ARTICLES | August 2nd, 2007
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes on PSP

Ubisoft, one of the world?s largest video game publishers, today announced that it entered into an agreement with NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe SAS to distribute NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes on the PSP system across Europe and other PAL territories.

Available September 2007, this game based on the popular animated TV series NARUTO will offer a furious fighting game experience with team-based gameplay, intense single player action and a wireless multi-player versus mode for up to two users all within the Naruto Universe. With eight interactive stages and 20 playable characters to choose from, gamers can take the battle outside the perimeters of the home to become the ultimate Hokage.

Developed by CyberConnect2 exclusively for the U.S. and Europe, NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes is the highly anticipated fighting game that gives gamers the ability to sharpen their ninja skills with intense single and multiplayer team-based fighting. In a new addition to the franchise, gamers will also have the ability to create and customize their own ninja dream squads to battle opponents or trade player?s profiles via wireless connectivity. To further maximize the character power-up feature, players can form different team combinations to awaken hidden skills that lie within each group. Depending on the combinations, special team based skills can be unleashed. Gamers can also earn power-up points towards upgrading each character?s attack, defence, chakra, speed and even special abilities.

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes boasts the following features:

Form your own Ninja team in Heroes Mode – Choose from 20 powerful ninja to form your favourite ninja team from the show or create your original dream team!

Discover unique skills in the team based skill system – Try out a wide variety of different team combinations to awaken the hidden skills that lie within each character! Even one character will bring about a different set of skills depending on different character combinations.

Ad hoc multiplayer ? Engage in intense wireless battles anywhere and anytime via the PSP system?s ad hoc capability. Power-up squad members and battle against a friend?s team

Game Sharing – Play against a friend using a single UMD

Upgradeable player profile ? Level up your ninja rank that appears in the player?s profile by completing different classes of missions using your favourite character.

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