ARTICLES | May 21st, 2015
Plugged will be a surreal cocktail

Piet Mondrian, J. M. W. Turner, Damien Hirst. SAMO is dead! 50 ft. woman strikes again! The truth is STILL out there! If you haven’t spent last 30 years in isolation on some desert, you must have heard about at least some of those great icons of today’s pop-culture. Endtimes Studio wants to take you on a trip across all those popular culture tropes to experience them once more in their upcoming „look’n’click” adventure game Plugged.

Wonder how devs managed to put all those references in Plugged?

Put your hands on Plugged demo HERE but most of all don’t forget to support the game on Kickstarter campaign page:

Endtimes Studio devs always thought about Plugged as a sort of a satirical game. The title that will be more than just funny. One that would test gamers’ eagle eyes, their knowledge of pop culture and the ability to associate fun references in the game with their real, pop-culture counterparts.

Our artist, also known as Pennaesus69, took this whole satirical context into the next level. – said Vladimir Peric, Endtimes Studio CEO. Not only did he inspire the atmosphere of the entire game, but also made us laugh with Plugged’s art throughout the scenes. He cleverly used popular art, twisted it a bit and made some awesome assets for our game. – Peric added.

Those interested in learning what are some of the pop culture pranks they’ll be able to find in Plugged should visit developers’ blog and read a fantastic post about it:

Plugged will not only give you a chance to have a taste of it’s surreal atmosphere thanks to numerous pop-art, pinup and pulp references but also, thanks to advanced choices and consequences system, you’ll be able to relive protagonist’s life multiple times.

Plugged is a decision-based game with non-linear story and narrative built around choices & consequences. During the course of the game, players will be taking many choices, which make the plot branching on multiple levels, resulting in completely different stories. For example it’s up to player’s decision to make game’s protagonist listen to his wife and get a new job (which lead him to being promoted to CEO of Moneygrabber B&C and become evil capitalist predator), or choose to meet his highschool sweetheart and see what would await him in the future. All that in the fully interactive, 3D environment allowing gamers to look at objects, examine them closely, use or even smash them.


  • Classic point and click adventure puzzles.
  • The story that allows you to (re)live key points in your life.
  • Decision-based narrative that leads to many different paths and endings.
  • Best played on Oculus Rift (but playable without one too).
  • A unique mash-up of ‘50s pin-up visual style with multiple pop-culture references.

More information about Plugged can be found on the game’s official website:, Facebook, Steam Greenlight and Endtimes Studio Twitter.

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