ARTICLES | September 3rd, 2007
Mobile IQ Trainer Unleashed!

Ojom GmbH, a leading creator and global publisher of mobile phone games, today announced the launch of Mobile IQ Trainer, offering mobile users a number of intellectually-stimulating and fun games, including Sudoku. The game can improve your processing speed and IQ, and the format has proven to be globally successful and now it comes to your mobile, so get those synapses snapping and train your brain.

If you want to improve your memory and boost your IQ, all via your mobile phone, then the Mobile IQ Trainer is for you. The game will grab you instantly and youll be competing with your friends and family to see who can get the best score. As the game is on your phone, you have the freedom train your brain anywhere from on the train to playing at home. The games instructions are easy to understand and are delivered via the games own friendly talking robot, Bob.

The game starts with an introduction from your quirky guide; Bob, who offers you a variety of games to increase your brain power. The first time that you play you have an initial IQ score to let you know the age of your brain, which you can improve the more you play. Mobile IQ Trainer contains many challenging games of arithmetic, algebra, spatial thinking, memory, and logic puzzles that you can play as part of your challenge to become a genius.

With its futuristic silver background and interactive, easy to use menu, Mobile IQ Trainer appeals to a broad spectrum of gamers. Bob, your in game computer nerd, adds some extra fun to the game, with comical comments and words of encouragement to motivate you to keep up your daily training. The option of competitive gameplay adds to the enjoyment of the game that you can share with all your friends and family.

Marc Bue, channel manager, of Ojom GmbH, said: This is a fun packed and addictive game which gives the player a fun and intellectually rewarding gaming challenge. With a combination of skill and logic the player can hone their IQ potential and have great competitive fun at the same time.

Mobile IQ Trainer is the latest addition to Ojoms growing repertoire of mobile games. The game is now available on operator portals across Europe.

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