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Toy Soldiers War Chest review

Here it is, prepare for the 80’s fantasy of most of the kids from the era as toys have their life fighting to gain territory in the toy shop or at home. Yep, those were the times where there were no tablets, computers and consoles and all was about using your fantasy and creativity. Following from its predecessor from August 2015, Toy Soldiers: War Chest developed by Signal Studios and published by Ubisoft will make that childhood fantasy come true in the most funny and enjoyable experience.

This is my first tower defence game on the console. I have played many tower defence games on iOS and Android and they were mostly prepare the battlefield and watch the game and get the results. In Toy Soldiers: War Chest, your mission is simply not to allow enemy units to enter your toy chest, thus losing the game. The game is all based on defence and it’s crucial on how and where to place your turrets in the specific turret places. Placing the right turret at the right place is very important and you will learn this by studying the battlefield around you.

Turrets include Flank gun, Big Berta, Mine turret and Gun turret which can be upgraded with armour, reload speed and damage power. So placing the turrets here and there, what so cool about it? The game is never dull, as you have the ability to upgrade the turrets and heroes and the combinations are well balanced. During battle, turrets will automatically attack the enemy, but you can take control of any turret and have some fun. Thinking of this, why would you take control if the AI would attack for you? When you are playing with a turret, you will get the special meter filled as you are destroying enemies. Once full you can summon a special character. At first you will be assigned the Kaiser Wilhelm who is a WW1 champion full of special commando features who will blast his way through enemy fields. During gameplay and through the single player campaign, you will get to unlock different heroes from other playsets and perks like air bombardment. Of course there are some nifty DLCs which can unlock new perks like characters from G.I. Joe, The Masters of the Universe and Assassin’s Creed.

Strong Points

  • Awesome Gameplay
  • The ability to control the turrets
  • Great Camera control
  • Great involvement

Weak Points

  • Minor AI glitches
  • Hit detection needs improvement in some weapons

The game is fun and it gets pretty crazy when you start progressing in the game. The AI has been greatly improved and will surely give you a tough battle. The battlefield can be manipulated as well since you can destroy a bridge which will cause enemies to pass through another path of the map. Some enemy units have the ability to heal nearby enemies, so be aware on what to destroy first.

Playing a lot of these genre of games, I was a bit sceptical on how the camera will work on the console especially the chaotic battlefield during the game. To my surprise the camera is superb and works really smooth. When using it like a third person view you can simply change to aerial view and see the whole picture of the situation from above. So, well done to that.

The only let down of the game is that if you buy the normal game you will have to buy the DLC packages to enjoy the licensed armies which are the Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe and Assassin’s Creed. To be honest, if you should buy the game… go for the Hall of Fame edition which is about 26 Euros. It includes all the armies including the DLCs and it will be awesome to play. When having the DLCs installed the game will be different and more authentic; apart from the fact that it’s an awesome childhood dream for those who lived in the 80s. Thou I accept the business part of it, my opinion would be that Ubisoft should have only released the game including all the DLCs and price it at 30 Euros and no normal version. Thou this would not have any effect in the gameplay, the licensed toys do really make the game more awesome.

The game has some new modes which are Multiplayer online and Multiplayer Co-op. Thou it’s not a perfect experience, I mostly enjoyed the single player campaign.

In conclusion, if you like toys and tower defence genre, the game is for you. It’s fun and it will give you some good hours of strategy. The game is fantastic, thou I would highly suggest to go straight and buy the Hall of Fame version as you will be missing something if you don’t.

Note: The score is actually given to the game on what was our experience with the game. You may not like the game as we did, but the score is what experience the game gave us.

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