REVIEWS | February 19th, 2015
Grow Home review

Grow Home, an experimental open world game from Ubisoft is here and we are to tell you all about it. First impressions would not be appreciated by much due to its minimalist graphics, but I tell you that this game was a delight to play. It’s a fascinating game full of charm and basically it’s all about climbing, exploring and with our friend robot, B.U.D.

The game will instantly give you the feeling of a retro game with its polygon-shaped world. There are not textures. Everything is so bright and colourful which makes the game appreciated by all ages. As you play along with the robot called B.U.D. which stands for Botanical Utility Droid, you will instantly notice how fluid it is in its movement. You cannot just drag him from left to right and he will do it, he will do it… but struggle to make a quick shift.

The game is all about exploration and you will end up trying to go to every corner in this polygonal world. Everything in the world is generated on-the-fly and it is very difficult to get annoyed in the game. Grow Home, is not a game with a specific purpose or there are any action in it, it’s a serene game that will surely help you relax in a nature-type way.

Thou there is a purpose in the game. You will occasionally contacted by B.U.D.’s ship computer called M.O.M. which will encourage you and giving you tips on how to grow your world. You will play on these floating islands where you will grow these star plants which will give you the ability to go very high places and you will unlock teleportation pods which will allow you to return to them if you destroy yourself from a high fall.

Although you can play with the mouse or gamepad, you will be initially recommended to play the game with the gamepad; and yes, with the gamepad it is better and more comfortable to play with. This is because each of B.U.D.’s arms is independently controlled with its corresponding triggers or mouse buttons. To climb you would need to control your left arm with the left trigger and then switch to the right trigger to pull up with your right hand. It’s gets messy but comic to get used to it, since B.U.D. will be funny at times when you are climbing up. Imagine a child when he’s trying to walk for the first time or trying to get up a chair in his first year… that is B.U.D.

As a game objective, Grow Home will be around three hours of gameplay, but if you consider the exploration capabilities, it’s an infinite game. Looking into each hidden cave or collecting all the crystals will keep you stuck for more hours of fun, or if you are like me, you will end up making funny sketches with it.


Grow Home is a feel good game, and looking at these experimental open source games, the experience is unique and fulfilling. The game is relaxing and funny. The lack of explosions, action or shooting and its simplicity of controls makes the game enjoyable by all ages. Totally recommended to chill or have fun and you will surely fall in love with its charming personality.

Grow Home was reviewed by and rated at 9 /10
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