GUIDES | September 13th, 2011
Killer tips and trick for PK in Angels Online

In Angels Online (, Player Killing (or PK for short) is popular among players looking for the kinds of challenges only live opponents can provide. PK battles are exciting, interactive tests of wit and strategy. Combatants can face off against friends or rivals to improve their skills and build their reputations in the world of Angels Online.

There are two different PK systems in Angels Online: the Totem War and the Holy Battlefield. Each is packed with loads of fun and excitement. Check out these tips and tricks that will help you surge to victory!

Totem War

A Totem War is a two-hour territorial showdown that will get your heart pumping and your blood racing. Owning territory entitlesplayerswithin a league to claim daily Totem rewards. Territory ownership also represents a league’s strength and authority. As the key to valuable rewards, success in Totem Wars is the ultimate goal of any league. With so much on the line, the last half hour of a battle is often the most crucial as the tide turns from one moment to the next.

Before setting out to deal some serious damage and rack up contributions for your league, it pays to prepare in advance. Setting aside healing pots, casting buffs and making sure every player is clear about their roles can be the difference between success and failure. Production classes should load up on supplies so they can raise the level of their totem as quickly as possible.

One of the nastiest tricks in the book for securing a strong opening position is capturing the totem closest to the main city. This makes it easier to rally support and handle logistics during future battles. Toward the end of a battle, summoning every single pet in your group’s possession is the most effective way to capture a totem.

Holy Battlefield

If guarding totems isn’t your cup of tea, maybe it’s time to change things up and try the Holy Battlefield. Here the key to winning lies in effective use of teamwork and timing to capture crystals. Each crystal taken reduces the physical and magic defense of the opposition. The number of crystals taken also determines the amount of EXP and rewards a player receives during battle.

Victory on the Holy Battlefield is all about earning points. There are four ways to score points: storming a castle gate, attacking a statue, fending off or attacking the opposition, or capturing and sending crystals back to your defensive territory. Since gates and statues have formidable defenses, most players place the most emphasis on PK battles and capturing crystals.

Crystals are located deep within each side’s territory. To get to them, you’ll need to fight your way through thick contingents of enemy players and overcome multiple lines of defenses, such as castle gates. Players must make their way through these obstacles, steal a crystal and safely transport it back behind their defensive lines. Here’s the catch: when a player grabs a crystal, his or her movement speed is restricted, making them an easy target. One of the best ways to overcome this vulnerability is by gathering other players to protect the crystal bearer. Another solid strategy is equipping a robot to increase the crystal bearer’s defense and maximum HP.

Whatever type of PK you prefer, there’s no substitute for careful planning and teamwork. Gather your allies and prepare for a challenge like nothing else in the game!

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