GUIDES | February 19th, 2013
Cognition Episode 2 Walkthrough

Welcome to the second episode of the Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller called The Wise Monkey. Here's the full walkthrough to the episode.

FBI Station
-Choose whether to drink the coffee or not

FBI Davies’ Office
-Pick whichever topics you like. The “good” topics are “Judge Samuel Sewall” followed by “I Know I Shouldn’t Have…” followed by “The Files and the Fax” followed by “I Thought You’d Say That” followed by “I’m Trying”

FBI Station
-Look at the bloodstain. Take the guitar charm and use your powers on the bloodstain to figure out where Sully is.  Head to the Parking Lot.

Parking Lot
-If you did not drink the coffee, you will need to do something about the car coming at you. You can click the aiming cursor to shoot at the car or click the arrow to dodge it. If you are not quick enough and die, retry and you will restart at the door.
-If drank the coffee, you will not encounter the above situation
-Open your trunk to retrieve a tire iron
-You will hear banging on the other car. Use the tire iron to open the trunk.

Interrogation Room
-Question Tess. After asking her all you can, use your powers to perform Regression on Tess. Of the four panels, click the one that shows the shady figure.
-Ask Tess to check her pockets. You will receive a theater masks charm.

FBI Station
-Talk to Gwen and receive Cordelia’s phone number. Use your inventory to combine the cellphone with the phone number. You’ll find you got the wrong number.

FBI Davies’ Office
-Talk to McAdams. You are now in charge of the Wise Monkey case.

FBI Station
-Go to Sully’s desk. Pick up the Wise Monkey folder on the right side of the desk. You must read every case in the folder.
-Use Sully’s computer. Go to the Case Databases and read about the Wise Monkey Case. Read the case carefully. Print out an evidence form.
-While still on Sully’s computer, use the People Search to read about Kelsey Gardner.
-Go to the printer in the station to pick up the evidence form. Hand it to Gwen to receive the bell charm. Use the elevator to leave the building. If you are unable to leave the building, follow the below note. If not, ignore the note
NOTE: At this point, Erica will say that you have finished all of the research you need. If not, then there is something you have not yet done that was listed above and you cannot leave the building until you’ve finished everything. You must have 3 charms, have read the case database file on the Wise Monkey Case, did People Search on Kelsey, and have read every case in the Wise Monkey folder on Sully’s desk. Only then will Erica say she’s learned all she can.

Antique Shop
-Talk to Rose. Select “Help” to get her to talk about Cordelia’s phone number. Leave and go back to the FBI station.

FBI Station
-Interact with Tess’ desk, which is to the right of Gwen’s. Take the pink pen. Go back to the Antique Shop.

Antique Shop
-Give Rose the pen. She will teach you a new power called Synergy. Click the pen and the phone number to learn Cordelia’s real phone number and also learn Synergy.
-Use the cellphone to call Cordelia.  Go to Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery
-Talk to Cordelia and select all topics. Erica will promise to send a patrol car to the Enthon Towers. Return to the FBI Station.

FBI Station
-If you talk to McAdams about getting a patrol car to the Enthon Towers, McAdams will refuse.
-Talk to Gwen. Ask for an interagency form.
-Offer to help her. You will receive a stack of papers.
-Combine the interagency form with the stack of papers.
-Go back to McAdams and hand him the stack of papers. He will sign the interagency form.
-Return to Gwen and give her the signed form. Now leave to Berklee College

Berklee College
-Talk to Dean on every topic. You will be given an address to a friend of Kelsey’s named Melissa.
-Notice the Berklee Stationery toward the bottom left of the screen. Try to take it. If you choose “Lie” you can get the stationery. If you choose “Truth” you won’t be able to get it until later.
-Leave and go to Melissa’s Apartment

Melissa’s Apartment
-NOTE: You cannot enter here until after you help Cordelia. If you have not helped Cordelia yet, then Melissa won’t be home.
-Talk to Melissa with all topics. She has a silver charm but does not know where it is. Go to the Antique Shop

Antique Shop
-Take one of the Ouija Boards from the counter. Go back to Melissa’s Apartment.

Melissa’s Apartment
-Give Melissa the Ouija Board. Erica and Melissa will be moving the slider together. Use your powers of Regression to look into Melissa’s memories.
-Click all 4 floating panels. Pay attention to the digital clock that shows up in each memory. When you are done, press Exit to leave Regression
-You are given 4 dialogue options. You will need to click the options in the order of the memories from earliest to latest, which you can tell from the digital clock while seeing the memories
-The correct order is Yoga, Water, Apple, Mail
-Pick up the post office key and the piano charm from the jewelry box.
-Head to Berklee College.

Berklee College
-Open a conversation with the dean and click “Kelsey Worked Here.” Erica will say that information would be in the files.
-Try to interact with the Filing Cabinet. The dean won’t let her see the files.
-Leave and go to the morgue.

-Go downstairs to the examination room. Gallagher will kick you out back to the reception room.
-Pull the fire alarm and click on the counter to hide behind. When Gallagher leaves the building, click on the elevator to go down to the examination room
-Click on Davies
-Take the blank tape
-Combine the blank tape with your tape recorder
-Inspect Davies’ wrist. Use your cellphone on the wrists.
NOTE: You are unable to leave this room until you take the blank tape and use the cellphone on Davies’ wrist
-Leave the morgue. Head to Kelsey’s Apartment

Kelsey’s Apartment
-Inspect the vent. Erica will note there is a screw missing.
-Take the envelope underneath the vent.
-Open the package on the table. You will find a puzzle box. You will need to find a trick to open it.
-Use your Synergy power and click on the charms. You will need 4 charms which you should have at this point.
-You will see another memory but you don’t have enough charms to see it.
-Open the puzzle box.
-After the cutscene, you will have the G-clef charm and Kelsey’s demo CD.
-Put the demo CD in the stereo near the door.
-Leave for the Post Office

Post Office
-Talk to the clerk and ask about Joey.
-Show him your badge. He will give you the address to Joey’s Place.
-Try to use Kelsey’s P.O. box key on the P.O. boxes. Erica needs to figure out the correct box number.
-Open your Synergy power and combine the key with the envelope. You will learn the box number is 303.
-Use the key on the P.O. boxes to take another envelope and a screwdriver.
-Open the envelope to receive a Threatening Letter. Part of the letter has been ripped off.
-Leave the post office and go to Joey’s Place

Joey’s Place
-There is nothing to do here, but check around the area as you like.
-Head to Kelsey’s Apartment

Kelsey’s Apartment
-Use the screwdriver with the vent to see what’s inside. You must have looked at the vent before you can use the screwdriver.
-Take the envelope
-Open the vent envelope to find a memory card.
-In your inventory, combine the cellphone with the memory card. You will learn about the dean, but won’t have all of the information you need yet.
-Go to Berklee College

Berklee College
-If you chose not to take the Berklee Stationery already, you can now use the “Truth” topic and Erica will take the stationery. If you chose “Lie” earlier and already have the Berklee Stationery then disregard this.
-In the inventory, combine the Berklee Stationery with the Threatening Letter to learn that the letter was written with Berklee stationery
-Use Synergy power on the Threatening Letter and the P.O. Box Envelope to learn that the dean wrote the letter.
-Check the Filing Cabinet again to get a different conversation topic from the dean.
-Talk to dean and use the “Accuse Dean” dialogue
-Show the dean the Memory Card.
-Show the dean the Threatening Letter
-Use all dialogue topics with the dean. You will receive a violin charm.
-You now have all of the charms. Go somewhere and use Synergy on all 6 of them. Head to the Crime Scene.

Crime Scene
-You will need to place the charms in the places that correspond with the placement they had in the Synergy image that showed you the crime scene.
-Place the G-clef and violin charms with the Street Sign
-Place the guitar and theatre mask charms with the Dumpster.
-Place the bell and piano charms with the Gate
-Click the blue Cognition sphere to open your Projection powers. You need to click on the gate, dumpster, and sign. Then click on the projected body.

After the movie, click on your car to leave the area. John will ask whether you will go to the Post Office or Goethal’s Home. Either choice is fine. Head to the Wise Monkey Lair.

Wise Monkey Lair
-Knock on the door
-Use your lockpicks on the panel
-Interact with the voice-activated lock. Your voice will not open the door.
-Return to Kelsey’s Apartment.

Kelsey’s Apartment
-Use your Tape Recorder with the stereo that has the CD in it. The voice has now been recorded. Return to the Wise Monkey Lair.

Wise Monkey Lair
-Use the Tape Recorder with the voice-activated lock. The door will now open and you will enter.
-Look at the shelves. On the shelves is also a tray. Open the tray.
-Look at things around the room. You must look at the sketches, the music sheets, and the Kelsey sketches. After you look at all of these, the panel on the door on the right will glow green.

NOTE: You must do all of the above steps before the panel will glow green. You must look at the shelves, open the tray, look at the sketches, music sheets, and Kelsey sketches. Otherwise the panel will not glow green.

-Interact with the door panel and click “Enter”
-Press the Exit button and then the left arrow button in order to look at the organs. Take all of them by clicking on the blue Cognition sphere and taking each organ.
-When you use Synergy on a charm or organ now, it shows who the charm or organ belonged to. You will need to use a combination of Synergy, the files in the Wise Monkey folder, and any notes (physical or mental) that you brought along the way. Good luck!
-NOTE: During this quiz, you may only make 2 mistakes. When you make 2 mistakes, you will be given a question which must be answered within 15 seconds. The answer for this question is Kelsey Gardner. If you don’t answer this question in time or make 3 mistakes total, it’s game over and you will restart at the beginning of the room.
-Quiz answer 1: A3, B5, C6, D2, E1, F4
-Quiz answer 2: La Boheme
-Quiz answer 3: Smoking a cigarette
-Quiz answer 4: HMS Pinafore
-For configurations, you will need to put the correct organs in the correct jars and then use your powers to determine what the name of the configuration was.
Jar 1: Luke’s eyes, DJ’s ears, Colleen’s tongue. Answer is Angel
Jar 2: Colleen’s eyes, DJ’s ears,  Heather’s tongue. Answer is Lover
Jar 3: Heather’s eyes, Heather’s ears, Colleen’s tongue. Answer is Starlet
Jar 4: Luke’s eyes, Heather’s ears, Colleen’s tongue.. Answer is Darling
-Quiz answer 5: Angel, Lover, Starlet, Darling
-Quiz answer 6: Joey Geothals
Congratulations on beating Episode 2!

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