ARTICLES | September 6th, 2007
TriCipher Slashes VPN Authentication Costs by 85 Percent

TriCipher today unveiled strong authentication for SSL VPNs, giving enterprises the alternative to one-time password (OTP) tokens, and saving 85 percent or more off of their total up front and operational costs.

TriCipher?s Armored VPN, its newest offering for authenticating virtual private network (VPN) users, is ideal for employees and partners accessing corporate networks via a secure socket layer (SSL).

It?s the only product on the market that dramatically cuts both the up-front costs and the costly operational burdens of OTP tokens, while addressing organisations? needs for strong and convenient user authentication.

?OTP token costs far exceed the devices themselves, hiding in operations and IT helpdesk budgets,? said David Franklin, TriCipher?s vice president for EMEA. ?Companies can achieve stronger security and better ease of use at a fraction of their cost.?

Enormous Savings Revealed for the First Time

TriCipher?s dramatic savings come from its patented approach, authenticating users through their PCs, or with a multi-use portable device such as a USB drive. The table below outlines the three-year total cost of ownership (TCO), compared with OTP token deployments from RSA, ActivIdentity and Entrust. The TCO includes fees for licenses, server hardware, tokens (RSA, ActivIdentity and Entrust), USB drives (TriCipher) and three years of operational costs.

Enterprises can customize the Strong Authentication TCO Calculator based on their unique environments at:

Projected savings mean companies with 10,000 employees can save an average of 88 percent ? nearly ?1.4 million ? when compared to OTP tokens over three years. The savings arise from eliminating or automating the manual administrative and support tasks that tokens require, such as:

? Registration for remote access, done online with TriCipher without requiring helpdesk assistance

? Deployment and shipping, enabling users to self-provision credentials to existing computers and USB drives, eliminating token shipment and assigning devices to specific users

? Replacing lost, damaged, failed, or expired tokens; TriCipher?s online self-service portal generates immediate replacement credentials, and devices never have battery failures or expiration dates, lowering the number or users who need replacements

? Temporary access for users who lose or forget tokens; users can automatically authenticate by answering security questions or receiving a temporary access code through their mobile phone, eliminating costly helpdesk assistance OTP tokens require

? Troubleshooting out-of-synch tokens is never an issue with TriCipher?s PC or Portable credentials

?We?re offering a more secure 2-factor authentication solution, for a fraction of the cost of OTP tokens,? said Franklin. ?I don?t know a company out there that isn?t interested in saving money.?

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