GUIDES | July 6th, 2011
Puzzle Agent 2 walkthrough

You will go firstly with the Moon Focus Puzzle. You have to align on the top the Jing and Jang, The Eye in the triangle, and the Star like shape as below to show the Gnome in the middle.

After the cut scene, talk to Agent Ingraham and select Trespassing. This will open the Monosaki Puzzle #320. The answer is 3.

After the cutscene. Get into Valda’s Inn by clicking on the door. Once in, click on the Stove and on the Wooden Shelves near the door. Talk to Mrs. Garret and select Vacancy. This will open the Finding Vacancy puzzle. To solve this, put Blesson, Maxwell and Carlman on the top floor and Tethers, Laure and Dimpleton on the bottom floor.

Go outside the Valda’s Inn. After the cutscene, click on the wooden fence next to Valda’s Inn to find yourself in a warm room in the Inn. Click on the Lamp Shade near the bed to open the Hidden Sightings puzzle. Arrange them as below to solve the puzzle.

Now click on the Bed to record the notes on the tape and get a nap. You wake up from a bad dream with a note on the floor saying that Isaac Newton doesn’t exist! Click on the note and after the cutscene, talk to the person to your left outside the Inn (Daryl). Ask him about the Fliers to open the Stacks of Flyers puzzle. To solve the puzzle just put the numbers as below having 22,2,8,6,24.

Now click on the Snow-bike and head to the Campgrounds. Look at the Fire Pit and then talk to Alfred. Talk to him about Isaac Davner, Hidden People, Missing Friend and Researcher. Click on the Snow-bile and click on the Sheriff Station, you will a note that he’s grabbing something to eat. Click on the Snow-bike and head to the Moose Ear Diner. Click on the Diner sign outside to open the Power Grid puzzle. To solve the Power Grid puzzle see the pic below.

Get into the Diner and talk to Sheriff Bagh. After talking to him, Mrs. Davner will take your attention outside for a private chat on Isaac. After talking to her, Mr. Scruffman will appear. Talk to him and then click on the Snow-Bike. Head to the Sheriff Station and click on the door to open the Sherrif’s Door puzzle and to solve it see the below pic.


Once inside click on the File Cabinet to open the Sheriff’s Office puzzle. To solve this, you must move the furniture as below.

After the talk with Sheriff Bagh, click again on the File Cabinet to open the Missing Persons puzzle. To solve this puzzle you must put the names as:

halldor magnusson
will medlock
ted dijkstra
barney stroustrup
isaac davener
darrel boutin

After the puzzle is solved, click on the Snow-bike and head for Korka’s House. Once there, click on the Eraser Factory and then on the House’s front door. Once inside click on the cabinet near the door to open the Coins in a Box puzzle. To solve this simply select the coin which has Liberty printed on it.

Talk to Korka and after some questions she will mark a spot on the map. Exit the house and use the Snow-bike. Head for the X location on the map. Once there click on the Foot Steps on the snow to open the Find Edvard puzzle. To solve this puzzle you need to form a path for Nelson as the picture below.

After Edvard espaces, click on the cut down tree to reveal the body of an Astronaut. Click on the Astronaut. The gnomes will appear and you will run to Korka’s house. Talk to her and after the cutscene you wil be in front of the Inn. Grab the Snow-bike and head to the Lodge. Click on the door to enter. Talk to Byorn to open Bjorn’s Sanity puzzle. To solve this you must hit all the pink blobs. This is the solution.

After talking to Byorn, you will get the location of Olav Welhaven. Exit the Lodge and use the Snow-bike to head to Olav’s Cabin. Once there click on the cabin to open the Olav’s Cabin puzzle. To solve this puzzle you have to cut through all the planks. Solution below.

Once solved, click on the books on the shelf to open the Earth, Sun & Moon puzzle. This is solved by moving the Moon up two spaces, the Sun down one Space and two to the righ. the rest is easy.

Once solved, click on the Star Map on the wall to open the Round the Cosmos puzzle. To solve this puzzle you must put all the suns on the left side, the earths on the right side and the moons in the center. To do this Move the left circle one place, right circle three places, left circle three spaces, right circle four spaces, left circle one space, right cirlce one space and finally left circle three spaces.

i.e. L1, R3,L3, R4, L1, R1, L3

Click on the Lunar Map on the wall to open the My Four Moons puzzle. The solution to this puzzle is 20. This will reveal a tape recorder which Nelson will put on the desk. Click on the Desk and after the cutscene leave and head to Korka’s house. After talking to Korka, head into the room. Leave and head to the Campgrounds. Click on the Camper’s door to talk to Alfred. Select Hidden People to open the Gnome Appearances puzzle. To solve this, see the solution below.

After the cutscene, the Finding Alfred puzzle will open. This should be solved by moving the logs and form a path for Nelson. See picture below for solution.

After the cutscene you will end up in the Inn. Exit the Inn. After talkin to the Director Jennings, get the Snow-bike and head to the Moose Ear Diner. Enter the Diner and talk to Director Jennings. After talking to him, go outside to open the Retrace The Path puzzle.

You will get to the dead astronaut in the forest. Click on the Astronaut and talk to Isaac Davner. You will get to the Lander. Click on the agent next to the lander to open the Mission: Rock puzzle.

This will get the agent distracted from the Lander. Click on the Lander to open the Lander Circuitry puzzle. As soon as you try something you will be sent to your Inn room. Pickup the phone and this will open The Escape! puzzle.

This will get you to Olav’s cabin. Click on the Desk to play the tape. You will end up in space with the Hidden People. Click on the bottom right Gnome to open the Solar Rays puzzle.

Click on the top right Gnome to open the Racoon Spa puzzle.

Click on the top left Gnome to open the My Three Suns puzzle. How much power does the sun have? The answer is 10.

Click on the bottom left Gnome to open the Starry Field puzzle. Arrange the starts to form the right picture. Solution below.

Click on the Moon to open the Lunacy Algorithm puzzle. The solution to the puzzle is below:

You will end up half naked fiddling with Lander in the forest wiht the agents ready to fire on you. Click on the Lander to open Lander Circuitry Puzzle.

This will get Nelson Lunatic and take away the lunatic ray. This will let the hidden people pass. While Neslon is running, you will not make it in time to match the items to keep Nelson Sane. Afte the cutscene you will end up in the office and the Monsaki Puzzle #512 will open. The Answer is 151, you simply add 31 to 120.

Enjoy the ending which is pointing out for Puzzle Agent 3 to be situated in the Bermuda!

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