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Back to the Future Episode 4: Double Visions walkthrough

Back to the Future Episode 4: Double Visions
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Click on the Intercom on your right
Click on the Locker where all your stuff is
Click on the Intercom and select:

"Why's my stuff locked in a cage?"
"Can I take a look at my stuff?"

Click on the Squawk Box on the left of the ward and select:

"I tried to peek over the guard's shoulder…"

This will get the locker open and get your stuff back. Click on the Window on top of the Bed to see Jen. Click on the Squawk Box again and select:

"Is there a way I could talk to Jennifer?"

When you start talking to Jennifer select:

"Snap out of it"

Exit from the conversation and use Marty's Guitar with the Squawk Box. This will make Jennifer snap out from the Citizen Plus progamme and make her come to her senses. Jennifer will knock off the guard and get your out from the cell. You will also get a diguise of a guard.

To the left side of the Guard using the Control Panel, you will see a door with locks. Use the 1986 Newspaper with the crack under the door to get the pill. Use the cell's Intercom to talk to Biff and Select:

"Eat your pill"

Biff will spit out the Pill and onto the Newspaper. Pickup the Newspaper to get the Pill. Use the Pill with the Soda can on top of the Control Panel to get the Guard to sleep. Now you need to get back Doc to himself by using the Control Panel as below:

Click on the Volume Slider
Click on the Olfactory Slider

Once Edna and the guard leave the Exit the Control Panel and go to your left until you head into the Microphone room and use Marty's Guitar with the Microphone. This will get Edna and the Guard out of the way and the Doc safely out from being programmed.

Once espaced, talk to Doc on what to do, about Edna and the Delorean. After the conversation get out of the Trash Can and Edna will talk to you. Just go through all the conversation options and Doc will pop in with the fix DeLorean. After the cutscene, you will end up with Doc in 1931 to stop Doc from falling in love with Edna. Talk to Doc and select the below when he talks about wanting to see Frankenstein:

"But you're going to…"

Your job is to convince young Emmett to go and see the movie Frankenstein. Cross the road and talk to Emmett.

"Girls aren't everything"
"Don't gibe up on the rocket car!"
"It's only been one day!"

You will realize that you got back in time too late i.e. 2 months late. Go to the Court House and enter the building. Since young Emmett is a bit stubborn on his love for Edna, you have to try to stop this madness by talking Edna out of it. Once you get to the Hill Valley Expo 31', talk to Edna near the door after the cutscene.

"Preventing a terrible future"
"What attracts you to him?"

After the conversation, Trixie will come out. Talk to her and choose:

"Help me make Edna jealous!"
"C'mon, hel me out with Edna"

Exit and go talk to Edna again.

I Talked to Trixie
You want to get Trixie fired?

Exit the conversation and talk to Cueball on the right side of the Expo building and select:

"Will you be playing for Trixie later?"
"You seem angry about Trixie"
"What's so toe-curling about Trixie's past?"
"I hijacked a train"

This will get you one of the sexy photo cards that Trixie did in the past. It's enough to get her fired. Go to Edna and give her the Postcard. Trixie will get fired and she'll be pretty mad, talk to her. You will need some Fur, a Diamond ring and a Photo album. Now head back to the Delorean and talk to Doc, select:

"I've got Trixie to help with my plan"
"How's the DeLorean"

You will need to borrow another set of wheels. Go near the exposed tent on the right and press the button on the right side, then the one next to it and the one next to it and something will fall off the Diaorama. Pick up the Diamond-Shaped Prism from the stand. Now go talk to Cueball again and ask:

"What are you hauling here?"
"What's with your teeth?"
"Seriously what's with your teeth?"

You will get he Algie Cake. Get back to the tent you got the Diamond-Shaped Prism and click on the Train to get the Skateboard. Edna will talk to you and choose:

"I'll check on him"

Doc will intervene and get Edna off your back so that you can go to Emmett's lab. Now click on the Street to get to the lab.

Once inside the lab, go round the table until you find an Oil Can on the table. Pick it up. on your right there is an Easel and tell Emmett tha the picture doesn't look so good. Click on the Photo Album that he has put on the table to get it in your inventory.

Click on the Mind Map Test Switch and Edna's photo will show. Click on the Record on the table to statr the music. Click on the Valve on the Fish Tank behind you to make Emmett go Red. Click on the Slide to change the picture. Click on the Stewpot twice to make Emmett on Green. Change the picture and click on the Electrical Generator and Fish Tank Valve for Emmett to go Red. Click on the next picture and click the Stewpot. Change the Picture and click on the Fish Tank Valve and the Electrical Generator to make Emmett go Red. Change the Picture and click on the Stew Pot to make Emmett go Green. Click the Slide Advance again to get Emmett's Mind Map Card. Use the Mind Map Card with the Mental Alignment Meter and Bingo. Now use the Card with the one of Emmett attached on the wall. Use the Oil Can with Emmett to get him dirty the suit. He will get the Suit cleaned. Click on the Cleansing Shower and Emmett will put the Perfume Bottle outside with the all-purpose cleaner. Pick the Perfume Bottle from the book Shelf. Exit the Lab and after the cutscene, exit the Lab again to get back to the Expo and use the Spray Bottle on the Caveman in the Past display on your Left. Pickup the Fur from the Caveman.

Give the Fur, Diamond-Shaped Prism and Photo Album to Trixie. Go near the DeLorean and use the Spray Bottle with the DeLorean. Click on the DeLorean to find out that the light is Green. Talk to Doc and select:

"The light's green!"

This will get Doc to test the DeLorean. After he returns pickup the Cleanser Spray Bottle from the DeLorean. You will notice that it needs another spin. Re-Use the Spray Bottle with the DeLorean and talk again to Doc to take it to another spin by choosing the first option. This will turn the Cleanser to acid. When Doc returns the Spray Bottle will be aged to perfection. You will end up in the Lab and Edna will not let you in the Lab. Talk to her and select:

"Carl Sagan wants to talk to you"
"He has a lead on the "Speakeasy Arsonist""

This will get her out of the Lab. As soon as she leaves, use the Spray Bottle with Emmett. You will leave for the Expo and talk to Doc, Select:

"Where's Edna"
"You fixed the DeLorean!"
"Alone and miserable"
"She tried to erase your brain!"
"Not okay!"

Doc will leave somewhere and young Emmett will arrive. Use the Oil Can with young Emmett. He will get he suit dirty and Trixie will come to play a dirty trick of her own, and the Mental Alignment Meter will show him as a Degenerate Criminal. This will make Edna break with Young Emmett. He will leave with his van. After the cutscene, young Emmet will try to jump on a suicide mission from the top of the Courthhouse. Talk to him and select:

"Listen to me!"
"Tell me more"  
"Have some fun!"
"You care about me"
"Okay, here's my REAL name…"
"I did it for your own good"
"I did it for the sake of your future"
"I did it for the sake of EVERYBODY's future"
"I did it for the fun of it"
"You're dilusional!"

Emmett will come to his senses and will fall down the Courthouse but he's safely caught with the statue's rope. Talk to Emmett (Since when he's upside down, he thinks better) and select:

"Got anything useful?"

Go down the Courthouse to exit to the street. Pickup the Spray Bottle from the floor and use it with Rope of the Statue. Go into the Courthouse again and when you are on top, use the Rope on your left. Marty will climb down and use the cursor keys to make Marty swing on the Rope. When close to Emmett, click on Emmett to grab him. Use the Spray Can on Emmett to dissolve his pants and free him from the Statue.

Watch the cutscene and see for the final episode of the Back to the Future series by Telltale Games named OUTATIME.

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