ARTICLES | September 6th, 2007
America’s Army: Special Forces (Overmatch) V2.8.2 Released

Multiplayer Missions

Rummage – Rummage takes place in a small urban environment that lends itself to fast paced close quarters battle. In the mission, insurgents are returning to a small town that was formerly their base of operations. Intelligence reports that the insurgent force is returning to the area in order to retrieve vital supplies and materials that were left behind when the 10th Mountain Division first engaged the insurgents in this area. Retrieving these vital supplies will enable the insurgent forces to re-establish a base of operations from which to launch future attacks. Players must follow Rules of Engagement and use force only against positively identified enemies. In addition, they must take care not to harm civilian refugees or cause extensive damage to the local infrastructure.

SF Hospital SE – SF Hospital SE is a revised version of the game’s SF Hospital map and is now much more immersive with the inclusion of dynamic new elements including modified objectives and civilian AI. The mission takes place following an ambush by enemy forces. A wounded resistance leader escaped to the local city hospital for treatment. In order to maintain continuity of resistance leadership, players must evacuate the friendly resistance leader to the medevac helicopter that is landing on the city hospital helipad. Enemy forces are trying to ambush the leader so AA team players must be careful to follow Rules of Engagement while protecting the leader and civilians.

New Features

Other features in the release include:

Virtual Army Experience – Located just outside the Virtual Recruiting Station is the Virtual Army Experience simulator. The VAE is a traveling exhibit that delivers a high-tech, team-based, action-packed experience where the players must employ teamwork, leadership and high-tech equipment as they take part in a virtual high-value target extraction mission. Walk through this virtual VAE to get a feel for what the real attraction is all about and check out the VAE website ( for detailed scheduling information. Visit the VAE when it’s in a town near you.

Voice Activated Control – VAC enables players to use the America’s Army voice recognition system to issue commands to their troops and initiate actions. Now players can speak to other players rather than using the keyboard and cycling through menus. Players can also map any key to a voice command to customize their AA experience.

Field Dressing – All medic qualified players will now have the ability to treat themselves when injured in combat. They will be equipped with a single field dressing to treat their injuries until a medic arrives to render aid.

‘Explore Map’ mode – Users can easily explore a mission in offline mode by clicking on any map. Players no longer need remember the command line console syntax to launch their favorite missions in single player mode.

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