REVIEWS | October 10th, 2014
A Golden Wake review

Here it is, A Golden Wake by Wadjet Eye Games and developed by Grundislae Games. The game is a retro styled point-&-click adventure game and it’s set in the year 1920. I have always enjoyed the adventure games and Wadjet Eye Games have revived a lot of my early memories and have created superb stories.

So, what’s the story on The Golden Wake? Its set in the 1920’s in Miami, Florida when the real estate was on the verge of an unprecedented. The story starts with the main character Alfred Banks who is a salesman who is trying his best to be successful and bring a good name as his father was. Unfortunately his path is filled with deception, dealing with the mob, the great depression and natural disasters.

You play the part of Alfred Banks, in short Alfie who starts his journey in 1921 in New Your City while heading to work at the Morris & Banks real estate agency which was co-founded by his late father. You go into the office with your manager who admires your work in every way having a big respect for you, on the other hand being hated by the other employees. You end up meeting your first deception and being fired. You head up Miami to exploit the potential real estate boom and make a great name for Alfie Banks. Will he be up to the task and will he succeed? Of course we cannot go further without spoiling the story.

The storyline is quite solid and we enjoyed playing through it. The controls are your standard point-&-Click scheme having the left click to interact and use objects while the right click is used to examine and look at objects. The inventory is accessible by moving to the top screen to interact and use items you pick-up. Also the menu is situated there.

The commentary for the when you click on the items and people was more functional than witty. This would be an ideal description of Alfie’s character, as there was very little to go on in terms of his personality in the parts I was able to play other than him being very successful at his job and having a strong determination.

The voice overs are well placed and the background music was from the times with the real 1920’s being present with the people and the surrounding environments. To be honest at first the story was not quite interesting but when Alfie makes it to Miami, the story just got better and better.

They have also added a feature-like puzzle where you try to convince people to either purchase or tell you some information. You would have to either use your persuasion by selecting to use compassion, anger or any other emotion to have the other person convinced. If this would fail you have a good hint mechanism in such cases. If all fails, you can bribe them. And that’s one of the things that makes an adventure game a classic. So whether it’s condemning a man’s house because of violations or stealing designs, it all feels part of an overarching scheme that will lead to some exciting and rewarding scenarios.

The story thou needed a little more action in regards to the plot apart from real-estate, but all in all the game looks good and it has a clear storyline, combining action, drama and compassion with puzzles that will keep you going for some time. Having the ideology of that times, it’s like a love letter from Florida.

The Golden Wake was reviewed by and rated at 7 /10
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