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Assassin’s Creed III review
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When I first saw the first impressions of Assassin’s Creed III I was like Charlton Heston in the Planet of the Apes saying “You maniacs! You blew it up!”, but when I starting playing the game I was like hey, great job in refurbishing the franchise. So, yes for the story going all native American style, well I give it two thumbs up as it didn’t break the continuity of the storyline and what Assassin’s Creed stands for and for giving the franchise a brand new look. Why saying this, well the franchise thou it was great, it was getting a bit stale and it needed some fresh new ideas to revamp it.

For those new to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, the story began when Desmond Miles was kidnapped due to his historical heritage which although he denied it, it was going to change his life forever. Imprisoned by the Abstergo Industries who though he could help them find the Apple which is one of the ancient artifacts scattered all over the world with dangerous and enormous power. The Abstergo Industries which you might know as the Templars, have most of these artefacts used Desmond to try to find them all. Desmond’s heritage is one of the Assassin’s Creed and the Templars have been fighting with the Assassin’s to obtain the artefacts for thousands of years. So by imprisoning Desmond and going back to his ancestor’s memories using the Anumis which is a virtual reality machine which will read anyone’s genetic memory and project it on a screen. Using this and holding Desmond in the Animus, the Templars could easily find out all the secrets of the Assassin’s Creed.

So, how did Ubisoft move the franchise to America and more in detail change the main character to a Native American? The day is 31st October 2012 (being the actual release date of the game) and something bigger and devastating than the Templars is approaching mankind which could easily end all existence has been discovered. Hidden in Desmond’s heritage, there is something that will stop this apocalypse called Ominous Date and save existence before the 21st December 2012. The so called voices from the first civilization on earth that it is believed that they had massive powers and they are the creators of the artefacts also known as the Pieces of Eden guided the creed and Desmond to this place, the central vault in America. Throughout his voyage into the Animus, Desmond has discovered and embraced his heritage by exploring his ancestors’ lives to gather a massive amount of knowledge and training in just a few days. With the experience, knowledge and abilities of Altair and Ezio, Desmond now holds the Apple of Eden that will be the end of Desmond’s story line. This is kind of exciting and it seems that it’s the game’s focus that this will end, but who knows what will happen right? So I will stop here about the story so that we don’t spoil your fun.

The single player mode storyline is pretty linear if you just do the story missions with gathering information, stalking or killing someone in particular or maybe… ship fights in the open seas. This works well as the story of the game is fantastically solid and exiting, but apart from this you can roam around since you have a bunch of stuff to do. Play games in bars for fun and money, hunt for trinkets, finding treasure, climbing to the top of a tall building to synchronize. The main story is filled with mysteries, sarcastic jokes and a lot of surprises which will keep you questioning on what will happen next. Mind you when saying sarcastic jokes, these lack from Connor. Yes, the only thing to criticize about Conner is, come on man; put a smile on your face every now and then, hehe.

Another addition to the Assassin’s Creed series is the ship management and ship fighting. Yes, you will sometimes put into big battles and you have to manage the ship by steering it and shooting cannons balls or chain balls to break their mast. Nice experience in the game which breaks the running and killing around.

The tall building climbing to synchronize is a great way to have an eagle’s view of the fantastically generated world of Assassin’s Creed 3. Yep, the world is beautiful and when you are not in a mission make sure you get your horse and start exploring the surroundings. Thou having Haythem or Connor climbing to a small ledge, twelve stories up is one thing, having your character on top of a 20cm squared top part of a cross staring to the city, it is kind of physically impossible. Anyway, the place is alive with people populating the streets, animals roaming the forest and the high detail in the movement. Yes, the trees and environment seems alive since there is a very close eye to detail especially when you enter the city and start exploring the buildings. There is a huge improvement from the animation especially with the crowd physics were the city is filled with activity, and the freedom of movement of the characters. The weather effects are a superb addition where you might have rain pouring down, tick snow, an autumn glee or a hot summer. While roaming the city, you might notice quite a few graphical glitches one of which seeing a gun stuck in air after killing a redcoat, a peasant walking in the air on top of a house or maybe in some cases half a person sliding through the streets, and also some frame rate issues here and there. Well, those these are things that might affect your gameplay, remembering all the detail in movement of the persons and the surrounding, this will surely be put aside since the game itself is huge.

Assassin’s Creed is all about free-running and combat skills and this time it’s near perfection. The game physics have been widely improved and going through the cities of Boston, New York and through the huge forests in the frontier is very comfortable. One thing I have noticed is that the game focuses more on combat rather than running around and jumping from here and there, which in my opinion I like since a lot of travelling would kill the buzz, thou you are free to roam the lands to your likings before going into a main mission. Talking about combat, the combat is fairly simple with either block and counter attack or using the secondary weapon. The combination is a killing move with bloody consequences. You have various weapons at your disposal being swords, tomahawks, axes or the standard equipped hidden blade in every assassin while with the secondary you can arm yourself with a bow, rope darts, poison darts, gun or musket. Otherwise you can pick up the enemy’s weapon and use it against them.

The game thou it focuses more on the single player mode it has a well polished multiplayer mode which has the singleplayer character’s movement and combat mechanisms into this exiting multiplayer mode. In the Wolf Pack mode, will have you and your friends collaborate together to kill a target which is controlled by the game. The Assassinate mode which is included in the previous game of Assassin’s Creed will let you identify and kill other humans amongst an area with a crowd filled with game generated characters while not exposing yourself too much. The multiplayer also unlocks some nifty surprising stories around the Anumis and Abstergo filled with deception and thrills. The multiplayer is quite interesting with the modes it offers and will surely be continuity from the game after you complete the story mode.


Assassin’s Creed 3 is a must have as it’s a fresh release from the standard of the franchise. The game is fantastic when it comes to the graphics and the level of detail including a great improvement of the character’s and the crowd’s physics. Thou it has some small glitches in the graphics here and there, they will surely not affect your gameplay and which will easily be fixed in a future patch. The story is thrilling from start to end and with the quite good multiplayer mode; it will surely keep you playing it after the story mode is finished.

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