ARTICLES | September 7th, 2007
Quantum Marine Engineering uses GFI MailArchiver

Quantum Marine Engineering, a Florida-based company which manufactures hydraulic equipment for large yachts and serves a global marketplace of superyacht builders, has successfully implemented GFI MailArchiver to manage the company?s mailboxes and to facilitate email retrieval on demand. GFI, an international developer of network security, content security and messaging software, has today issued a case study detailing this set-up.

Quantum Marine Engineering?s mobile sales force, commissioning technicians, and service and warranty representatives rely heavily on email to remain current with customers, with each other, and with their offices to maintain a timely and high level of business communications.

However, this reliance on email led to two common problems ? larger and larger mailboxes, and difficulty finding the particular email that confirmed or denied a contractual change or system specification on a project that may have stretched over several years. Quantum also needed to consider the possibility of being required to produce documents in a discovery process.

Quantum first looked into archiving solutions in late 2005, and they chose GFI MailArchiver in early 2006 and have been using it since. ?The version available at that time was 3; and we have since upgraded to 4 and found the new version to be user-friendly, stable, and much more intuitive for the individual users,? Michael H. Bartlett, Quantum Marine?s Director of Information Technologies said. The immediate benefits were fewer demands from employees for more space in the Exchange database and a huge performance increase, especially for mobile users who either connect through Outlook Web Access or a VPN.

Although management blessed the initiative, it was not regarded with much respect until there was a problem with an installation. A customer had asked about the suitability of a component they were using to hook up a piece of Quantum?s equipment. The sales force and technicians both were adamant about having replied, saying that what they were proposing wasn?t suitable; but no one could come up with the email. Within five minutes, Mr. Bartlett found the email with GFI MailArchiver using a keyword search as well as the whole string and conversation.

?The GFI MailArchiver installation, in the company owners? eyes, paid for itself at that one moment. GFI MailArchiver has proved to be reliable, easy to use, and easily configured for security and retention policies. There have been a couple of times over the last year and a half where I have needed support and each time the issue has been resolved swiftly. I have also found the pricing to be competitive, and Quantum is satisfied with the overall value of the product.?

The full case study may be viewed at

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