REVIEWS | October 26th, 2014
FIFA 15 Review

Not having played any of the games in the franchise for a few years, I was cautiously optimistic when I got my hands on Fifa 15 for my brand new PS4.  I wondered where they had gone with the game and on the lookout for this much hyped about improved goalkeeper AI in this edition, I set myself to the task.

First off the bat, visually the game is rich.  They seem to have worked hard on getting the right atmosphere to the matches and oh boy are they close.  The stadia are represented to high detail and the supporters singing the team’s anthem at great voice go a long way to getting you in the mood.  The player detail is stunning and for the most part very much looks like the real deal. I was also pleased that they got so many player specific goal celebrations into the game.

When it comes to gameplay, the feel is very much the same of previous games with dribbling seeming a tad easier than what I remembered it to be.  In fact I played the game at a difficulty level where I would normally be getting a hiding from 2nd Division teams and doing quite well.  The commentary has improved quite a bit with even the teamsheets being read out, but still sometimes getting it completely wrong.  They worst I had was a shot going completely wide of the mark and the commentator going on about what a good save it was from the keeper.

In tournament mode, I was surprised that you cannot play a complete season but can only play one tournament at a time.  So selecting the Premier League will not include the League Cup, FA Cup, Champions League etc.  Career mode though was a pleasant surprise.  The game let me start off as part of my favourite team but sent me out on loan to learn the ropes and improve my skills.  You can also choose to play the matches with the entire team rather than just your own player and the entire season is included in this mode.  I guess it compensates for it not being available in tournament mode.

Defending still seems to be the weakest point of the game engine with it being quite hard to take the ball off an opponent.  Some players are super powered and you get Christiano Ronaldo or Messi going through a mostly static defence with the easy of a hot knife through butter before you can say ‘how on earth did he do that!’  Team mate positioning is not so good with the back line leaving gaping holes in defence and the strikers seeming to be less likely to make a forward run that you can exploit.  The enhanced keeper AI seems to be either minimal or I just have not witnessed it yet.  The keepers still tend to make very wierd decisions, sometimes totally ignoring a shot coming their way.  I also feel it is easier to score than what I am used to.

The most annoying part of the game is still something that EA get wrong every time.  Yes, this is a football simulation and yes part of football are replays and inactive ball time. This is also a game though, and if I’m playing I want to get on with it.  I don’t want to wait until a player gets to the touchline for a throw-in, I don’t want to wait for the replays to play out.  Sure include them, but also leave me a way to skip them not leave me frustrated bashing at the buttons in a desparate attempt to do so.


Overall, simply for the stunning graphics and ease of play I recommend Fifa 15.  It is a great re-introduction to the Fifa franchise for someone who has not played it in a while especially on a nextgen console like the PS4.  On the other hand, the flaws in the game do raise questions about it being good enough to pay the odd €60 a year to play every single title in the franchise.


FIfa 15 was reviewed by and rated at 8 /10
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