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Cognition episode 3: The Oracle walkthrough

Refresher on Erica’s current powers:

Erica has four cognition powers at her disposal. They are all activated by clicking the blue cognition sphere in the lower left corner.

1. Postcognition happens when Erica touches an object to see events associated with its past. Postcognition auras are blue.

2. Projection lets Erica see a past event manifest before her eyes, but she must select three related objects first. Projection auras are green.

3. Regression lets Erica view people’s memories, but she must physically touch the person. Regression auras are rose-colored.

4. Synergy lets Erica connect highlighted inventory items together while the cognition sphere is active to discover what past event links the items.

Also remember that Erica’s smartphone has a variety of uses. “Call Rose” will open the in-game hint system. A new feature has been added to the Web Search called “Football,” which is necessary to complete a puzzle in the game.

Outside Enthon Towers

-Talk to Duffer

-Try to open the front door. This will start a conversation.

-Open the Cognition sphere for a refresher of your powers. Use Regression on Duffer and click on the panel with the car mirror to learn that some objects fell with the body.

-Go north to investigate the crime scene

-Open cognition powers and use postcognition (postcog for short) with the car. You will learn that a keyfob fell onto the car. Use the “hand” interaction with the car to take the keyfob.

-Inspect the bushes on the right side of the screen to look at some flowers. Take the black flower.

-Talk to Duffer. He will give you a key to the van. Use it to open the van to the north.

-Take the knife, police tape, and the road cone.

-Use Synergy on the black flower and knife to learn where exactly these objects fell from.

-You need to create some attention to the scene in order to get into the Towers. Use the road cone on the police car and then do the same with the police tape.

-Go back to the van and click on the lightbar switch to turn on the sirens.

NOTE: Erica will refuse to let you turn on the lightbar switch until all of the above steps have been completed.

-Head to the front door. Use the keyfob you got earlier on the black door panel nearby to open the doors.


-Look at the painting and zoom into the painting to get a closer look. You will notice a signature.

-Use the elevator to go up to the Garden Balcony floor

Garden Hallway

-You will hear a buzzing sound and will be told that Terence has sent you message. Open up your phone. A new feature called “Dossier” has been added to your phone. Make sure to check the Dossier anytime you hear the buzzing sound. New entries in the dossier are marked in green.

-Head to the Garden Balcony


Garden Balcony

-Click on the table to zoom in on it.

-Take the lighter to see a vision

-Examine the blood under the flower pot. Move the flower pot to see a vision

-Once you’re back in control, call Rose.

-Go back to the table and take another keyfob

Garden Hallway

-You can now access the Penthouse the new keyfob

Living Room

-Walk forward to activate a conversation

-Skorobeus left a note on the table. Postcog the note to see a vision

FBI Station

-Talk to John

-John gives you Rose’s card. Use the combine button and call Rose with the Rose’s Card and the Cellphone to call Rose and talk to her.

-You’ve done all that you can here for now. Click on the smaller orange sphere to leave the vision.

Living Room

-NOTE: Erica now has a smaller blue circle next to her normal Cognition sphere. If you click it, you will see smaller bubbles that allow you to return to visions. Visions can be “completed” later. The bubble for a completed vision will be grayed out. Right now you only have a vision with John’s face. This walkthrough will refer to the FBI Station as the “John Vision” from this point forward.

-Go to the door in the very northeast of the room.

Max’s Office

-Click on the Desk with the magnifying glass icon to get a closer look at the desk.

-Use postcog on the envelope to enter another vision. This vision will be named “Keith Vision.”

Keith Vision

-Talk to Max. Note that Max opened a safe behind the painting.

-Leave to the Living Room. When the Cognition sphere is active, click on the black flower to learn more about your powers.

-Go all the way to the left of the room and up the spiral staircase. This leads you to the Art Room

-Talk to Keith. If you try to give him the Unsigned Papers, he will refuse.

-Keith left some hex keys on his worktable after you asked him about what he’s working on. Zoom into the worktable and use precognition to learn some information about how to adjust the orrery.

-Precogging the large hex lets you know you don’t need to use it

-Precogging the small hex lets you know that turning the wrenches clockwise only loosens when working on the blue and red planets. To tighten them he has to turn them the other way.

-Precogging the medium hex lets you know you need to tighten the orrery.

-You have learned that you can’t get all of the information you need here. Leave the vision

Art Room

-As Erica, go to the Art Room.

-Postcog the orrery to learn more about the orrery.

-Erica learns that the small wrench isn’t the one to use, that you need to lock the green planet in place, and that Keith needs to jiggle the wrenches.

-Return to the Keith Vision.

Keith Vision

-Talk to Keith and offer to fix the planets.

-From what you’ve learned, you know that the large and small hexes won’t work, that the green planet needs to be tightened and locked into place, that we need to jiggle the wrenches, and that turning the wrenches clockwise only loosens the red and blue planets. This means that to loosen the green planet, the wrenches must to be turned counterclockwise. But since you need to tighten them, you need the wrenches to be turned clockwise.

-Tell Keith to use to medium wrench on the green planet and then jiggle and turn clockwise to solve the puzzle.

-Give Keith the Unsigned Papers and he will sign them.

-Leave the room and go back to the living room. The Keith Vision will then finish.

John Vision

-We learned why we needed to be at the FBI Station at the end of the Keith Vision, so you can return there.

-As you speak with John, he’ll be asking for something to convince him. He also talks about how lousy a football game between the Patriots and the Redskins was.

-Leave the vision.

-As Erica, use the Web Search on your phone and search for Football. You want learn the score of the Patriots-Redskins game.

-Once Erica’s learned the score, return to the John Vision.

-Tell John that the Patriots will win.

-Look at the folder on the desk. You will notice that the file is for Max. Click the “look” button on Max’s file to see a case number. The John Vision will then finish as long as both the case number has been seen and John’s been told the Patriots will win.

Cordelia’s Room

-As Erica, walk into Cordelia’s Room. It is on the very western wall of the Living Room.

-Look in the left drawer on Cordelia’s bed to find a folder. Read the folder.

-Look in Cordelia’s closet. You will find another folder. Read it.

-Try to open the drawer for Cordelia’s desk. You will be unable to open the drawer.

-Postcog the jewelry to enter another vision. This vision will be named “Cordelia Vision.”

Cordelia Vision

NOTE: Until you have finished the Keith Vision and have called Rose in the John Vision, you cannot complete this whole vision.

-In this vision, you will learn how to open the drawer you couldn’t open before.

-If you’ve completed what was learned in the above note, the Cordelia Vision will finish.

Cordelia’s Room

-You can now open the drawer that you could not earlier. You will receive Cordelia’s Journal and another folder. Read them.

Living Room

-Now is a good time to check with the Dossier. If you’ve finished the John Vision, then you should have a dossier entry about McAdams’ Report. When you open it, you will see that there were three pieces of evidence found in a report.

-Open your Projection power and click on the leftmost vase, the trash can, and the glass table. This will create a projected image of McAdams and Davies. Postcog the projected image to enter another vision. This vision will be named the “Max Vision.”

Max Vision

-Once you are in control, you need to find a way to get the papers on the table without being noticed.

-Go to Cordelia’s Room. Take the necklace from her desk.

-Go to the Art Room and talk to Keith. Zoom in on his worktable. You will find a pen on his worktable. Take the pen. You will learn that the pen is a tracker that tracks non-ferrous metal.

-Go back to the Living Room. Precog the kitchen island. You will learn that McAdams will search the table.

-The necklace you took is non-ferrous. Use your inventory to combine the necklace with the pen.

-Go back to the Art Room and give the necklace to Keith to have it set down on his worktable.

-Set the pen on the kitchen island. McAdams is now distracted.

-Use the Look icon on Davies and Max. You will learn that Davies is looking for financial information

-Go to Max’s Office. Use the phone on his desk to call Skorobeus to bring up files.

-Skorobeus will prompt you for which files you want. Try asking for Jeff Therrien. Davies is looking for financial records, so choose for Skorobeus to bring up financial records.

-Skorobeus will then prompt you to ask where you want the files to be put. You are trying to distract Davies from seeing you take the paper in the kitchen, so the best way to distract her is to give them directly to Max. Choose for him to give Max the files.

-Go back to the Living Room. Davies is now distracted.

-Take the paper on the dining table, go to Cordelia’s Room, and put the paper in the closet.

-Leave the room for a conversation. The Max Vision will finish.


From these visions, you have learned that you should try and talk to McAdams to get further information. You can find him in the Lobby. Talk to him about all topics. Then show him John’s lighter. That is all you can do here for now.

Garden Hallway

-From these visions, you have learned that you should try and talk to Skorobeus to get further information. He is in the Garden Hallway. Talk to him and when you choose “You and Max” he will mention that he struck Max with Cordelia’s necklace once while burning old documents.

Cordelia’s Room

Take Cordelia’s Necklace

Max’s Office

-Try to open the safe in Max’s room behind the painting. You will be prompted for a combination.

Safe Combination Puzzle

-At this point, you may have noticed that there are several paintings in the rooms in the Towers. They are in the Lobby, Garden Hallway, Living Room, Cordelia’s Room, Art Room, and in Max’s Office.

-If you zoom into each of these paintings, you will notice that the paintings have one main color featured with them. For example, the painting in Max’s Office is predominantly green. They also all have colored signatures as well. For example, the signature for the painting in Max’s Office is white.

-Open the three folders that you got from Cordelia’s Room. Each of them has the signatures of the paintings taped to each tab of the folders. For example, the Wise Monkey tab has the same signature as the one that is the painting in Max’s Office. This is a clue to link the painting signatures with the people in Cordelia’s folders.

-Open up Cordelia’s Journal and go to the last page. Cordelia wrote about the safe combination being linked to “The Order In Which They Suffered.” So in order to get the combination, you need to determine the order in which the people in Cordelia’s folders have suffered or died.

-The Hangman died first. The painting linked to him is red with a white signature in the Garden Hallway.

-Davies died second. The painting linked to her is white with a red signature in the Living Room

-Sully suffered third (but did not die). The painting linked with him is orange with a red signature in the Lobby.

-The Wise Monkey died fourth. The painting linked with him is green with a white signature in Max’s Office.

-McAdams and John have not suffered yet.

-The combination must either be white, red, red, white for the pattern of the signatures or the combination must be red, white, orange, and green for the pattern of the predominant color of the painting.

-The code for the safe is red, white, orange, then green (or 3278 if you look at it like a keypad)

Max’s Office

-Take the burned document from the safe. You must have read the Dossier entry labeled “John McCoy Investigation to take it.

-Skorobeus had mentioned that he struck Max with a necklace while burning documents. Use Synergy and combine the necklace and burned document to see a video.

Living Room

-Talk to Keith. He will ask you to go to the Art Room to get the orrery. Once you have it, go back and then go into Max’s Office.

Max’s Office

-Set the orrery on the desk. Keith will give you a camera. Put it on the orrery.

-Use the phone to call Skorobeus

-Once in control, take the camera from the orrery.

-If you zoom onto the phone, you see a USB port. Open the port and put the camera in it.

-Press the console button, and press it again when Keith asks.

-Press “Video Play.” The video will be corrupted.

-Leave the room when prompted and then go to the Art Room and place the camera back on the orrery.

Art Room

-As Erica, postcog the orrery to see a vision with John.

-Read the new dossier entries. Terence found an audio file with Max’s voice on it. This is now in your inventory. Terence also reported an analysis on the burned document mentioning McAdams. You need to talk to McAdams.


-Talk to McAdams. As long as you’ve shown John the lighter, looked at all dossier entries, and saw the postcog of the orrery where you saw John take the camera, you can select to Confront McAdams.

-McAdams will physically touch you. Use your Regression power on him.

-Click on the panel that shows the camera in his pocket.

-Take the camera out of his pocket while you’re restrained.

Max’s Office

-Combine your cellphone with the rocket camera in your inventory to send it to Terence

-After a few seconds, Terence will respond with the software to uncorrupt the video. Combine your cellphone with the camera again to make the software work.

-Press the console button. Use the Max Interview item you have in your inventory.

-Open up the USB port and attach the camera into it

-Play the video to see Skorobeus enter the code. You will be given the code: 26739

-Press “Back” and enter the code you just learned.

Basement Entrance

-Open the left door

Basement Hallway

-There is a message on the wall

-Use your lighter to see the image.

-Click on the “Eye” button while looking at this message.

-Enter the hole.

-As Erica, walk through the right door.

Basement Entrance

-Enter the north door.

Basement Trap

-Click on the keypad.

-Use precog on the keypad. The vision tells you 256.

-Talk to Max and to get him to input numbers on the keypad. Enter 256.

-The camera will move and you will see some numbers on the camera. Precog the number 1 to learn about the code 156.

-Have Max enter the code 156.

-The camera will more again and you will see the number 4 on the camera. Precog the number 4 and learn about the code 456.

-Have Max enter the code 456.

-The camera doesn’t give you any clues to precog this time, but you should be able to figure out a pattern at this point. Look at the number 3 next to Max’s head.

-Have Max enter the code 356.

-The camera shows a can as an obstruction. Click the Eye icon on the camera to have a conversation with Max.

-Use the Eye icon on the can above Max’s head.

-Talk to Max.

-Use the Hand icon on the gun and then fire at the can. Then fire the gun again.

-Use the Eye icon on the camera to look at the unobstructed message.

Basement Study

-Talk to John. Watch the video.

-Look on the table to see two wills. Postcog the wills.

-Read The Oracle’s note. You will receive a key.

-Exit the table view and look around. There is a dark area.

-Use the lighter with the dark area.

-There’s a Le Pendu on the screen in the darkened area. Use the key you just received from the note to unlock it.

-Read the message of the Le Pendu.

-You should be able to figure out the answer to this question by now.

-There are five letter sliders on this Le Pendu.

-Enter Keith’s name. Watch the video.

Basement Trap
-Use the gun

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