ARTICLES | March 13th, 2007
Dawn of Magic: Unveiling Details

Deep Silver today announces details concerning two particularly imposing schools of magic in the impatiently awaited action RPG Dawn of Magic, namely the School of Fire Magic and the School of Air Magic.

Besides the ?classic? hack ?n? slash game mechanics, Dawn of Magic features an exhaustive magic system which allows players to select spells from 12 different schools of magic. Each school comprises 8 powerful spells that can be learned during the game by finding certain scrolls, or by purchasing them from traders. Later in the game, players can invest skill points in these spells and progress to the level of an almost omnipotent wizard. Some spells are actively cast, while others are passive and temporarily provide the wizard with an aura or a particular advantage.

Air and Fire Magic are among the most powerful schools of magic in Dawn of Magic.

The School of Fire Magic enables the sorcerer to control flames and conjure them in diverse forms. A mage of this school is one of the deadliest wizards you can face, as he will leave nothing but burned soil in his wake.

Here are two possible spells from the School of Fire Magic:
Fireball: A fireball is thrown at the enemy. It creates an ?Explosion? as it hits the target.
Fire Mastery: This spell passively increases the immunity and resistance to fire. As a secondary effect, it also adds fire damage to all spells and reduces the Freeze duration.

The School of Air Magic, on the other hand, allows the wizard to control air and many natural phenomena, such as lightning, wind and many more.

Here are two of the most powerful spells from the School of Air Magic:

Chain Lightning: A bolt of lightning hits the selected enemy, and then jumps over to other nearby enemies.
Tornado: A large tornado moves toward the enemy. As it travels, it causes a shock effect and rains down lightning on your enemies. When the tornado dissipates, it divides into several ?Twister? spells. The wizard needs to learn the ?Lightning?, ?Shock?, and ?Twister? spells for this.

Dawn of Magic is scheduled to be released on 20 April 2007. For further information regarding the game, please visit the official site

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