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Pid review
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Pid, also known as Planet In Distress is a new cartoon-ish platform game for XBOX, PS3 and Steam PC/Mac users which will take you into a gravity control adventure filled with puzzles and a retro-flavoured fun style. Developed by Might and Delight, the game is here to help you unveil the mysteries behind the transportation problems on the planet. A perfect drawn game having a great style and design, and I guess it will make you interested by its presentation.

So, here’s a story of a little boy named Kurt who just got stranded on a planet after he left school into the rocket like school bus and fell asleep. Your job is to get Kurt back to his home to Whistleton.  You will start off by making acquaintances with some odd old man who will tell you that the next bus is coming soon, little do you know from the little boy next to the old man that the bus has never gone by and no one knows when it’s coming. In fact the old man was a little boy when he started waiting for the bus. There is a way to head home which is to make it to the city, but also there is no transportation to there. The only way is to walk to the city but it’s a treacherous path which will make you pass through the old castle of puzzles and infested with guards. After some time you get in the castle you will open a chest that will the beam which will allow you to alter gravity, and here’s how your journey starts.

As regards to gameplay, the game evolves all mechanics in the manipulation of gravity by using the beam which will create a gravity wall-like beam that you can float in. You can use two beams at the same time so this could come in handy in some puzzles so that you can make your way through a difficult path. Apart from getting you to the next level, the beam can also be used to either move, or float red enemies to their destruction by floating them to a set of spikes. Along the way you will encounter blue platforms and enemies which are not affected by the beam.  Apart from the beam you will also have some nifty stuff like some bombs that will destroy walls or enemies as well as the vest which will give you that extra armour. These can either be collected or bought by using the stars that you collect while going through the chapters.

The game was great and frustrating at times. Some time the puzzles are quite straight forward and you will easily master them, but sometime you will have no clue and will end us frustrating to a point you will stop playing it. Of course, you would have done bad as the game is full of fun and mind-bending puzzles and very rewarding in the end with re-playability thoughts; not forgetting collectibles and hidden areas to make you want even more. The game has some unique mechanics to make you progress through the game and this is one of the things that makes Pid a very good game. Apart from that, I need to give my two thumbs up for the soundtrack of the game which is fantastic and very relaxing while playing the game which ended up with me stuck in my room with a high volume on my headphones to really enjoy and appreciate the soundtrack as well as the sound effects of the game.


Pid is a game that you will instantly fall in love with. It’s a beautiful game, spotless in its kind which adds the new technologies with the retro-flavoured style to give an impressive presentation. The developers really made a great job in making something unique with the soundtrack being a superb add-on. Although from time to time, the gameplay might be a little bit frustrating, if you are into puzzles and platforms, Pid is surely attractive in its kind.

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"Quite Great"
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