ARTICLES | July 31st, 2007
Ricochet Infinity lifts-off

For years gamers have played brick-busting games and wondered if the genre could be pushed any further or if it had lost all room for future fun and innovation. With Reflexive Entertainment’s ( PC release of Ricochet Infinity today, the question isn’t just answered, it’s obliterated. Ricochet Infinity wholly redefines the entire brick-busting game genre, taking what is sometimes considered a dull and uninspiring genre and turning it on its head with intense game play and endless innovation that will thrill every gamer.

Beginning with the new ‘recall’ ability, Ricochet Infinity redesigns how brick-busting games are played. Instead of hitting the ball with the paddle and then …waiting… for its return, with ‘recall,’ players now can control the ball’s every movement. With the touch of a button, players can change the ball’s direction, making hard to hit bricks a thing of the past as players can precisely maneuver the ball to any spot on the screen.

Improving controls and redesigning how the game is played is only a part of the fun of Ricochet Infinity. The game also features an amazing array of destructive power-ups. Ball power-ups such as the rail, probe, laser, EMP, fire, acid, lightening and blossom ball, along with ship weapons including 3 different upgradeable gun types and an ?ber-powerful nuclear beam, combine to arm players with an arsenal like no other.

Of course having variety of weapons without a variety of levels to use them on would be disappointing, and Ricochet Infinity has been created to exceed any fan’s expectations with hundreds of hours of play time and an endless number of levels. In Ricochet Infinity, players can design, upload and download new level sets without ever leaving the game. Owing to the most advanced level editor available, levels can be fully animated and interactive, coming to virtual life on the screen. Ricochet Infinity includes 216 levels and over 20,000 more are already available for free in-game download (nearly 2,000 of which have been specifically designed for Ricochet Infinity). The in-game catalog is growing daily and features robust searching and sorting tools so that players can find the best levels available and watch their own levels climb the ladder of the highest ranked and most downloaded levels.

To make the most of the many available levels, Ricochet Infinity has developed a new way to keep track of the player’s progression throughout the game. On each level, in addition to clearing out all the bricks, players can collect rings. The rings are used to mark the player’s experience level. When enough rings are collected, players receive new ranks and unlock different spaceships, each with its own unique special abilities.

Ricochet Infinity also features 3 modes of same-console multiplayer play. In co-operative play, players work together to clear out levels, while competitive play pits players against each other with a winner at the end of each level. The third multiplayer mode, Tail Gunner, puts one player in charge of the ship and the other in charge of targeting a laser blaster that is located on the ball.

Topping the game off is the visual and aural quality that has become a hallmark of Reflexive. Alien worlds come to life in vibrant color and sound as players explore 14 different planets across the galaxy. 10 different alien environments are included in the game, including the new canvas environment, which enables level designers to create anything that they can imagine.

Released today, July 31st, Ricochet Infinity pushes beyond the boundaries of the brick-busting genre and redefines it with precisely-controlled and exciting game play. More information and a free downloadable demo of the game can be found at the Ricochet Infinity website:

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