GUIDES | October 31st, 2012
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller – Episode 1: The Hangman walkthrough

You start off at the Cemetery Gate, use the gun on the gate and shoot the lock off.  Then, open the gate to enter the Cemetery Square. Examine the footprints near the statue. Go into Cognition mode and use Cognition on the footprints. After the cut-scene, Exit into the tomb back in between the mausoleum and the Sphinx statue.

Use Cognition on the foot prints here.  After the cut-scene ends, open the red tool box and grab the hammer and the wire cutter. Return to the Cemetery Square. Zoom on the statue and then, use the hammer on the statue to obtain the shovel.  Talk to John to have him follow you to the back of the tomb and then return to the Cemetery Tomb Back. 

Use the shovel on John and Erica will have John dig something up.  Pick it up and you will find that it is a wheel object.  Return to the Cemetery Square.

Cemetery Square

Zoom in on the tomb that is to the right of the path where Erica walks from when returning to this scene from the Tomb Back.  In the close up view with the camera, use the wheel on the door.  Before you are able to turn the wheel, you'll have to click on an arrow to look down at Erica's feet.  Use the hand icon on the foot plate to have Erica step on it.   When the sequence is finished, there will be an action that lights up when you scroll over the wheel. 

Go ahead and turn the wheel.  When the sequence is finished, turn the wheel again.  Continue to turn the wheel when you are able to until the door opens and a sequence plays that automatically brings Erica into the Tomb Interior Stairs scene.

Tomb Interior Stairs

When Erica reaches the bottom of the stairs, simply walk through the doorway to the right. 

Tomb Interior

After the cut scene, walk over to the wire panel on the other side of the room and zoom in on it.  You will need to use Cognition on all of the wires and look at the order in which the Cain killer connects them.  You then have to reverse that order so that you cut the wires using the wire cutter from the last connected wire to the first.  Alternately, you can simply cut the wrong wire in which case Scott will die immediately. 

To successfully disarm the trap, cut the wires in the following order:  Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green.

Whether you disarm the trap or not, you will be attacked by the Cain Killer next.  Scroll your mouse over him and click the punch action to get him off you.  Be sure to perform all of the actions in this sequence quickly because if you don't, the Cain Killer will shoot you and you'll need to Retry.   Next, use an action on the curtains to cover the Cain Killer and then simply use your action on the candelabra to burn the Cain Killer.

Different scenes will play depending on if you saved Scott or not but either way this will be the end of Act 1.



When you arrive at the Crime Scene Exterior,  use the FBI badge on the police offer nearby.  You can converse with him if you want or simply exit the conversation.  After that, you will be able to pass through the Crime Scene.  Walk over to the right and head inside through the door.


Later on in this scene, you'll need to speak to Davies and in order to answer her questions about the Crime Scene correctly, you'll need to speak to Terence and Gallagher in here and exhaust all of their conversation topics to gather information.  However, if you don't care about answering the questions correctly, you can just skip talking to Terence and Gallagher. 

The first thing you'll need to do is go into Cognition mode.  You'll need to use Cognition on the table, the blood, and the body in whichever order you choose.  After those scenes have played, click your hand action on the shelf to the right to get the Antique piece.   You'll then be prompted to talk to Terence so do that and choose the Antique topic.  After he tells you about it, Davies will prompt you to go speak to her.

The correct answers to her 3 questions are, in order from first to last:  "Suffocation", "Can't  Identify.  Victim Fingertips have been skinned" , and "The killer was smaller than the victim.  The killer struggled with the hanging of the victim."   Or, alternately, you can choose either option and if you even answer 1 question incorrectly, a different scene will play and it will slightly affect future events in the game.

Either way, after answering the 3 questions.  You will find yourself automatically at the Antique Shop Exterior afterwards. 


Click your action on the door to enter the shop.


Just continue through the conversation topics in here with Rose until you see the Topic Selections "Lie" and "Truth", choose either one for a different scene for each choice but what you choose next will determine what happens later on in the Episode. 

Choose either "Walk Out" or "Explain".  Note that if you are generally more cooperative and benevolent when encountering story branches, that it is easier to progress through the Episode and you will find that there is less to do but it's up to you how you want to progress.  After choosing either option, Erica will automatically find herself on the World Map and a new day will begin.  This marks the end of Act 2.



Click on the DOWNTOWN map location and click on the WHEEL action to drive there.  There's really only one place to go, so go to the FBI Boston HQ.


Walk over to Erica's desk and use the HAND on it to sit down.  When Sully approaches you, he'll ask you out to lunch.  You can choose either "No, don't bother me." or "Maybe." but be aware that this will affect your game later on. 

If you previously answered Davies' questions incorrectly, you will have some autodialogue after Sully walks away with Erica saying "I have to get into Davie's office somehow."  While you're sitting down in close up view, click your hand on Erica's PC.  The message that you see here will be different depending on if you answered all of Davies' questions correctly.   If you answered the questions correctly, Davies will mention an antique that she gave to Terence that you can talk to him about in the morgue.  If you didn't answer the questions correctly, you'll have to get lock picks from Terence to break into Davies' office and look at an email in her computer which will then tell you Terence has the antique.  Either way, you'll need the lock picks.

Get up from your desk and head over to the far right to speak to your good old buddy John.  Engage him in conversation and you can choose to go through the topics if you want.  Otherwise, just choose the "Goodbye" option and Erica will mention that she is going to stop by the cemetery to visit Scott's grave.  So, let's do that.  Leave the FBI Station using your HAND on the Elevator to return to the World Map.


Click on "Back to Boston Overview" and then click on "Mt Auburn Cemetery."


Click the HAND on the grave with the flowers and pick up the flower.    Use the flower on Scott's grave which is right next to it.  After the sequence, go talk to Cordelia on the bench and after you exit the conversation, she will suggest that you go visit Rose.  There's nothing more to do here at the moment so exit this scene and return to the World Map.


Now head to the Morgue. 


Talk to Terence in here and choose the "Lockpicks" conversation topic to get the LOCKPICKS from him.  Then, choose the "Antique" topic.  You won't get the "Davies' antique piece" topic if you didn't answer Davies' questions correctly.  I'll refer to this again in the walkthrough as a reminder if you didn't answer the questions correctly.   If you did, however, choose the "Davies' antique piece"  topic.  You can either force Terence to give you the ANTIQUE PIECE or you agree to help him.  Whatever you choose, it will have an effect on the game later on.  Now head over to the Elevator to the right and go down to the Morgue exam room.


ZOOM into the body here to get in a close up view of Gallagher and the body.  ZOOM in on the body again.  Use the EYE on the protuberance and Erica will say that something is not quite right.  Use Erica's phone on the tattoo to get the TATTOO PHOTO.  Also, use Erica's phone on the cadaver's face to get the VICTIM PHOTO.  Then, talk to Gallagher.

Choose the "Protuberance" topic and Gallagher will dig up another antique piece from the cadaver and place it on the cart.  Say goodbye to Gallagher and then ZOOM in on the Cart while in the close up view with Gallagher, pick up the LE PENDU PIECE (Antique Piece).  Don't worry about the tape recorder, we'll get that later and you can't pick it up now.  Before you leave, ZOOM in on the desk to the right and use your CELLPHONE on the Morgue telephone so Erica inputs that number into her phone.  We'll do this to help solve a puzzle later.

Leave the morgue and head back to the Antique Shop.  We're going to learn a new power, Projection but first we'll need something.


Talk  to Rose in here and keep exhausting the topics until you get to the topic "Training."  Select that topic and eventually Rose will tell you that we need an item from John in order for Erica to learn Projection.  If you walked out on Rose earlier by choosing the "Walk Out" option, grab the BOX OF DONUTS in here off the table.  Otherwise, if you chose the "Explain" option during your last visit, then simply head back to the FBI MAIN STATION.


Go talk to John at his desk here.  You can simply click on John's lighter to start a conversation with him and then pick it up if you chose not to walk out on Rose earlier.  Otherwise, you'll need to use the BOX OF DONUTS on John.   While John is distracted and eating the donut, you'll need to grab the lighter off of his desk.  We'll need the lighter so we can give it to Rose for the Projection training.  So, either way, grab the LIGHTER and then head back to the Antique Shop.


Use the LIGHTER on Rose in here and follow the tutorial to learn a new power, Projection.  You'll need to select the table, the crystal ball, and the lighter to proceed.    Erica can now focus on 3 objects in a scene to Project images of the past.   When that's done, head back to the FBI Main Station.  Use the LOCKPICKS on the door leading into Davies' office to gain entry.


Open the desk drawer and look at the "note from niece" and the "paper."  Exit this close up and then access the computer in here.  The username is "Davies" and the password is "Aunt Maddie" so select those and then click on the Submit button to gain access to the PC.  You'll see an email here with the subject "Antique", click on it and it well tell you that Terence has the antique piece you are looking for.  You need to do this if you didn't answer Davie's questions correctly, since you weren't told earlier that Terence had the antique piece.  Logout of the PC.

Go into Cognition mode and use Cognition on the "Paper Shredder."  The note will tell you that you need to go visit the Post Office.  You can leave Davies' office now but before we do that, pay a visit to Terence at the morgue.


Talk to Terence and select the topic "Davie's antique piece".  Again, you can either force Terence to give you the ANTIQUE PIECE or you can agree to help him out with Gallagher to get it that way.  This will have an effect on future events in the game.  If you agree, to help Terence with Gallagher, I'll detail shortly how you can do that to obtain the Antique Piece.   When that's done, head over to the newly revealed "Post Office" location on the map.


Talk to the postal clerk at the service window.  He won't let you have the package so use your FBI badge on him to obtain the PACKAGE.  Go to your inventory and use the HAND on the PACKAGE to obtain the SCRAPS OF PAPER and the KEY.  If you agreed to help Terence, head over to the FBI Station and go back into Davies's office.  Otherwise, if you already got the ANTIQUE PIECE from Terence, skip the next section and proceed to the "Crime Scene" on the World Map.


Access Davies'  PC again in here.  Under the Contacts in the Email section, click on the Mary Gallagher contact to send Gallagher a fake email from Davies (this will only work if you agreed to help Terence).  Return to Terence at the Morgue Reception and he will notice that Gallagher is now being cooperative so he will give you the ANTIQUE PIECE.


Use Cognition on the Graffiti here and you will have a vision of the killer covering up some text with spray paint.  We'll need a way to see through the paint in order to see the whole message so head back to the Morgue.


Talk to Terence in here and selecting the READING GRAFFITI topic to have him giving you a device that you can use to see through colors.  Guess where we're going to use it?  If your guess was that we need to head back to the Crime Scene Interior, than you'd be right so let's go there now.


If you ZOOM in to the spray paint in here and then ZOOM in on each individual can, you will find that each particular color has a code associated with it.  Going off that information, use the HAND on the LIGHT GADGET in your inventory and then enter the code GK4893.  Now, use the LIGHT GADGET on the Graffiti.  This will reveal the message.  Next go into Projection mode and use projection on the table, the noose, and the blood.  A ghostly looking body will appear.  ZOOM in on the body and LOOK at its eyes.  Erica will notice that it is looking at something.
A "niche" in the right wall will appear.  It's a bit hidden so you'll have to use the Hot Spot key (press space bar) in order to see where it is you have to click.  Use ZOOM on the niche and Erica will open it up.  Use the HAND on it and Erica will obtain the WOMAN'S PHOTO.  We need to find out who this woman is in the photo so head over to the FBI Main Station. 

Access Erica's PC and click on "Evidence."  Use the magnifying glass on her bracelet to find out that her name is Sarah.  Now click on the "Case Database."  The Type of Case is "Suicide", the Type of Felony is "Hanging",  and the CrossReference is "Sarah."   Then, click on "Search."  You can read the text if you want for some background information on Sarah Goodman but the important thing that you'll want to do here is click on "Print Evidence Form Request."

With that taken care of, head over to the "Printer" at the bottom of the screen below Erica's desk.  Click the HAND on it to obtain the EVIDENCE FORM.   If you talk to Gwen about the Sarah Goodman case evidence, she won't give it to you without an EVIDENCE FORM so use that on her and she will give you the MICROCASSETTE.  We'll need a tape player for this but we have a few things to do here in the FBI Main Station.  You can ask Gwen for a tape player but she won't have it.  Now that we have the information on Sarah Goodman from the computer, we will need to ask either Sully or John about it depending on your previous choice.

If you told Sully that maybe you'd like to go to lunch earlier, then simply talk to Sully and he will tell you about the Sarah Goodman case and he will tell you about Robert Goodman, Sarah's husband.   He will also tell you where you can find him and a new location, "Robert's alley", will open up on the World Map.

If you turned down Sully when he asked you how to lunch, you'll need to speak to John about Sarah Goodman.  He will tell you about what Sully said about Robert Goodman and will tell you to check with the cops in order to locate Robert.  Use the HAND on Erica's desk to go into the close up view of her desk.    Use the HAND on the "Phone" to call up the Police Department.  You'll speak to Officer Duffers and he'll give you the location of Robert which will now appear on the World Map.

Before we go to "Robert's alley", head over to the morgue as we have business there to take care of first.  


Head down to the Examination Room by accessing the elevator to the right.  ZOOM in on the cart and try to pick up Gallagher's tape recorder,  Erica will ask Gallagher if she can borrow it but Gallagher will refuse her.  There are 1 of 2 ways to get the tape recorder depending on if you agreed to help Terence with Gallagher earlier or if  you decided to force him to give you the Antique.

If you agreed to help Terence with Gallagher earlier, speak to him about helping out with Gallagher and he will head down to the Morgue Examination Room with you.  He will distract Gallagher, so while he is doing that, grab the TAPE PLAYER.  If you miss the window of opportunity, you'll have to talk Terence again in the Morgue Reception to have him come down and distract Gallagher again.

If you forced Terence to give you the antique piece,  maybe you'll recall earlier that I had you get the number from the phone in the exam room so you would add Gallagher as a contact in your cell phone.  Click the EYE on your cell phone, and click on the "Gallagher" contact.  Erica  will call Gallagher to distract her.  Grab the TAPE PLAYER while she is distracted.  If you miss the opportunity and wait too long, just repeat this process to get the item.  Now we're going to pay a visit to Mt. Auburn Cemetery so go to the World Map and head to that location.


Click the EYE action on the grave just above Scott's grave to discover Sarah Goodman's grave.  ZOOM in on Sarah's grave and then use the HAND on the leaves and then on the necklace uncovered to get SARAH'S NECKLACE.  Now, head to the newly uncovered "Robert's alley" on the World Map.


Talk to the bum and Erica will ask for Robert.  The bum will ask who is looking for him so use the FBI BADGE on him to find out that the "bum" is Robert Goodman.  Continue through the conversation options until you come to a branch of options that will say "Force Him" and "Find another way."  Again, depending on the option you choose, the Episode will branch off into different paths. 

If you choose "Find Another Way",  we'll need to use the WOMAN'S PHOTO on Robert. 
If you choose "Force Him", then you'll be automatically go to the FBI Main Station. 
Either way, the scene will automatically change to the FBI Main Station.


Speak to John and choose the "Robert Goodman" topic.  Sully will walk up to join the conversation and another story branch will come up.  You can choose either Sully or John to join you in the interrogation room.  The choice is yours.  After you choose who to take with you, the scene automatically switches to the interrogation room.


Skip this section if you chose John as your interrogation partner.  We'll be visiting different scenes in this section but I'll keep it all under this scene name for simplicity purposes.   You'll be standing next to Sully here so click the HAND on the door to enter the room where Robert is.  Either click the HAND on the chair or use the ZOOM action on Robert to sit down in the chair.

Robert will tell you here that he is hungry (or he will take a harsh tone with us and tell us to "Figure it out" if you forced him to come to the station) so we need to get him some food so he'll talk to us.  You can talk to Sully or John (depending on who you chose) throughout this interrogation room puzzle to get hints along the way.  Click on the EXIT button and choose Floor 2 on the Elevator to go back to the FBI Main Station.  Sit down at Erica's desk and click the HAND on her drawer to open it.  Grab the COINS in here.  Use the COINS on the Vending Machine next to Erica's desk and the bag of chips will get stuck in the machine.  Use the PUNCH action on the machine to get the chips.

Choose floor 3 on the elevator to return to the interrogation room and use the CHIPS on Robert.  If you forced Robert to come into the station, you'll need to get him an egg sandwich too.  Go back to the FBI main station and on the close up of Erica's desk, pick up the EGG SANDWICH (a brown bag on Erica's desk) and give it to Robert.

If Sully is in the interrogation room,   either after giving him the chips or the sandwich,  Robert will then tell you that the other agent always made him feel welcome and was nicer than Erica.  He's referring to Sully, so talk to him and choose the "I need your help" conversation option.  Sully will talk to Robert and make him feel more at ease.  

If it is John in the interrogation room after giving Robert either the chips or the sandwich, Robert will ask for something sweet, so use the BOX OF DOUGHNUTS on him.
After you have either given Robert the BOX OF DOUGHNUTS or received help from Sully, talk to Robert after this and continue to select the conversation options that pop up about Sarah until they are all exhausted.  Robert will ask you if you have any new information.    Use the VICTIM PHOTO on him and he will Robert will say that he doesn't remember how he knows the man.  You'll need to use Cognition on Robert but he won't let you touch him so use Sarah's necklace on him.  He'll trust you now so use Cognition on him.  You'll now see an image of Robert with memories floating around him.  Click on one of the floating memories and Erica will mention that she can't make sense out of them and will suggest that we pay Rose a visit.
Let's take Erica's advice and go pay Rose a visit at the Antique Shop.  Talk to Rose and select the "Problems with Robert" topic.  Continue through the dialogue and you will encounter another tutorial.  Follow the instructions and eventually you will be prompted to alter a past vision of Scott.  Click on the face and alter it so that he has a calm/happy expression.  Click on the jacket until it is brown in color with a green collar.  Once you made these alterations, click on the Cognition sphere.  A scene should then play and you will have control of Erica again with a new power, Regression!  Armed with this new power, head back to the Interrogation Room.

Use Cognition on Robert again and this time his memories will be visible, at least some of them.   Click on one of the memories to begin solving one of the most intricate and fun puzzles of the game.  What you'll need to do is discover the dress color, date, time, note message, and Station name associated with Robert's memory to jog Robert's memory so he can tell us who the dead victim in the photo is.  I'll denote how to uncover each facet of the memory below. 
Note: You can click on the X button to the right of the Cognition sphere to exit the vision at any time.

A. Dress Color: Click on the panel with the cell phone and then click on the image of Robert.  Select the "Cell Phone" topic.  The third panel with a close up of a cell phone will appear.  Click on the third panel and you will hear Erica speak about a text message from Karina.  The text will say something about the dress being Karina's favorite color.  Talk to Robert again while in the memories and select the "Karina" topic.  You will discover that the dress color was blue.  Click on the first panel and then click on Sarah's dress to adjust it to the color blue. 

B. Date: Go to your inventory and Click on the + icon.  Then click on the tape player and the tape to combine these 2 items.  Now you can play the evidence tape.  This will give you a hint about the date and then you can attempt to figure out by looking at the calendar on Erica's cell phone.  In case you can't figure it out, the correct date is 10/8/2008.

C. Time: Use the tape recorder (after combining it with the tape) on Robert.  You will find out that the time was 9:30 pm.  Go into Robert's memories again and click on the second panel.  Click on the date and the time here to adjust them to the correct aforementioned date and time.

D. Note Message: After using the tape recorder on Robert and learning the time, you will find that the tape recorder is now on the table.  If John is in the interrogation room with you,  head back to Davies' office and grab the MUG off of the desk.   Use the MUG on the table and it will be placed there.  Now, use Projection on the mug, the tape player, and on Robert (if John is in the room).

If Sully is in the interrogation room with Erica, use projection on the tape player, Robert, and Sully.

Either way, a sequence will play with Davie's speaking in an echoed voice and you will be in a close up view of a note.  Use the LOOK action on the note.   Pay attention to what the piece of paper says about the Scarlet Furies.  Exit this close up view.  Select "Music" on Erica's cell phone and Erica will play a song by the Scarlet Furies.  Robert will remember what the note said: "And though the rest I'm bound to lose, the one thing I'll take with me is you."  Enter Robert's memories again and click on the 4th panel.  Click on the note that Robert is holding.

Click on the image of Robert (while in the memory) and then select the "Napkin" topic.   This will open up the 5th panel.  Go to that panel and then click on the note to adjust it to the previously mentioned message. 

E.  Station Name

Go into Robert's memories and click on the 4th panel.  Click on the billboard with the flashing names to the left of Robert's head.  Click on Robert's image and select the "Station" topic.  Robert will mention that he and Sarah went to a Thai restaurant on Boylston Street and then they went to the closest station from there. Access Erica's cell phone by using the EYE on it.  Click on "Web Search" and then Click on "Restaurants."  Then, click on the magnifying glass button to run a search.

Select the type "Thai" and the street "Boylston" and then search again.  Click on the map with the list of restaurants and you will see a list of restaurants appear.  Now go back into Robert's memories.  Click on Robert's image and select the "Restaurant Name" topic.  Select "Curry Palace" as that is the restaurant name you are looking for.  You can check out this restaurant on Erica's phone to find out which station it is nearest.  The station name you are looking for is "COPLEY" so select that on the billboard.

Once you have the dress color, the date, the time, the Station name, and the note message, click on the Regression circle while in Robert's memories.  If everything is correct, you will get a scene where Robert tells you the name of the hanged victim:   ANTONY LONGMORE.  You can choose to either let Robert go or hold him as a suspect.  Now that we have the name of the victim, go back to the FBI Main Station and access Erica's PC.


Like the text that you received prompted, search for Amy Lewis in Erica's PC.  Click on "People Search" and search "Amy Lewis."  Erica says that she'll look at the case later.  Now, while in the "People Search", search for "Antony Longmore."  Click on the "Download" button to download Antony Longmore's fingerprints.  It well you to connect a device so select your LIGHT GADGET in the inventory, click "ok", and then use the item.  You'll get LONGMORE'S FINGERPRINT.

If you talk to John and select the "Antony Longmore" topic, he'll tell you to take Sully with you so go talk to Sully.  After talking to him, you'll automatically go to the World Map so select "Longmore's apartment" and drive there.


The first thing you'll want to do in here is use the HAND on the rug to reveal a "compartment".  Use the HAND action on the now revealed "compartment" and Sully will examine it and tell you to give him some time go through it.  Now, look on the scraps of paper in your inventory.  Flip the scraps over my clicking on them.  You'll want to spell out "She's my next victim" with the scraps of paper and then order the numbers on them accordingly.  Remember that order and the numbers because that is the combination of the safe in here or just simply refer to 6174. 

Locate the "safe" in here (use the spacebar or hot spot button) and then use ZOOM on it.  Punch in the combination "6174" and then turn the handle to the left of the numbers to open it.  Erica will take some files out of the safe and then spread them out on the table. 

LOOK at all of the folders and then ZOOM in on the "Boston Victims" folder.  Use the LOOK action on all 3 pieces of paper with the women's photos on them.  Pay special attention to each of the women's addresses here.  After doing that, EXIT the close up of the table.  Erica will have Sully call the department and you will have to answer some questions correctly in order to proceed.  The correct choices are "Sully, Antony Longmore was a killer!",  "Those women from the safe are his victims", "He kills in groups of three", "He was moving out soon", "He killed three victims in every state except New York", "Because of Emilie Karlsson", and "He met them through public transportation."  After answering all of the questions correctly, you'll get the LEPENDU PIECE! 

You now have the final antique piece so combine all 4 pieces together in your inventory using the "+" symbol.  After you combine all of the antique pieces together, examine the antique piece in your inventory.   You'll have to rotate the piece to its back where you will see a key hole.  There's only one thing to do here.  Scroll over the key hole and use the KEY on it.  You'll now be able to adjust the letter sliders. 

Now ZOOM in on the "desk" where the computer is.  Use LONGMORE'S FINGERPRINT on the "Fingerprint Reader" to gain access to Longmore's PC.  You'll see a message along with a picture of Judge Sewall.  If you click on the message, you'll see some background text pop up on "Sewall."  Remember the name "Sewall."  If you click on the background info of Sewall, Erica will read it and then you will be prompted for a memory card but we don't have that yet so EXIT Longmore's PC.

Now  you'll need to adjust the letter slider on the antique so that they spell out "Sewall."  Starting with the letter "S" above the "Who repented?" text, spell out the name "Sewall" while rotating the antique clockwise.    When you've spelled out the name correctly, you'll obtain a MEMORY CARD.

Access Longmore's PC again and use the MEMORY CARD when prompted.  Line up the symbol so that the Joy, Melrose, and Chestnut Street dots all lie within the circular ends of the symbol.  You'll be automatically taken to the Old South Meeting Hall now.


Use the HAND on the "Strange Device" and a sequence will play.  Use the HAND on the "Strange Device" again for a distraction.  While that is on, use your HAND action on the gun across the aisle and Erica will pick up the gun.  Use the HAND on the "Lamp Cable" to plug that in.  Use the HAND on the "debris" to get the BRICK.

Use the BRICK on the strange device to create a distraction and then click on the "left pew" to dive across the aisle while the gun man is distracted.   Now use the HAND on the "lamp switch" to blind the killer.  Now use the gun on the "Chandalier" 3 times.

Congratulations!  You have finished Cognition Episode 1.

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