ARTICLES | August 17th, 2007
The Bojo Game Unleashed To The World!

The Montreal area?s newest independent games producer, The Bojo Group, has announced that it will start selling as a download its first animated casual computer card game and casino simulation program ? The Bojo Game ? Home Edition on or before Saturday, August 25.

In doing so the game becomes the newest entrant in the burgeoning casual computer games market, expected by industry analysts to gross more than USD 1.3 billion this year alone ? more than a five-fold increase in sales since 2002 when the young industry sold more than USD 200 million worth of casual games.

The Bojo Game ? Home Edition is easy-to-learn and easier-to-play. It creates a virtual on-line Internet casino game in progress with up to 99,999 other simulated or virtual players.

Besides being a new solitaire-type card game, it notches two firsts in the history of card games. Extensive research has revealed that it is the first new way to play draw poker in many years. At the same time, it is also the first new type of card game that could be offered by casinos in many years. Casinos currently seem to offer only three types of betting card games, in many variants: poker, blackjack and baccarat.

However, the Bojo group?s game is not being offered to casinos anywhere for now. It is being sold strictly as a home edition casino simulation game, one which can be played by one person only on one computer only – all in the security and privacy of one?s own home: no real gambling, no real money. It is a risk-free skills game, not requiring a licence.

Repeated player testing has shown that the game?s simulated casino atmosphere provides hours of safe fun and enjoyment. A simulated five-card draw poker hand, one of the game?s many features, captivated avid poker players for hours on end, some of them choosing to play the game manually with a pen, a grid pad and a deck of cards, claiming that they were happy to wait for the play-at-home computer version.

It?s here. Card game enthusiasts can check it out for some serious fun – a free downloadable 15-minute playable trial version and demo are available at

The download game will sell for USUSD 19.95 plus applicable taxes. The Bojo group is also looking at the potential for sales through affiliated casual games providers on the Internet, retail level CD game kits, commercially-sponsored editions containing embedded advertising for brick-and-mortar gaming outlets and licencing on-line casinos to offer it as a free-to-play game that simulates the real thing.

The rules of play for this home edition make it the newest un-modified card game in recent years. In addition to being animated, it also has its own sound effects and original music score ? The Theme

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