REVIEWS | November 9th, 2014
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers – 20th Anniversary Edition Review

I have been playing point and click adventure games for 14 odd years, so when the opportunity came to review a re-master of a classic adventure game, I jumped at the chance and got hold of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers from Steam.

I started off by making some background research on the game and it got me very interested since it is based on some favourite subjects of mine which are:

  • Murder
  • Thriller
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Paranormal
  • Humour

First glimpse of the game starts off with a thrilling, fiery and somewhat gruesome intro movie showing some witch getting burned at the stake, a man weeping with a snake turning around his neck and chocking him and, what appears to be, Gabriel Knight hanging from a tree branch. All of a sudden you see Gabriel Knight waking up and you realise that it was all a nightmare. Since he is up, Gabriel goes straight to his bookstore where he finds his secretary who is concerned about him not having slept for days due to numerous nightmares.

“Ok”, I said to myself, “things are about to get interesting”. That was until they started talking. The secretary sounds like a spoilt hotty that has not seen a man for years, and Gabriel sounds like a southern version of Johnny Bravo. At one point he was flirting so much with the secretary, which was so far removed from the context, that I could barely remember what the conversation was supposed to be about.  Apparently Gabriel is known to be a womanizer who cannot communicate with a female without flirting. *Spoiler Alert* he even gets himself kicked out of someone’s house for the sake of flirting.

Jumping on the actual game play, the mouse pointer is slow and horribly jerky. Also, some of the objects appear to be not properly mapped. As an example, if you try to click on an object on the counter, you have to specifically click on its centre. Otherwise you will end up clicking on whatever is below the object. Graphics have been improved, however, for a 20th Anniversary re-mastered Edition, is quite disappointing especially when compared to other games of the genre released this year. There have also been reports of various glitches in the game engine. The glitch in the picture shows Gabriel Knight’s body embedded in the building wall. The game map looks more like a grid than an actual map, a fact made more noticeable by the 3D effect the developers gave it. Looking up the map from the original game shows it to be much more realistic.


If you like the kind of point and click crime games like Nancy Drew, then I would recommend getting Gabriel Knight. The rewritten theme music I found to be quite pleasant and graphics are not that bad either. On the other hand, had I to reconsider from the flaws point of you, then I would suggest you to stick to Nancy Drew as in my opinion, it is not worth the price tag. It feels like the release was rushed and is still a beta somehow.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition was reviewed by and rated at 6.5 /10
"Not Bad indeed"
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