ARTICLES | August 13th, 2007
Game Convention Asia 2007 makes history

The Games Convention Asia (GCA) 2007 event will witness the signing of the first-ever Memorandum of Intent (MOI) between the national game associations of 12 countries in Asia Pacific.

The GCA 2007 event is a massive trade show that covers interactive entertainment, Infotainment, edutainment, hardware and technology.

There will be an expected 200 companies from around the globe converging to display the latest and greatest entertainment technologies.

The 12 nations that are signing the MOI are:

1. Singapore
2. Malaysia
3. Thailand
4. Philippines
5. Vietnam
6. Australia
7. New Zealand
8. Japan
9. China
10. Korea
11. Taiwan
12. Hong Kong

The presidents of the national game associations from these countries will be in Singapore to attend the signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Intent.

All the 12 countries have thriving games industries at varying states of development.

The MOI will seek to promote greater understanding between the various national game associations, and the games industry in each country.

It will also pave the way towards closer networking and collaboration between the game associations and the member companies they represent. On the cards are proposed trade missions and partnerships.

Financial Heavies

In a sure sign that the games industry is getting a boost of confidence from investors, venture capitalists and business angels will be prowling GCA 2007 .

The GCA Games Convention Asia 2007 has received strong support from Venture Capitalists & Private Equity Associations based in Singapore, as well as the Business Angels Network in South East Asia!

The associations has formally confirmed their support for GCA 2007, and will be inviting their members who are keen in game investment to meet the attending games developers, who hail from all over Asia Pacific.

Regional strength

Game developers and their companies will be out in force at GCA 2007.

The regional neighbours of Singapore including Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand have all confirmed their participation in the GCA 2007 Business Centre.

Each country is setting up a pavilion that will feature between 8 to 10 companies each.

These companies will showcase their latest and hottest games, and related products and services, at the pavilions.

On the cards are Malaysia, Korea and China, which are now finalising their plans to participate in GCA 2007.

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