. You must be able to understand/read your opponent. Now I will be able to take my gaming to the next level. Thank you so much for this guide, maybe someday I will be on team Fanatic… – Aaron Gaines

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