ARTICLES | September 10th, 2007
Plant Tycoon Blooms On Your PC and Mac

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Last Day of Work, an independent game studio specializing in sophisticated casual games for the mainstream player, today announced that Plant Tycoon is now available for PC. The Mac version will be available for download beginning next Tuesday, September 11th.

The latest creation from the leaders in real-time breeding sims, this sophisticated gardening simulation will let players breed and crossbreed plants while they search for the six Magic Plants of the island of Isola and build a simple backyard garden into a lavish nursery empire. Players begin Plant Tycoon with just soil, water, and a handful of seeds. As they carefully tend to their virtual plants, they’re rewarded with an array of exotic blooms.

As with the company’s other hit games, Fish Tycoon and Virtual Villagers, part of the fun and mystery of Plant Tycoon is that gameplay is in real-time, so plants grow even when you aren’t at your computer playing. This allows for new surprises every time you turn your game back on.

We’ve been having fun creating Plant Tycoon, and we’re delighted that there is so much excitement surrounding its launch said Arthur Humphrey, CEO and Lead Designer of LDW. We tried to create a casual game that is not just gardening-themed, but that has a core gameplay element really about gardening.

Plant Tycoon features include:

Over 400 different species of plants to discover.

Introducing pruning to customize the look of your creations.

Dozens of exotic seed varieties, to plant and breed

A wide variety of collectible butterflies, spiders and other bugs.

Gorgeous, all new artwork with detailed dynamically-generated plants.

A well-stocked gardening lab offers new chemicals for fun experimentation.

Numerous purchasable items allow players to customize their nursery with fountains, statuettes, and more.

Original soundtracks and ambient sound effects.

Plant Tycoon carries a retail price of USD 19.95, and a free trial is available for download at the official site Tips and strategies can be found at the community site at

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