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DmC Devil May Cry review

Developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom, DmC Devil May Cry is here. A revolutionary change for the series, but it was exactly what it needed. DmC Devil May Cry is no blasphemy to the franchise, but a reinvention of the series. For myself, it rocks and as just said, it was just what the series needed. New look, new character, a superb gameplay experience and an infinite number of demons to slash and return back to the underworld. Ninja Theory, despite criticism from some of the series fans that they killed the game… have done a superb job in the new Dante and yes, five thumbs up to them as they have re-invented and refined the series without damaging the experience that the Devil May Cry fans get. The game is mostly a hack/slash style, but it has some small elements of puzzles and discovery sequences.

So, we have a new Dante, more bad-ass than ever. He is born from a demon father and an angel mother. Yep, a terrible choice, but you never knows where love hits. Though the relationship was hidden, the demons were alerted with this and the two lovers were hunted down. Dante's mother was killed by this sinister demon king named Mundus, and his father was returned to hell suffering eternal pain and suffering. You will be recruited  by Vergil, the key person in the revolution against Mundus with the help of a medium named Kate.

Graphics are true to the series and the details are fantastic, being lighting, level design and colors, Dmc does it's best to give you the real and demonic effect that the story delivers. Gameplay is a smooth and shocking experience in experience and game mechanics. Thou some of the combos may be tricky to get, the control are very simple to understand and easily mastered. As weapons, Dante will still wield the sword Rebellion and his two guns named Ebony and Ivory. In DmC, Dante is not just half human, he's a Nephilim… half demon, half angel. A mix which gives Dante a mix of weapons and superb battles. Since the demonic weapons are slow but powerful, Dante can use his angelic powers which are fast and effective especially when trying to control a crowd. The mix of both, deadly and fantastic combos. Switching between weapon types is fast and easy to master. You will have the Rebellion sword hit by using the triangle, the circle for throwing them in the air and the Square for using the guns. Using the L2 or R2 for Angelic and Demon and hitting the triangle and circle button, will use the hit and throw in air method depending on the type of power you use. For both angelic and demonic, you will get a choice of two weapons for each side which can be switched by using the cursor buttons.

For the guns you will have the Ebony and Ivory, a nifty shotgun and the grenade gun which although you can use one at a time, you can make a fast switch using the up button. All the ingredients to make fantastic and deadly combos which will get you points for your the end of level evaluation. When you end a level you will be evaluated with the amount of combo points you get, the time used to finish the level, how many deaths you have and any secrets you found. All levels can be replayed, so if you want to get all the secret door or get a superb score, you are free to do that.

Yes, I must admit that Ninja Theory made a swell job in putting a lot of weapons and combination in such a simple design and interface. Making fantastic combos and smoothly switching weapons during a combo is easy and elegant. There is almost an infinite combination of combo styles you can do on the floor and in mid-air. As regards to the AI, the enemies also show intelligence and will surely give you a ride. All incoming attacks from the enemies are somehow warning you before the attack, like a clue who's going to attack next. This gives you a fracture of time to create the perfect attack. Thou making it easier for you since it's a warning before attack being visual or aural, DmC is not an easy ride. Apart from the normal difficulty, after you complete the game you unlock even harder gameplay.

Example one of the worst difficulties is that the enemies die normally with the amount of hits needed, but you die with a single blow. That's hard indeed. The story apart from being a fantastic throughout, it's relatively short . I have made my first hit on the game on the easy level, it took me around 10 hours to complete. Of course, it was a fast run through the game without going through each level in detail to find all the lost souls, secrets or items. The next time I went through the game I selected the harder level and it took me more than that to finish.

Yes, the game mechanics and graphics are superb and I really loved playing the game, but there is a minor flaw to the game. During the scenes where there are a number of enemies in the screen, the game does it's automatic lock-on the enemies. Though the camera does it's best to keep it's pace alone with the action, it sometimes fails to lock on and sometimes spins around to an undesired angle. Mind you, this is not a showstopper but occasionally annoying.


DmC Devil May Cry is a successful innovation to the series. Any series needs an innovation as then it will just go stale and boring. Yes, the game is a success and Ninja Theory have made a very good successor to the series. The gameplay design and controls are simple to master along with superb graphics and level design. The game is a fantastic experience and every fan of the series and newcomers will surely love the game.

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