GUIDES | May 28th, 2015
Technobabylon walkthrough

Part 1

– Inventory: open email, choose X-TRA Pharma, download attachment
– Close e-mail, choose disconnect from Trance
– Use Shower curtain
– Use wetware still, get WETWARE
– Interact with food machine (left side of room), eject the memory, get MEMORY CARD
– use WETWARE with food machine, and with the control panel by the door
– Inv – Connect to Trance
– Use MEMORY CARD with virus, memory card becomes infected.
– Disconnect from Trance
– Use INFECTED MEMORY CARD with food machine.
– Connect to Trance
– Use Food Machine icon, talk to Cheffie the Chef
– Tell her you don’t like food. She checks the memory card, and becomes infected.
– Use door-control icon, talk to knight
– Tell him Cheffie’s infected. He destroys her.
– Disconnect from Trance
– Pick up trophy
– Put trophy in food machine
– Use food machine, switch to metal utensils
– choose any of the “food” options
– Use the METAL FORK with the control panel by the door
: Apartment explodes, section ends

Part 2

– Arrive at Animus. Use elevator.
– Interact with body, pick up KEYCARD
– Use keycard with elevator
– look at e-mail on computer, find manager’s name
– use phone on right-hand desk, call manager
– give him consistent answers, he’ll tell you the code. Enter code in keypad.
– if he doesn’t want to give you the answer, then use stunner with keypad.
: Mindjacker makes his escape by balloon
: Returned to CEL
– Check e-mail
– download attachment from @NULL
– leave office
– leave CEL from door on left
– Go to garden for some privacy
– Interact with mysterious message in inventory. Call from Mysterious Blackmailer.
: Lao arrives. Discussion about garden.
: Driving in car. Central starts having a go at everyone, before redirecting them to train station
: Suicide bomber is trapped in a train carriage. Regis decides to try to talk him down. There are three ways of doing this…
a) Keep choosing the top option in the dialogue, this will eventually persuade the bomber to surrender
b) The middle option won’t persuade him, but will give you enough time until you can tell Lao to take the shot
c) The third option will goad him into setting himself off. Kerboom!
: Train station resolved, Regis and Lao leave station. End of section

Part 3

– Interact with sculpture, get MAGNETIC BASE
– Try to open apartment door.
– Can’t get into apartment. Three options:
a) Ask Lao to hack the lock
b) Call Central on the TRAVELLER in the inventory
c) Use the STUNNER on the door controls
– In the apartment, go upstairs. Regis and Lao discover murder scene.

– Pick up HAND
– Pick up COATHANGER jammed in the gap of the floordrobe
– Interact with floordrobe controls, get FISHING ROD
– Look at the body in the pool
– Use fishing rod with pool, get PISTOL
– Pick up PHOTOGRAPH by bedside
– go back downstairs

– Interact with cupboards, get COOKING GEL and KNIFE
– Look at maid, then interact with maid
– Look at cooking gel, set temperature to 37*C
– Use cooking gel with hand
– Interact with console
– Use hand with palmprint section
– Enter password: Paris
– Choose S&S Synthetics from the list, and call them. Tell them that maid doesn’t work.
– Use KNIFE with maid, get POWER CELL
– leave apartment

– Use POWER CELL with cleaning drone charger
– reenter apartment
– Use POWER CELL with maid
– Discuss everything you can with the maid, she won’t tell you enough about the murder
– Go back to the terminal, contact S&S again
– Tell S&S that maid won’t cooperate, receive SPLITTER
– Use SPLITTER on food machine and on DRINKS MACHINE
– Use SPLITTER on maid
– Personality: Food machine. Role: Drinks machine. Platform memory: Maid
– Show pistol to maid, see cutscene of how Van der Waal was killed by dodgy wetware in his wine, then torn to pieces by maid at his request
– Regis picks up MEMORY MODULE from fridge, as requested by blackmailer. They both leave

: Regis unhappy with the train station outcome, since Bomber has died in any way. Central has a wobbly, and Lao leaves to help fix it.
– Leave Lab
– Walk to far left of corridor, leave building
– Go to balcony

– Interact with smashed mess
– Put MEMORY MODULE on bench, as blackmailer requests
– Blackmailer tells you to find a bomb, and destroy an apartment. Leave Balcony
– Go to CEL
– Walk to Regis & Lao’s office
– Interact with his desk, get KNIFE, COOKING GEL and HAND
– Look at gel, turn temperature to maximum
– Leave office, go back to autopsy lab
– Use knife with body/remains, get BONE
– Use cooking gel with bone
– Leave lab, leave CEL, travel to Apartment
– In apartment, use BONE with either food machine, toilet, locker or bookshelf.
: Regis flees. View pans down to show Latha fiddling the door, and leaving herself before room explodes. End of section

Part 4

: Intro, Regis finds out where the Blackmailer’s calling from, goes to CEL to get Van der Waal’s pistol. Is asked to interview young woman who’s been brought in. Regis realises that he almost killed her, whoopsy. Latha trapped in CEL Cell

– Interact with food machine
– Interact with screen, ask to speak to him
– Ask officer for food, he gives you TOKEN
– Use TOKEN with food machine, get FORK and FOOD
– Pick up the sheet from the guy on the bed
– Use SHEET with FORK
– Use FOOD with the camera globe on the wall
– Use table, climbs on top
– Use WRAPPED UP FORK with light
– Use PAPERWORK with open light, get BURNING PAPER
– Put FOOD in CUP
– Use CUP with water dispenser by the door
– Use BURNING PAPER with trashcan
– Use CUP with flaming trashcan
: Player gets WETWARE
– Use WETWARE with terminal, and with guy on bed
– Connect to Trance
– Use Internet Connection icon (left)
: Jinsil explains what’s going on, and that apparently Regis has just tried to kill Latha
– In Trance hub, interact with top icon, go to Guy’s Head

– Talk to Guy stuck in wall, tell him Jinsil says ‘hi’
– Take floating molecule, get EPINEPHRINE
– Leave Trance
– Go to terminal, contact officer
– Tell him that Guy needs medical help, he’ll come back with drone.
– Interact with drone, get SCALPEL and INJECTOR
– Use SCALPEL with food machine, get MEMORY CARD and OPTICAL MODULE
– Use SCALPEL or TOKEN with table base.
– Pull table to the right twice
– Climb on table, then use scalpel with camera. Get LENS
– Use MEMORY CARD and OPTICAL MODULE with food machine
– Use TOKEN with food machine, get EPINEPHRINE CARTRIDGE
– Need to fill injector: either use CARTRIDGE with INJECTOR, or use INJECTOR with water dispenser
– Use full injector on Guy
– Connect to Trance, speak to Guy. He gives you access to drone control
– Go back to Trance hub. Use drone control icon on right
– Drive drone to cell
: Drone enters room
– Drone doesn’t want to sit still. Use SHEET with drone.
– Interact with drone, pick up LASER CUTTER
– Pull table left all the way to the vent
– Climb on table, use LASER CUTTER with vent
: Latha Climbs in vent, end of section

Part 5

: Intro – Lao is briefed by the Controller of Centralised Government. Regis appears to have killed Dr Baxter, the man who murdered his wife 20 years earlier. Vargas is allowing Lao to look into it, because although Central seems to think this is likely, he doesn’t agree.

– Use Lao’s terminal, open email from “Vargas, G” and download attachment
– Use Regis’ deak, pick up lab team photograph

– OPTIONAL: Drive to Vargas’ office to discuss Regis’ background some more

– Talk to Dr Chigwa. It turns out that, before his escape, Regis tampered with an awful lot of the plants in the labs. Max analyses it, and it appears that the ones found are acting as components of a piece of video data, and those found so far spell the initials of Max’s name (M _ _ L _ _), with enough gaps for the other letters in her name. Player must locate A, X, A and O to complete the data sequence that seems to be hidden in the genomes of these plants
– Receive SAMPLER from Chigwa

: Can’t get into airlock without permission from Chigwa
– Use wetware with door to airlock
– Show Lab-team photograph to Chigwa

# A1
– NIESTER’s LAB – Niester knows what that A sample was that Regis modified was, but is talking gibberish thanks to his wetware-induced aphasia
– Talk to Niester. Ask Chigwa how to fix Niester. She gives you the name of a chemical (Hydroxypyruvate Isomerase).
– Find chemical in airlock’s first aid kit. Load injector with chemical
– Inject Niester, ask him about the altered plant.
– Find it on the list in the Seed Bank in Baxter’s lab (Acoraceae Braziliera)
– Take plant from trackbot
– Use sampler with plant

# X
– Go to the seed bank computer. There’s only one X on the list, Xenosporans Tizardi
– Take the Xenosporans growth matrix to the growth room.
– Put the growth matrix into the only empty planting drum on the wall, on the lower level
– Leave the room, then reenter. Xenosporans has taken over the whole room.
– Take a sample of the xenosporans with the sampler

# A2
– Chigwa remembers that this was a red/blue/yellow flower, with round/spiky/varigated leaves and long/round/small fruit (randomised)
– Look at the plants in each room. When you find one matching the description, take the sample with the sampler
– Use sampler with sequencer console. Add A2 to code

# O
– Sample O is definitely in the growth lab. Chigwa told you so.
– Airlock doors won’t let *you* leave with O samples. Maybe someone more authorised…
– Use the pipes in the growth room, then tell Niester they’re busted. He goes to fix them in there.
– While he’s in the growth room fixing the pipes, take sample from O (downstairs), and then put the sampler in his toolbox.
– Wait for him to finish fixing, and return to his post with his toolbox
– In Niester lab, remove the sampler from the toolbox, containing sample O
– Use sampler with sequencer in Chigwa’s lab, add O to code.

: Regis explains to Lao in video message that, although Baxter’s death might have been his plan originally, he certainly wasn’t the one who did it. He was going to use Van der Waal’s pistol, after all. Tells Max to meet him where he’s hiding. Although his thinks he’s phrased it carefully enough, someone listening in on the recording intends to get there first…

Part 6

– Open filing cabinet, get LIGHTER
– Get RED PAINT from painter drone in front of desk
– Use terminal. Power on, then choose “Control” (power control)
– Connect Power control to External Device
– Close terminal
– Use red paint with fire system
– Use thermal bottle
– Walk into hallway. Crisis Agent bursts through ceiling, then becomes invisible
– Return to office
– Use lighter with smoke detector. Red paint is sprayed from sprinkler, making Crisis Agent 1 visible
– Return to hallway
– Wait until agent is close enough on left, then use STUNNER with him. Agent 1 disabled
– Search his body, pick up Sub Machine-Gun
– Use SMG with crates, then interact with crates to pick up PACKING MATERIAL
– Walk into locker room.
– Interact with lockers. Code is 381. Get POLISH, TAPE and WHISKEY
– Use packing with whiskey, then lighter with whiskey. Makes a molotov cocktail.
– Use packing with drain in shower. Turn shower on to flood floor.
– Use TRAVELLER to enable power supply. Agent 3 disabled
– leave locker room, then exit to stairs on right.
– Use whiskey with Crisis Agent. Agent 2 disabled.
– Walk into optics lab. Use industrial laser. Set power to maximum, and enable the laser.
– Leave laser lab by left door, the head up to production line
– Cross production floor by making sure to hide behind the taller objects on the belt as you go (or you get shot).
– On right side, use console. Unlock the manipulator arms, and change the belt direction
– Cross in other direction, leave conveyor room.
– Head back to the stairs, then all the way to the bottom (factory floor)
– Interact with production line on right, pick up METAL DISK
– Use POLISH with METAL DISK, make shiny metal disk
– Use METAL DISK with arm
– Interact with control console. Rotate Z-> once
– Use TRAVELLER. Laser bounces off shiny metal disk, hits & melts lock.
– Exit to sewer

Part 7

– Talk to Regis
– Talk to Baxter
– Talk to Chigwa/Nina

– Use wetware with car
– Set speed to more than zero, put it in a gear other than Neutral, and turn off the brake
– interact with crashed car, pick up CROWBAR
– Talk to Bouncer

There are three ways to get in to the trance den.

a) – Use manhole
– Use crowbar with panel
– Use wetware with panel
– Turn on water
– leave manhole
– enter den

b) – Use manhole
– Use crowbar with panel
– Use wetware with panel
– Turn off power
– leave manhole
– enter den

c) – Use manhole
– Use crowbar with grate (bottom-left of area)
– crawl through grate into den

– Use crowbar with terminal
– Use wetware with terminal
– CONNECT to trance
– Head to bar, speak to Jinsil


– They are celebrating a sporting victory
– Check news-link in inventory for sports results, find out who’s won.
– Go back to street, and use crowbar with antenna beneath Den sign (bouncer won’t let you in again if you do this)
– use terminal, go to ACCESS RIGHTS, and block all traffic from their country.
– reenter trance. Dancers disappear.

– Turn on water supply in sewer
– Go to den, see man lying under pipes at far left
– use crowbar with pipes. Pipes burst, spraying water
– go into trance. Ask floating head if he comes here often. Tell him about pipe. He leaves.

– She is concerned about people taking her money
– In the cellar, USE sofa. You will find her money where she’s hidden it.
– Go back to bar in Trance. Tell her someone’s stolen her money. She leaves.

– They’re enjoying the nuclear holocaust simulation, but aren’t killed by it because God Mode is on, and we can’t change the settings.
– In sewer, download Hazardous Substances list from the wall terminal
– Give hazard list to bartender in trance.
– Ask bartender for sulfuric acid
– Go back to Nuke sim
– Use acid on steel panel
– Use controls, turn off invulnerability
– Launch: two participants are killed, and kicked off the server.

# Sportsmen
– Gamer will only leave when he’s beaten, and Loser will only leave when he sees the other guy fail.
– Gamer is too good, will hit ball back 100% of the time.
– Go back to street
– Give money to preacher. He gives you DRUGS
– Use drugs with injector
– Inject fat guy in basement
– Go back into trance, and into game
– Game is a lot fairer now. When ball gets a little too fast, gamer can’t handle it and misses.
– Score three points, he leaves. Loser is happy, and also leaves.

: Return to Jinsil to inform her that everyone’s gone

Part 8

Enter the restaurant, and get introduced to everyone. When you’re bored of them, talk to the blond waiter who walks past, and turns out to be a bomber. Once he’s set himself off, it’s your job to find out who hired him.

# Blood Sample
– go to kitchen, use counter to get SAW and JAR
– Use saw with hanging body (any), get MEAT
– Use meat with jar
– Go to downstairs, use meat-jar with fishtank
– Go to bathroom
– Use toilet to get TISSUE
– Use vent
– Use Fish-Jar to illuminate room
– Use TISSUE with grate, get BLOODY TISSUE
– Go back to kitchen, use console by growth tube (With embryo in)
– Purge current project. Use tissue with console
– Use console, look at DNA. DNA show XY, therefore conspirator was male

# Literacy
– In vent-room, INTERACT with bomber’s bag
– Get NOTE
– Show note to Ran Shou-Man in restaurant.
– He can’t read/write English, therefore couldn’t have written note

# Synthetics
– Look at deactivated guard in kitchen
– Look at blonde body on cadaver-carousel
– Go back to restaurant
– Talk to Stepford, tell him one of the guards is broken. He will follow you
– On entering kitchen, Stepford breaks.
– Use personality splitter on Stepford.
– Use personality splitter on outside guard, put all of Stepford into guard.
– He tells you that synthetics apparently can’t go into kitchen. Therefore, synthetic (i.e. Stepford and guards) can’t have been working with bomber.

# Ending
– Councillor realises you’re on to him, invites you to talk in private
– Explains to you why he did it
– In restaurant, you can either sell him out, or frame Ran for it

Part 9

– Use crowbar with aircon (outside)
– Use injector with coffee (in window)
– Go inside, use wetware with guard
– Go into trance, talk to guard, get code
# Climb into big crate – find out the crate’s the wrong weight. This needs to be adjusted on the manifest
– Go into room on right. Look at screen above weighing platform on left to see how heavy it is
– Stand on weighing platform. Subtract original from new total to get Latha’s weight
– Go to computer terminal in reception
– Find big crate (A-121), and add Latha’s weight to the crate’s original weight (total: 75kg)
# Crate is not organic
– While here, change the contents to something organic, e.g. meat, organs, seeds
– Get back in crate. Crate loaded.
– In apartment, click on the various parts of the room that are available, until they all disappear

– Head through terminal, walk to blimp
– when guard is standing on the big doors in the floor, and not facing the terminal (glowy blue screen), move out from behind the boxes to activate the terminal (and drop guard through)
– Go through left door
– pick up GOGGLES, open lockers to get BOLT GUN
– use sickbay door; can’t get in, because there’s a guard in the way
– go back to cargo bay
– use goggles; there’s a thermal outline of the guard in sickbay by the wall
– use boltgun with the spot where the guard was in the thermal view
– go back to sickbay

– Go into sickbay
– Use injector with Regis
– Use wetware on Guard’s body
– go back into hallway
– Use splitter with Chantelle
– put on goggles to locate hotspots
– Interact with each of the four hotspots in the floor; this will break the aileron outside
– Go into cargo bay
– use crate, get AMMO
– go to door on right
– Use AMMO with big turbine to enable you to climb on to pipe
– Use cable with pipe
– Climb on to pipe
– Move to right
– Climb on to aileron
– use traveller, tell guard an intruder’s on the port side
– walk past window, open door
– Use scalpel with tear in gasbag (left)
– contact guard again, tell him to cross to other side of ship, turret makes a mess of him
– Use splitter with turret
– change personality to chef, and memory to maid, role stays as turret
– use ammo with turret
– talk to turret, tell it to blast the door

Part 10

– Leave airship, and watch Galatea escape. People get angry.

# Get rid of Mindjacker, who is holding the turbine room
– Regis: Walk to elevator, use elevator to go up.
– Lao: Pick up wrench from body under elevator
– Regis: Pick up grenade from body
– Walk to door on left, enter turbine/power room
– Latha: Go into door on lower floor of tall room, go to organic processor room (big orange spheres)
– Sit in Chair, join trance
– Move up, then left. Access camera
– Button on right – deploy drone
– Drive drone near to Regis
– Regis: Put Grenade in drone
a) Kill Mindjacker
– Latha: Drive drone into vent on right (GUI button)
– Drone appears underneath. Turn off middle turbine, drive drone across
– Drive drone under JM. It explodes, and he’s eaten by the machinery.

b) Don’t kill Mindjacker
– Drive drone to platforms in the middle, put it on to right-most platform
– Shift platforms around until you can get it to the top-left, by the power supply.
– BOOM, lights go out. Regis/Lao arrests JM.

# Galatea has escaped into the room up the top, which has three security features.
# 1) Scrambler
a) Get Central’s help – divert power to Central.

b) Get Nina’s help
– In trunk room, use CABLE REEL to deploy Nina’s antenna
– Divert power to Nina

# 2) Power supply
– Get Regis & Lao to the same place
– Regis: Go to chair room
– Lao (with wrench): Go to elevator, take it to the top.
– When elevator is near enough to blue glowing conduit, use wrench with gears
– Interact with blue power conduit
– Regis: Interact with power conduit in chair-room

# 3) Access
– Latha (in Trance) – move to top-most section.
– Use “doors” to hold doors open, and unlock access

: Door at top becomes unlocked, go through.
: Galatea pretends to surrender, Latha in peril, etc.

– Open panel at top
– Stun Lao
– Go into server room
– Pull switch

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