ARTICLES | August 9th, 2007
Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power… Update

Paradox Interactive released today the first in a series of strategy articles for their upcoming strategy release Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power.

Objectives and Goals ? by 2Coats

The aim of Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power is to achieve victory against either computer controlled or human opponents on an ever-changing battlefield. The player must therefore strive for ‘strategic goals’ through the attainment of ‘tactical objectives’.

Strategic Goals

Each ‘stand-alone’ or ‘campaign linked’ scenario, comes with its own set of victory conditions.While early scenarios have just one condition, campaign games will consist of several.Players must be aware at all times of the changing nature of battlefield engagements.Considering this, players must prepare and react to the possibility of alternative strategic goals being set during a mission.

Victory conditions can be considered offensive or defensive in nature.Examples of offensive goals include:

? Secure an enemy base

? Annihilate an enemy force or a strategic weapon

? Move units to a significant location behind enemy lines

Defensive goals may include:

? Protect a friendly base despite overwhelming odds

? Repulse an enemy attack at a vital location

? Fight a rearguard action until reinforcements arrive

All conditions set for a mission can be checked from within the game, and all must be satisfied if victory is to be achieved.Furthermore, some missions may have to be completed within a time limit.Tactical Objectives

To achieve any of the ‘strategic’ goals set above, players must defeat their opponents in combat.In order to do this players must be mindful to secure the ‘tactical’ objectives that will benefit their forces in the forthcoming battles.Tactical objectives may not be implicitly described in a mission, yet the player must be aware of them, in order devise a winning plan of action.Some tactical objectives include:

?Obtaining positional advantage on the battlefield

?Positioning of units to maximise reserve and support fire

?Development and protection of military bases and depots

?Establishment of new army, navy and air-force formations in a timely manner

?Successful withdrawal and reinforcement of battle-damaged troops using army trucks, without affecting the frontline

?Using units effectively by attacking the enemy with the most appropriate formation type.I.e. Anti-tank cannons vs. Penal tanks or anti-air tanks vs. dive-bombers.

Only when the correct tactical objectives for the current situation are met can the player have any hope of attaining victory against a determined foe.

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