REVIEWS | February 3rd, 2013
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller – Episode 2: The Wise Monkey review

Here's the second episode in the thrilling adventure of Cognition: an Erica Reed Thriller. The new episode named The Wise Monkey is a much better product as episode one in story and gameplay.

This time our hero goes solo as her colleague gets kidnapped by the Wise Monkey, a serial killer who is so excited to gruesomely mutilate his or her victims. Erica is now in the time to find the killer before it's too late. For those new to the Cognition series, the game is a classic point & click adventure with the graphics and visual seem like you’re reading a thriller comic book

The story in this episode doesn't really need that you have played episode one for it since the story is a stand-alone by itself, though it wouldn't hurt to play the first one to get a better idea of the character and the background story behind Erica. This time Jane Jensen has done her best to make this stand-alone story without effecting the whole season. There's a very good amount of thrilling moments, suspense and twists to keep you awake at night thinking on what's going to happen next.

Though some puzzles made me swear a bit, it was a great experience playing through the game. In the first episode we have seen some of the psychic powers of Erica. In episode two you will need to take the full potential of these powers including the new Synergy power which will allow you catch a glimpse of the past by combining items from your inventory which are related to each other. The adventure along the soundtrack and graphics have been also improved from episode one, which will make your adventure experience much better.


Standing by it's own, episode two makes the best of the creators in both story and gameplay experience. The fact that you don't need a powerful computer to run the game makes it much playable and of course portable as I played it on my laptop. It will surely keep you quite busy with it's compelling puzzles to solve, too bad it's short.

The story is solid and he hunt for the Wise Monkey was a thrilling adventure for me. While we strongly suggest this episode to everyone who is in adventure games, we look forward for the third episode in this thrilling story.

was reviewed by and rated at 9 /10
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