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The Bojo Game – Home Edition review

The Bojo Game Home Edition, is a casino card game with no risk of losing anything but your time. The game is quite simple to learn and very enjoyable once you get the feel of it. It?s not a normal everyday card game that you find around in the market. The Bojo Game revolutionized casual gaming with this concept which takes us back to 1988 when it was first created by Fern Beaudoin.

Where does the name Bojo come from? Well, in 1988, soon after Fern Beaudoin invented it, then a French- and English-speaking Canadian manufacturer's agent when he wasn?t playing his favourite game of poker, realized that for most of the English speaking world, many could have a problem pronouncing the French name of his game "Le Beau Jeu" which in English translates literally into The Nice Game. Taking pronunciation variances into consideration, his nice game became The Bojo Game.

The objective of the game is to try and guess what the winning card will be by betting Bojo dollars on the number, colour, type and what kind of poker hand will show up at the end of 5 rounds of play, thus revealing 5 cards drawn from a deck that had been cut at the start of the game into 5 stacks of cards.

The 4 types of bets that can be made in each of the 5 rounds of play in 1 game are explained below.

The Poker Line
It's not necessary that the player bets on a poker hand. The player can just not make any bets on the poker line at all. If the player wants to play poker, however, he MUST make his 1st bet on the poker line on the 1st stack! It is recommended that the player starts by clicking on 1 pair. It is always best to bet on the first draw on the 1 pair.

The Color Line
It's quite simple, the player can bet whether the card will come up red or black on the color line.

The Suit Line
Bet that the card you chose will be 1 of four suits by clicking on a club, a heart, a spade or a diamond in the suit line.

The Face Value Line
Bet that the card you chose will have a face value of between the Ace (1) and (13). King Make as many bets as you wish on this face value line, or do not make any bets at all.There is no limit to the number of bets you can make, but watch out what happens to your opening credits.

When all 5 stacks are played out, the game is over. A new game begins with a shuffle.The game isn't focused only on one type of betting but on 4 types of betting which make the game more interesting! The fun never stops and the best of it is that it is all a virtual experience and everyone can truly enjoy the casino environment without losing a penny!

The download game will sell for USD 19.95 plus applicable taxes. The Bojo group is also looking at the potential for sales through affiliated casual games providers on the Internet, retail level CD game kits, commercially-sponsored editions containing embedded advertising for brick-and-mortar gaming outlets and licencing on-line casinos to offer it as a free-to-play game that simulates the real thing.

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