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Deus Ex: Human Revolution review

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, published by Square Enix and developed by Edios has been set to surpass the expectation of a decade from its first release. Apart from being anticipated by all players, the game has set a number of expectations which the fans were looking for and they got a very good impression of it. The game is one of a kind and personally the expectations that I have from the Deus Ex series, have been fulfilled and more. Apart from fantastic graphics, authentic story behind the game and superb accompanied sound track, the part which has caught my attention is it leaves you open to how you approach your objective, being killing everyone, evade them or silent kills. The genre of the game depends on how you wish to play being whether playing it as a shooter, espionage or stealth… or get the best of all three.

The game is set in 2027, 25 years before the first release of the series. This is the first battle that started the war on the human augmentation. Human augmentation hasn’t been fully developed and these are mechanical augmentation. In this era there is a lot in favour and against human augmentation and there is a conflict between Sarif Industries and the general public. You play as Adam Jenson, a security consultant for the Sarif Industries who is commission to protect a research lab in Detroit being attacked from black ops soldiers who have made themselves in by using a security plan designed by Jensen himself.


Are you strong to remain human?


During the game you will be awarded access points which you can use to improve your body, weaponry and armour to increase the power, amount of ammo you can carry. The gameplay as said before is up to you and it has a mix of shooter, espionage and stealth. You can either blast your way through the mission which is basically played in first person or you can make your way through tunnel, sneaking behind or make some nifty silent kills. Yes one thing great about the silent kills is the variety of skilled kills being a huge augmented mechanical blow to his face, or a mix of punches with a blade finish… it will surely capture your attention. With the stealth gameplay you will feel like playing Splinter Cell series, but with the ability to mix in a bit of shooter. In my opinion, thou very much challenging, I preferred to play the game in stealth since it’s more challenging and rewarding instead of blowing your way through the path. The game also has some points where you can talk to people and depending on your augmentation choices they can cooperate with you or get some extra information. While talking to people you will also be notified on how convincing you are. With certain augmentations you will gain some super abilities like punching into a wall to reveal an alternate way around a difficult path or floating down from a ledge by means of magnetism. So, what makes Deus Ex: Human Revolution different from other games other than providing a solid sci-fi story and mixed gameplay? The game gives you also the ability to hack into computer to gain more information, access to locked sites and access to applications to increase your augmentation.

Side mission will make the game more interesting as you gain new abilities and skill. Another great aspect of the game is that it’s vast on the features like you will always find some items which will make you way easier by finding a key, ammo. There are secrets to uncover most of the items everywhere like a dead body or an email from a hacked computer.

Now, during the shooting parts, the aiming and recoil felt authentic and the sound accompanied the gameplay with an excellent result. The covering system is good with the ability so change cover position, shoot from the covering position or tag enemies and see how the best way to tackle the area is. The only weakness in my point is the AI where the enemy is not that intelligent and could have been polished more, but apart from that, the game was a very interesting voyage for me. Now since the game is all about mixing the genres, the boss fights are mostly played as a shooter and you have to make a good choice while upgrading your augmentation since boss fights can be pretty tricky.

The graphics are detailed and the colour scheme along with the sceneries will make you sci-fi crazy and fans of films such as Blade Runner will surely like the graphics, setting and of course,  the intense storyline. The only problem was a bit the voices where it seemed a bit recycling of samples.


Thou the game has no multiplayer option, it will surely set you up for replay-ability since it’s vast in its way. Different gameplay with open playability will keep you stuck to the gameplay, along with a solid authentic sci-fi storyline will make it a great experience. The game does so much and does it right, with the mix of genre and a lot to discover as you play along, makes Deus Ex: Human Revolution a game to have. A very entertaining game into the future of the human kind,  a game to be one of the best for 2011.

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