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Cognition Episode 4 walkthrough

Outside Abandoned Warehouse (3 years ago)

-Pick either choice when talking to John
-McAdams will contact Erica. You may only ask about 3 of the 5 topics. Two of these do NOT help you prepare for the next section: these two are “Who is Jetta?” and “What is the operation about?” The other three prepare you for the upcoming confrontation.
-McAdams will ask you to protect Jetta. You will have the choice of promising to protect her or not. This will be the first time that we see the “trust meter” employed.
-When an icon of a character's face shows, you'll see the icon grow more or less lit. The more lit the icon is, the more the character likes and trusts Erica. If you choose “I’ll do my best,” you’ll see your trust with McAdams rise. If you choose “I can’t make any promises,” your trust with McAdams falls. Your trust level with characters throughout the episode will be important as for how characters will treat you.

Abandoned Warehouse

-NOTE: Most of the dialogue options have only one answer. An incorrect answer will have Stelios kill Erica.
-NOTE: Many of the following dialogue options with Stelios are on a timer. If you wait too long to answer while you’re looking around, he will sometimes warn you to hurry up while you’re looking around. Stelios will kill you if you wait too long again.
-NOTE: If you look at Jetta in order to get signals for answers, Stelios’ trust will decrease. If the trust meter is completely black, he will kill Jetta. You will then be prompted with “You bastard!” or “Don’t ruin the shipment.” The “You bastard!” option will kill Erica. The other option lets her live, but you won’t have Jetta’s help anymore.
-“I’m here about the gun shipment.”
-“He’s bluffing- Stick to your story.” Jetta will blink twice for “no” to indicate this answer if you look at her.
-When he asks you about the shipment number, you may look around. There will be three crates with different shipping numbers. If you look at Jetta she will prompt you to look at the crate on the right. The correct answer is “100-344”
-“Jay Sent Me.” Jetta will nod if you look at her.
-You may choose either option for whether or not to “Sure, call him” or “My client doesn’t want you wasting this time.” However, choosing the latter leads to a situation where it’s impossible to save a life later.
-If you chose “Sure, call him,” follow up with “Ariel.” Otherwise move on to the following step
-“I’m here to check the inventory on the shipment.”
-“Neither. It’s the center drawer.” You can learn this information by looking at Jetta’s eyes and she will indicate the correct drawer.
-Look at the book. Use your postcognition power to see information about Cain.
-“Focus on Stelios” allows both Erica and Jetta to survive. This dialogue option doesn’t appear if you chose “My client doesn’t want you wasting his time” earlier because Stelios doesn’t put down his gun. “Focus on yourself” will save you, but Jetta will die. “Focus on Jetta” will kill both Erica and Jetta.

Lake House (3 years ago)

-Take the broom outside
-Enter through the window on the very left
-Keith’s hoodie is on the floor, but the creaky floor will give Cordelia away if she walks too close. Keith will shoot you if you walk over the creaky floor more than once.
-Use the broom with the hoodie
-In the inventory, use the Hand icon with the hoodie to find the house keys
-Go back through the window and use the house keys on the front door.
-Use precognition power with the bathroom to see a vision. This shows your solution against Keith.
-Take the car key and the wire before going back outside
-Use the car key on the truck
-Lift the newspaper and get Keith’s gun
-There’s some powder in the trunk. Use precognition powers to reveal a secret compartment
-Take the drugs inside the compartment
-You will need to set up the tripwire the way you saw in the vision earlier. You need to attach the wire in two places: the TV desk (entering from the front door) and the Cabinet (entering from the left window)
-If you’ve set up the tripwire from both sides and have the gun and drugs, you can confront Keith. Use the gun on him.
-The trust meter will be affected by your dialogue choices here with Keith. The first choice will always decrease Keith’s trust meter and the second choice will always increase it. If you make more choices that decrease Keith’s trust than increase it, he will kill you. Otherwise, the game will continue.

Antique Shop

-Open Regression with Rose
-Zoom into every panel when you’re in Regression and interact with everything that you can find in the panels. There are 7 panels that show at the bottom of the screen when you zoom into a panel, with one of them being fuzzy.
-In the first panel, click on Rose. Click on the book and you’ll learn you can change the book for the memory. To figure out which book it was, talk to Rose (while you’re still in the Regression) and choose “Book.” Rose won’t remember; you can’t directly figure out which book it is at this point.
-In the second panel, pay attention to what is happening. There is nothing to change in this panel.
-In the third panel, you’ll see that you can change the flag design. If you ask Rose about the “Flag,” she won’t remember. Click on the panel on the very top left to see a temple. Ask Rose about “Temple” and she will say it’s a Cao Dai temple. On the second panel, click on the “Children Playing.” Ask Rose about “Village.” She will say that this was at Trang Bang. Now check the Web Search on your phone to find that “Religious Imagery” is a new topic. Search it. We know at this point that the city was Trang Bang and the religion was Cao Dai. Select those inputs and search it. You will see a picture of the appropriate flag. Match that flag with the flag in the third panel in the Regression.
-In the fourth panel, click on Rose Bloody to sort through different nametags. Ask Rose about “Different Name.” Rose will tell you to check the shop. Exit Regression and then zoom into the Counter. Open the book titled “The Alchemy of Happiness.” Open the book to see a photo piece. You can use your Synergy power with the photo, and you’ll see Rose with a nametag, but the vision is fuzzy. You don’t have everything you need at this point to learn the name.
-The photo being in the “Alchemy of Happiness” book indicates that that was the book Rose was reading at the time. Go back to the first Regression panel and select the “Alchemy of Happiness” for the book
-In the fifth panel, click on the hands to see that Rose and Bao-Thahn exchanged an antique piece. Ask about “What did he give you?” Rose will indicate you to check a shelf. Leave Regression view and check the Shelf. Take the Ripped Photo from the Shelf. Then open your Cognition powers on the shelf. You’ll see that you can use Projection here. The three items you need to choose are found in the visions you saw in Regression earlier.
-You can see an antique that looks like a triangle with an eye on it in the panel with Rose reading. You can see a deflated ball and a burnt figurine in the panel with the nametag. These are the three objects you should use your Projection power on in the Shelf. When you do, select the triangle relic, the burnt figurine, and the deflated ball. You’ll see an image of the antique Bao-Thahn gave Rose. Go back to the fifth panel in the regression and match the antique in their hands with the one you see on the shelf.
-Use the second ripped photo that you got from the shelf and use your Synergy power on it to learn that the nametag says “Bailey.” Return to the fourth panel in the Regression with the nametag and select “Bailey.”
-The sixth panel is a speech bubble Rose says to Bao-Thahn. Through listening to her story, it should be apparent that Bao-Thahn could see the future. Select the speech bubble that says, “You can see the future!”
-After the movie, select the dialogue options
-Use Regression on Rose again. Look at the man in the background to determine that it’s Skorobeus. You will go to the FBI station

Interrogation Room

-Speak to Skorobeus. You can speak with him as much as you want, but he will not give you a straight answer or help, and his trust meter with you will only go down.
-Choose to [Exit Conversation]. Try to use Regression with him.
-Talk to Skorobeus again. You now have the option to [Push against wall]
-You have two options here while you have control over Skorobeus. Now that you have control over Skorobeus, use your Regression powers with him. Alternatively, you can choose to [Apply Force] 3 times and he will pass out, and you’ll need to use your Regression power on him then.
-You now know where the lake house is. McAdams will lose a point of trust with you when he comes into the room, and will lose an extra one if you made Skorobeus pass out.
-Pick “Push Holmberg, then Run.”

Outside Lake House

-Use your postcognition powers on the towel

Lake House Living Room

-NOTE: You now can switch between controlling Erica or Cordelia by clicking their faceplates next to the Cognition button
-Zoom into the Bathroom
-Open the cabinet and pick up the razor blade, the magnifying glass, and the cup.
-Fill the cup with water in the sink.
-Go downstairs to the basement

Lake House Basement

-Cordelia will trust you more if you choose “I understand” and will trust you less if you choose “That wasn’t your job”
-Familiarize yourself with the traps in this area.
-This particular area is tricky because both the Sarcophagus and the Wheel Table are parts of a singular puzzle.
-The Sarcophagus is a good place to start. Zoom onto the Sarcophagus Center to see four levers.
-Let Erica pull some of the levers. Each time, Erica will say something to the effect of not understanding the puzzle. If you pull multiple levers, Cordelia will provide a hint mentioning that what Erica’s doing is helping
-Switch to Cordelia and use precognition. If you use your power on the first lever, you see Erica say “Any ideas, Cordelia?” If you slide that lever to the second position as Erica, you’ll hear Erica say “Do you have any ideas, Cordelia?” This is your clue to this puzzle to match the voices Cordelia hears in the precognition vision with what Erica says while pulling the levers. This means that the first lever needs to be in the second position to solve the puzzle.
-With 1 being the top position on a lever and 4 being the bottom position on a lever, put the levers in the order of 2443 to open the sarcophagus
-Take all of the items in the sarcophagus.
-Zoom into the Wheel Table
-You will see a map hologram with pink lines. If you use Erica’s postcognition power and Cordelia’s precognition power, you can see that the lines are drawn out differently.
-As Erica, click on the buttons that match for all three views of the table (present, past, and future). These are buttons 1, 3, 7, and 8. Figurines will appear from the Wheel Table. Take them.
-You now have 12 figurines and 12 holes in the wheel table which is split into 4 quadrants. You also have the trophies that you got from the sarcophagus. In order to figure out where to put the figurines in the table, you will need to use Erica’s Synergy power and Cordelia’s precognition power.
-Start with the bottom quadrant of the wheel table. First use Cordelia’s precognition power with the bottom quadrant to see that a certain figurine is placed into that hole. Now look in your inventory and use the Eye button with the Wheel Trap Figurine. You will see that figurine matches the appearance of the figurine from Cordelia’s precognition. Place the Wheel Trap figurine in the appropriate hole in the bottom quadrant.
-There are still two holes for figurines in the bottom quadrant. You will now need to use your Synergy powers with the trophies from the sarcophagus to determine which figurines are relevant each quadrant. Use your Synergy power with the Graduation Ring and Bracelet Strip to see a Synergy vision showing a “Only Reed Blood” message, a wheel, and Scott’s trap from Episode 1. Fill in the rest of this quadrant by placing the “Scott’s Trap Figurine” and “Only Reed Blood Figurine” in the bottom quadrant.
-Solve all four quadrants using this process.
-Bottom quadrant: Wheel Trap Figurine, Scott’s Trap Figurine, “Only Reed Blood” Figurine
-Right quadrant: Spiked Stripe Figurine, Coffin Trap Figurine, “You Bleed He Breathes” Figurine
-Top quadrant: Bars And Moon Trap Figurine, Iron Maiden Figurine, “Blood Buys Him Time” Figurine
-Left Quadrant: Glass Shard Trap Figurine, George Siblings Trap Figurine, “Your Blood Will Save Him” Figurine
-When all the figurines are placed, a Cordelia Figurine will arise with holes for 3 more figurines. Have Erica use her postcognition ability to see a vision.
-If you open your power on the Cordelia figurine again, you will see a green aura around the Cordelia figurine, denoting that you will be using your Projection power soon.
-Go upstairs

Lake House Living Room

-As Cordelia, look at the fireplace
-As Erica, use the cup of water with the fireplace to receive the Max Figurine
-Look at the Max Figurine in the inventory. Erica will say they’re something to read but it’s too small
-Combine the Magnifying Glass and Max Figurine items to learn the message
-Zoom in on the Mantel.
-As Cordelia, make the Max Figurine your active item in your inventory. Use the Inventory icon with the Photo on the Mantel to get more information
-As Erica, use the Hand icon to flip the Photo around
-Use the Razor Blade with the photo to get a third figurine
-Return to the Basement

Lake House Basement

-Place the Max Figurine and the Erica Figurine on the Wheel Table and then use Projection to learn Cain’s next target

McAdams’ Car

-Talk to McAdams
-Click on the Window
-Talk to McAdams and click Window
-Use Caltrops item in Erica’s inventory on Window
-Talk to McAdams and select Radio
-Use Caltrops with window.
-Click on McAdams
-Talk to McAdams. “It didn’t need to” will decrease the trust meter with McAdams and “I didn’t want” will increase it
-“You’re right” increases trust and “You’re wrong” decreases trust
NOTE: At this point, if Jetta lived, McAdams trust in Erica increases. If she died, his trust decreases
-“Trust him” increases trust and “Don’t trust him” decreases trust


-If your trust meter with McAdams is lower than 50%, a dialogue option will appear to either give the gun to McAdams or Cordelia. If you give the gun to Cordelia, her trust in Erica increases. If you give the gun to McAdams, her trust decreases. These dialogue options don’t appear if your trust with McAdams is over 50%

Tomb Interior

-When in control, click on Brian
-Select “Dad, do it now!”
-Click on Keith
-If you gave the gun to McAdams, he will shoot Keith. If you gave the gun to Cordelia, click on the Lever next to the trap and use the Hand icon. In both cases, Keith will run away.
-“No Cordelia” increases Cordelia’s trust with Erica. “Yes, he did” decreases trust
-“And he didn’t do his job” increases trust with Cordelia. “It wasn’t his case” decreases trust
-“Listen to your conscience” increases trust with Cordelia. “Let’s find and kill Keith” decreases trust
-At this point, if your trust with Cordelia is above 50% Cordelia won’t shoot McAdams. If her trust is below 50%, she will shoot McAdams.

Tomb Trap

-Cordelia uses a control panel to move Erica around at this time.
-Moving the lever left or right will move Erica’s position on the trap to the left or right in five different places (on top of the platforms and also in between them). If Erica is moved to the very left for too long, the spike will kill Erica.
-The console has three buttons. The middle and right buttons will raise the platforms on the trap up and down. If you raise a platform while Erica is in between them, they will turn Erica on her side.
-If Erica is turned to her side, then the chain lock on the panel can be used. This will loosen or tighten her restraints. If the lock is tightened, then Erica will continue to be turned on her side if the the raised platform is lowered.
-Your objective is to use your postcognition power on the control panel near Erica to learn the code to escape. As always, Erica’s hands must touch an object for postcognition to activate.
-Move Erica to the space between the middle and right columns.
-Raise the middle platform to turn Erica and have her face to the right.
-Use the chain lock
-Lower the middle platform
-Move the lever all the way to the left. Make sure to give yourself some time so the spike doesn’t crush you
-Use postcognition on the control panel to learn the code
-Use the lever to move Erica to a different platform before the spike kills her.
-When Erica says that she’s loosened it (wait a couple seconds), go back to the control panel with Erica still facing to the right. Use your postcognition power on the control panel again.
-Move Erica to the right again before the spike kills her.


-This fight requires the player to use a specific sequence of attacks in order to successfully win the fight.
-During this fight, there will be several hotspots for you to choose. If you choose an incorrect one, your attack will be blocked. If this happens, you must choose to click the “Block” on Keith’s fist or else you will be killed. If you successfully block, then you will return to the sequence of the fight where you last messed up.
-The correct sequence is Face, Head, Fist, Toes, Knee, Finish
-You will receive a different ending depending on whether or not McAdams was shot

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