GUIDES | October 10th, 2014
A Golden Wake walkthrough


Enter the office. Go see Morris. Pick someone to fire. Go into the break room. Interact with the bulletin board. Sit at your desk. Lock the office door or go back into the breakroom. Go back to the lobby. Lock the office door if you haven’t. Once fired, use the nickel on Lyle or speak to him about buying a paper.


Talk to Doc Dammers about Coral Gables and George Merrick. Leave the station and go to Flagler Street. Go to the hotel and ask the clerk about your reservation. Go upstairs to your room and open the suitcase. Take the typewriter ribbon and photo. Go to the Coral Gables Sales Office. Give typewriter ribbon to secretary. Ask secretary about seeing Merrick, Appointment, and Land Auction. Leave the office and go to the land auction. At the land auction, talk to Doc Dammers, then try and either solve the logic puzzle or the persuasion puzzle. If you fail the persuasion puzzle, you can bribe the guy with your money. Go back to the hotel and ask about your message. Go to the Gables Sales Office and ask to see Merrick. George tells you about his issues. Ask about all 3 then leave.

The Holdout – Go to Anastasia Ave and knock on the door. Talk to the man. Go back downtown to the records office and ask the clerk about obtaining records. Go back to the house and show the records to the owner. Solve the hidden object game.

Publicity – At the Miami Herald, speak with Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Go to the Men’s Club and ask about joining. Give the guy the photo of your father. Go back to the sales office and ask Merrick to vouch for you. He will give you a letter which you can give the Men’s Club guy. Once he says you’ve been accepted, expedite the process with a nice bribe. Inside, talk to Jeremiah Miller. Talk to the old guy at the counter, then tell Miller about him. Pick up the flask and take it back to Marjory.

Plans – Go to Riley’s office and ask his secretary about seeing him. Go inside and have the interview. Ask secretary about going back in the office. Examine the painting on the left wall, making a note of the date. Open the painting against the back wall to reveal a safe. The month and day of the date on the painting is the safe combination (ex: “3-0-5” for March 5.) Alfie automatically swaps plans. Take the plans back to George and give them to him.


Go see George in his office. He gives you a telegram. Read it to learn about the Gables Diner. Leave the office and go to the Diner, when you arrive you talk with your brother. Tell him about your assignment and then end the conversation. Speak with the man or woman at the counter. They tell you they have a flying circus for hire, but need to solve some issues first.

The Pilot – Go back to the Men’s Club to find Flyboy Flynn. Speak to him until he tells you about what he wants in a poster. He will say 3 things, each of which has a possibility of 3 options.  Go back to the sales office and speak with Ms. Rogers. Ask her to design a poster.

Condition 1:
“I want people to get excited when they hear my name.” – Daredevil Flynn’s Flying Circus of Doom!
“I think the name should have a real ring to it. Written so it rolls off the tongue.” – Flyboy Flynn’s Fantastic Flying Circus
“The name shouldn’t be anything too fancy, I’ll let the visuals do the work there.” – Flynn’s Flying Circus

Condition 2:
“Also, I think the colors should really pop. Like, the kind that go well with each other, you know?” – Orange & Blue
“Also, the colors should make people think of the sky, like a sunset during a dogfight.” – Orange & Red
“Also, the colors should be bright and flashy. I want this to get people’s attention!” – Yellow & Pink

Condition 3:
“And finally, I think these posters should be huge. I want to be able to see one from the air!” – 37 x 60
“And finally, I think we should concentrate on quantity. I want so many of these posters around they cover entire walls!” – 8 x 10
“And finally, I think they should be a decent size so we can sell them to people, and they can put them in their homes.” –  22 x 36

The Plane – Go to the airfield and speak with the mechanic. He tells you about needing a magneto and a rudder. Take his wrench from the toolbox.
The magneto – Go to the marina and speak to the guard. Go back to the diner and speak to Beau. Offer to give him a ride and go to the marina. Once there, talk to Beau and get him to distract the guard. Use the wrench on the hydroplane engine to obtain the magneto. Give it to the mechanic.
The rudder – At the sales office, speak to Doc Dammers. He asks you to help him out with a demonstration. Go to his demo and speak to him. He informs you about a model trolley. Back at the sales office, ask Wilson (male secretary) about the trolley. Go to the Men’s Club and take the antenna from the radio. Use the antenna on the toy streetcar. Go back to the demo site and give Doc the toy. When you participate in the demo, just follow Doc’s instructions. Take the wooden shingle and give it to the mechanic.

The Payment – Go back to the sales office and tell George about Mabel Cody. He tells you to get the money at the bank. Go to the bank and use the teller window on the bottom left of the screen. A bank robber comes in. You can try persuading him to leave or just hand over your money. If you keep the money, take it to Curly at the diner. Otherwise, go back to George and tell him what happened. He’ll give you an IOU you can give to Curly.

At the airshow, you need to drive the car.  Brake to the very back of the screen to be able to lower the top, then stay in the middle and go where the plane’s shadow flashes.  When Mabel hangs from the ladder, put the top up then go next to her so she can regain her balance and climb up.

At the Coral Gables house, go inside. Speak with Eunice and Althea to open up the Venetian Pool and Biltmore golf course. Go to the pool and speak with William Jennings Bryan. Try to persuade him. If you do, go back to the house and speak with George. If not, ask him about the weather. Go into the leftmost tower and interact with the sock. Go to the golf course and take a tee. Use the tee to pick the lock on the locker, then tell WJB about Miller. Go back to the house and tell George. Cutscene, then jump to 1926. Leave the hotel.

After the cutscene, leave the sales office and go to the Biltmore. Speak to the clerk about unusual activity. Bribe him with some money. Go to the lobby and sit on the sofa. Head upstairs and knock on the door, then say you’re a guest at Fatty’s party. Speak to the server for a clue about the bookcase. Click on the bookcase. Place Voltaire, Ibsen, and Proust in the numbered spaces to spell VIP. The bookcase opens. Go in and speak to Fatty. Head back to the sales office. Either confirm or deny having found anything. Alfie switches sides.

Head to the bakery and speak to the sweet old lady. Once she comes out with her gun, use the flour, then escape through the door. Leave in your car. Fatty partners you up with Butch.

Diner – Go to the diner and ask the soda jerk to see Beau. Talk to him and navigate through the conversation.

Administration office – Talk to Freedy and either persuade him or get Butch to strongarm him. Click on Butch to get Freedy out of his office. Search his desk and find a photo.

Drug Store – Talk to the clerk. He will run away. During the chase sequence, use the photo on him.

Havana, 1928.  Speak to the lady and ask about Manny Morales.  She tells you about Umberto.  Go inside the bar and speak to Umberto, asking him about money owed. He’ll get mad, so offer to buy him a drink.  Pick whatever you like, but notice that whiskey is dark while everything else is clear.  Speak to Butch, asking him about himself.  He will reveal that he has sedatives.  Ask him for one, then talk to him about a distraction.  Speak to Umberto again and offer to buy him another drink.  Order whiskey, but click on Butch before drinking to begin the distraction.  While Umberto has his head turned, use the sedative on his glass.  Drink. Umberto falls asleep.  Search his pockets and obtain 20 Cuban pesos, which you can then give to the lady outside.  Enter the bar and knock on the door.  Interact with the slot and the door will open.  Once inside Morales’s office, you must look at the chair, as well as interact with the papers on the flloor and the window.  Alfie begins piecing things together and Vargas reveals himself.  Exhaust all dialogue options.

Jump ahead to 1929. Leave your room and go see Fatty.  Go to the Everglades. Speak with the prospector about moonshine runners. Take the machete. Walk into the glades and further into the glades. Go left and use the gun on the alligator to scare it off, letting you look under the rocks. Use the machete on the metal box. Read the note. Go to the far right and find the 3 trees. Use the machete on the ground where the branch is pointing. Again, use the machete on the metal box and get another note. Go to the first screen of the glade and look in the opening of the tree trunk. Use the machete on the box. Oops, it breaks. Read the final note. Go to the mangrove tree and click on the “ring finger.”  Climb up the rope ladder.  At the shack, go inside and take a jar of moonshine and the fire blanket. Go outside and use the moonshine on the patch of dirt. Pick up some mud. Climb up on the roof and use the blanket on the chimney to sabotage it.  Go in the shack and use the mud on the condenser to plug it up. Leave the shack. Boom.

Alfie gets all pissy. Go upstairs to the party and try to enter. Butch will take your gun.  Inside the party, talk to Fatty about the party, and then about the delivery to learn about a delivery being made later. Go back to The Road Bakery and go into the back room. Use the moonshine on the whiskey glass. While the baker is drunk, use the gun on the cake. Head back to The Biltmore and go into the party. Retrieve the gun from the cake, then use it on Fatty. Once he’s dead, go into his office and examine his desk. Look at his booze table, then click the gin, vodka, and rum. Alfie leaves.


Order a drink, then take the matches and use them on Bill. Go through the dialogue. Search the cardboard box and take the hankerchief. Use it on the puddle, then use the wet hankie on the posters. Hold down the mouse and rub to reveal the poster underneath. Enter the Coral Gables house. Alfie winds up back at the train station. Speak to the guard and try persuading him. If you can’t, give him your flask.  On the train, soak the hankerchief in the kerosene, then use it on the lamp. Light it with the matches to reveal a door. Exit and take the hammer. Go into the next cart. The railroad guy freaks out. Use the hammer on the windows on the right of the train. Use the door.

Use the door and speak to Merrick. The final persuasion puzzle.

Push George out of the way of the collapsing roof.  Poor Alfie.

The end!

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